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Study Visa Malaysia

Are you planning to study in Malaysian universities? Then, you are on the right page to find the details. Wherever you may be from, Malaysia is always welcoming international students for building their careers.

Malaysia is a developing country known for its prosperity and a world-class education system. It is even rated as the 11th study abroad destination by UNESCO for international students.

Students from Asia are the major ones in choosing Malaysia as their abroad destination. The main reason for this is the cost of living. Compared to the UK, Australia, and the USA, Malaysia offers a degree at a much lower cost.

Are you interested to know more? In order to study in Malaysia, the ultimate need is for obtaining a Student visa by meeting the eligibility requirements. Let us now discuss the general conditions and understand the process for obtaining a Malaysia Student Visa.

1. What are the reasons to prove to study in Malaysia as the best?

Reasons to study in malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia. It is well-known for its tasty cuisines, culture, greenery locations, best shopping places, lower living costs, etc. Apart from this, it is even the best place to study for international students.

Let us now find the top 5 reasons why it has become students' favorite place.

  • It is Asia's developing Higher Education Hub.
  • There are many great Malaysian universities, which prove they are the best in the world.
  • There is no language barrier. People living there easily understand and speak English.
  • No need of spending a higher amount for a high quality of life.
  • The country always welcomes socializing and gives an example of good culture.

2. What are the eligibility requirements for Malaysia Student Visa?

Malaysia Study visa Eligibility check

In order to apply for the Student visa of Malaysia, you need to meet the required eligibility. Let us now discuss a few of the visa requirements:

  • The student visa application form, which is completed with the required information and signed by the applicant.
  • An offer letter from the educational university stating their approval and permit by the division of the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia.
  • Your recent two passport size photographs.
  • Your two passport photocopies.
  • Your academic or transcripts records.
  • Proofs that relate you have completed a full-time course of study and got approved by the Minister of Home Affairs.
  • Proofs relating to your financial capability for meeting course and other living expenses and tuition fees.
  • Health certificates to proving you in good health.
  • Evidence which relates to your personal and security bond.
  • Need to show the approval letters after arriving into the country.

Apply Malaysia Student Visa

3. What are the steps to apply for Malaysian Study Visa?

If you are planning to obtain your higher education from a University in Malaysia, then it is important for you to follow the step-by-step process. The steps which include while applying for Malaysia student visa are:

Step 1: Need to contact the institution directly

You need to get your student pass by applying for an institution. This is no longer available by the Immigration Department. Hence, make sure you obtain it from the institution and get the special application requirements.

Your application will be then submitted to the Director of Pass and Permit division of Malaysia by the institution. While applying to be sure that your visa is valid for over a year, because if it is shorter, then you may not be get it processed.

Step 2: Get the Confirmation of Acceptance

The students who have received the acceptance will be informed by the Immigration Department in Malaysia. This will be intimated to you directly from the institution you have chosen to study. However, the acceptance or rejection will be notified usually in a week.

Step 3: Gather the required documents

If you have your visa approved successfully, then the next step of yours should be sending the required documents. You need to mail the required documents, or you can even send them a place as specified by the institution. And, from that instance, the chosen institution will be taking care of your visa process.

Step 4: Get Letter confirming your student pass from an institution

The letter of approval on your student pass will be provided by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, and it will be provided by the Institution on your acceptance. Then, the approval letter will be issued to you.

Step 5: Inform you traveling status to the institution

Once you have made your arrangements to move for Malaysia, you need to inform the institution about your traveling information, which includes flight number, date of arrival, and time. Upon your arrival, a representative from the institution will arrive upon your arrival. You will be issued an endorsement on your national passport.

Step 6: Get your study pass sticker

In a span of two weeks, you can receive a student pass sticker on your passport will be issued by submitting the application to the Immigration Department.

Step 7: Fee requirements for a Student visa and Student pass

The fee requirements usually vary based on your country. However, for an estimate, the student visa does not exceed over $ 29.41 (approx.), and student passes usually cost $17.65 (approx.).

And, on an official basis, you can then get ready to study in your chosen Malaysian institution after completing the procedures.

4. What are the language proficiency requirements for Malaysia Study visa?

For any student with a plan to study in Malaysia, proving proficiency in the English language is very important. Interested candidates have to submit their language scores in either TOEFL or IELTS.

  • IELTS Requirement for Malaysia Student Visa: If you are planning to pursue your education in Malaysia, you need to score at least 6.0 in IELTS.
  • TOEFL Requirement for Malaysia Student Visa: If you are planning to get educated in Malaysia, then you need to score at least the minimum eligibility requirement of TOEFL by the Malaysian institution of admission.

5. What are the documents required for a Malaysia student visa?

Malaysia study visa Documents checklist

The document requirements for an applicant to study in Malaysia are:

  • Need to provide a passport-sized photograph with a white background and dimensions available to 35mm *45mm.
  • A copy of the applicant passport with the required data fields (Excluding the empty pages).
  • A copy of the offer letter as issued by the Malaysian Institution of study.
  • Related copies of your academic certificates and transcripts.
  • Your pre-arrival Medical Examination Report (Lab report and chest X-ray report need to be in English).
  • Admittance from the Malaysian Institution for stating your personal bond with the institute.
  • Your language proficiency test scores as obtained from PTE Academic, IELTS, CAE, TOEFL, CPE, and MUET.

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6. How to renew a student pass in Malaysia?

If you are in need of renewing your student pass while studying in Malaysia, it can be processed more efficiently if you produce a set of documents. The documents which can help you in supporting your student pass renewal are:

  • Need to submit a passport size photograph with a white background. The dimensions should be equal to 35mm*45mm.
  • Copy of your passport by excluding the empty pages.
  • Copies of documents such as academic certificates, records or transcripts.

7. Can Malaysia Student Visa holders work?

The student visa holders pursuing their education in Malaysian Institution are allowed to work part-time for nearly 20 hours in a week.

However, they can last longer than their usual duration of 7 days during their holidays or breaks.

However, to get employment, the student visa holders have to submit an application before to work part-time. And, this has to be sent via Malaysian institution from where they are pursuing.

Additionally, there a few restrictions for the student visa holders to work. The Malaysian law doesn’t allow them to work as cashiers or in any immoral activities.

8. What are the requirements for Malaysian Work Permit?

Malaysia work permit Requirements

In order to work in a Malaysian country, a temporary visa holder has to apply for a work permit. The work permit enables them to work in the country on a few particular conditions.

The international students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week. However, this is only during their holidays or semester breaks of over 7 days.

In order to apply for the Malaysian Work permit, the interested candidates have to possess eligibility and submit the required documents. The documents which can be helpful while applying for a Malaysian Work Permit are:

  • A complete application form with a signature provided by you.
  • You should have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 9 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.
  • Your two recent passport-size photographs with a white background. Also, the dimensions should be of 35mm*45mm.
  • A cover letter in a printed format. It should indicate your purpose of visit and also need to write by you/applicant.
  • Need to submit a letter issued by the company or institution in Malaysia.
  • Original copy of your Work Permit Approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • Your confirmed copy of your air ticket.
  • Your original copy of your VDR approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Your entry visa, which includes your period of stay in Malaysia.

9. How can Kansas Overseas Careers be my help for studying in Malaysia?

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