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Visit Visa

The world is indeed a beautiful place if you love traveling and visiting new places to cherish its beauty. And you would be totally missing out on the beauty of the amazing world around you if you chose not to travel and see the wonders around you.

Nowadays many people travel across the world to different places and make their travel diaries or just vlogs for their memories.

Be it traveling to a totally new experience to experience a new culture, or explore the natural beauty of the world around, be it enjoying sights of scenic history and modern eruptions and constructions, or visiting a family member who lives far away, or even trying out your luck to finding a suitable work or job in your field, traveling is utmost important and has become a necessity in almost everyone’s lives.

And in order to travel, the first step you must know about the documents for your travel or the visa for the destination country you would like to visit.

Top 5 countries to visit

Well, the experience of visiting a new place or a new country is just mesmerizing, and it gives you an experience of a lifetime and memories to cherish as well.

Be it a trip to the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, rather, any other country, you can enjoy so many places that are of utmost scenic and would provide you with fun filled experiences that you would cherish. But for visiting these countries, you would require a Visitor Visa.

Apply for Visit Visa

There are a few things that you must know about the Visitor Visa:

  1. The Visitor Visa is meant only for the people that wish to make a short trip to the new country for their purpose of vacation, meeting any family members, or to undergo a medical procedure.
  2. The Visitor Visa process is usually hassle-free and is easily obtained by the applicants who possess a genuine reason for their travel purpose or have made an international trip before.
  3. Most of the Visitor Visa applicants are required to show to the government officials that they have enough funds to support themselves in the visiting country and that they have arranged for a proper accommodation while living on a Visitor Visa.
  4. The applicants that have applied for the Visitor Visa are asked to submit their documents in order to validate their application. While the great USA is an exception when it comes to this, most of the other countries do not ask the applicant to be present for an interview process.
  5. A biometric testing of the applicant is done by most of the countries when they are issued with a Visitor Visa.
  6. The Visitor Visa is typically given to the applicant for a period that ranges from three to six months based on the country in which they are applying the visa for.

Visitor Visas of a Few Most Visited Countries

Some of the most common countries that offer a Visitor Visa to the tourists and where people from all across the world visit a lot are as follows:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. United Kingdom
  5. New Zealand

Australian Visitor Visa Requirements

The Australian Visitor Visa, also known as the Visa Subclass 600, allows you to travel on a Visitor Visa on the purpose of either of the following:

  1. visit
  2. business
  3. visiting a family member

The visitor can stay in Australia for either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The processing time for the visa application for the Australian Visitor Visa can vary from 15 days to 1 month provided the applicant to give the required documents.

Canada Visitor Visa Procedure

There are two ways in which the applicant can apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa. One way is via the online portal, and the other is through the paper. The people visiting Canada can have either of the following purposes:

  1. visiting Canada for a holiday
  2. visiting Canada for a business purpose
  3. visiting a family that is residing in Canada

Requirements for the Canada Visitor Visa:

  1. You can be granted the Canadian Visitor Visa if your intention to visit the country is genuinely expressed to the government official.
  2. You must demonstrate a sufficient amount of funds for your stay in Canada during your time of visit.
  3. You must also demonstrate the intention to return back to your home country after the mentioned time of your stay.
  4. You should not have an intention to study or work in Canada unless or otherwise mentioned.
  5. You must not possess any kinds of records of criminal offenses.
  6. You must be able to provide any other type of documents when you are asked to.
  7. You must be healthy when you apply for the visa.

Check the guidelines for the USA Visitor Visa

The B1 and B2 Visas of the USA allows you to travel to the United States of America. Usually, the B 1 Visa is for business purposes and the B 2 Visa is either for a casual trip or any kind of medical treatment in the USA.

Eligibility criteria to apply for the USA Visitor Visa:

You must fulfil these eligibility criteria in case you wish to get the Visitor Visa of the USA.

  1. You must provide a genuine intention regarding your purpose of visit which can be temporary like business, tourism or any medical treatment.
  2. Your visit should only be for a specific period of time.
  3. You must demonstrate a sufficient amount of funds when asked to meet the expenses when you are in the US.
  4. You must also demonstrate that you are a resident of some other country than the USA that is bound by that is bound by economic and social ties just as family, employment, and that the return to your home country is undaunted.

United Kingdom Visitor Visa procedure

Candidates who wish to visit the United Kingdom must be purposeful for the following reasons:

  1. You must be visiting a family on a holiday or a vacation.
  2. Several business purposes
  3. Any kind of medical treatment

Eligibility criteria:

If you wish to visit the UK, you must fulfil these eligibility criteria to receive the UK Visitor Visa.

  1. You must intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of your visit or trip.
  2. You must be demonstrating self sufficient funds to sustain in the United Kingdom during the time of your visit.
  3. You must demonstrate the proofs of activities or business that you intend to do in the United Kingdom that comply with the visitor rules.

New Zealand Visitor Visa Application

The Visitor Visa of New Zealand allows you to visit the country for several different reasons like the ones mentioned below:

  1. To visit your friends and family.
  2. Sports, tourism r any kinds of adventurous activities.
  3. To study for not more than three months of time.
  4. Visiting your spouse accompanied by your dependent children who are 19 years or below.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be possessing proof of your identity.
  2. You must be in good health condition.
  3. You must possess a good character and certificate of conduct.
  4. You should meet all the mentioned requirements as per the Visitor Visa genuinely.
  5. You must demonstrate enough proof of funds while you stay in New Zealand or you must be sponsored by someone who is residing in the country.
  6. Lastly, you must show proof of your return ticket back to your home country after the end of your visit.

You must know that each county has its own set of requirements and rules to issue you with its Visitor Visas. Our visit visa experts can easily assist you with the right kind of guidance that you need for applying and being granted for the Visitor Visa of the country you wish to visit.

How do you apply for a Visitor Visa?

In case you are wondering how you can get the Visitor Visa, there is a simple procedure that is standardized for most of the countries. To get the Tourist Visa, all you have to do is:

  1. Fill in the visa application form of the electronic Tourist Visa.
  2. Complete the payment of the fees for your visa application.
  3. Schedule your appointment at the embassy for the visa interview.
  4. Attend your visa interview at the embassy on the assigned date and time.

Are you eligible for a business Visa visit?

There would be times when you might wonder if you can visit a specific country for your business trips or meetings. But well, you must know that the Tourist Visa or the Visitor Visa is mainly for 2 purposes. These purposes can be as follows:

  1. Vacationing, several recreational activities, visiting a family member residing in that country, some kind of medical treatment, etc.
  2. Business purposes which might include making government or general business inquiries, government visits, business negotiations, attending seminars, conferences, job interviews or even professional examinations.

So, yes, you can visit a country on a Visitor Visa for your business purposes.

What are the types of Visit Visa?

While countries like Canada, the United States, New Zealand offer visas only on grounds of short-term, long-term or multiple entries, there are not more 1-2 visa types offered by these countries. However, Australia offers a range of visitor visa types.

So, we will here discuss primarily about the different types of visas offered by Australia.

The different types of Visit Visa are as follows:

1. Visitor Visa or subclass 600:

The Visitor Visa or subclass 600 visa is either for general visits or for business purposes and is valid for either up to three, six or twelve months. It has two sub classes which are as follows:

  • The eVisitor or subclass 651 visa: This is a free visa. You must be the holder of a passport of a specific country which specified in the list that is issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Electronic Travel Authority or subclass 601 visa: This visa is issued to the passport holders of a country which is specified in the list issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

2. Medical treatment visa or subclass 602 visa:

The purpose of the medical treatment visa is to allow people of any country to visit Australia. This may be for either of the following purposes:

  • Medical treatments or consultations
  • For supporting someone who needs a medical treatment that holds or has applied for this particular visa
  • For donating an organ

3. Investor retirement visa or subclass 405 visa:

The investor retirement visa is for people who are self-funded retirees without any dependants and who are willing to spend the rest of their life in Australia.

4. Special program visa or subclass 416 visa:

Usually, the special program visa is given in case of special programs where a special program sponsor, which is approved, has sent an invitation to you to participate in that particular program. The purpose of this visa is for enhancing international relations and the exchange of cultures between the community of Australia and the rest of the world.

5. Transit visa or subclass 771 visa:

The transit visa or the subclass 771 visa is for you and your dependent children while you are on a transit through Australia and is valid for up to 72 hours.

Ask an Expert

How long does it take to get a Tourist Visa?

The Tourist Visa processing times vary depending upon the nation which is offering you with the visa. It also depends on the applicant’s nationality.

For example, it might take from 3 to 5 days to 1 to 2 weeks or even longer if you wish to get the US Tourist Visa.

How much does a Visitor Visa cost?

The Visitor Visa fee is again varied based on which nation is offering it. For example, the cost of the US Tourist Visa is 160 USD and the cost of Canada visitor visa is 100 CAD. These values are given per person and are subjected to change.

What are the requirements for a Tourist Visa?

The basic requirements of the Tourist Visa are as follows:

  1. Health check up
  2. Financial documents
  3. Certificates of your character
  4. Insurance
  5. Providing accommodation based on several charges.

However, these are not the only requirements that are needed by you. You must be holding the following documents:

  1. Completed and filled form of the visa application
  2. Upload photographs digitally as mentioned per the specifications
  3. Your valid passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of intended departure from India
  4. Valid passport bio page photocopy
  5. Copy of your two way tickets that you have to submit at the time of your application
  6. Latest bank statements as proof of sufficient funds
  7. An invitation letter from the sponsor, family member or friend residing overseas
  8. Financial statement of the sponsor, family member or friend
  9. Passport copy of the sponsor
  10. Marriage certificate if you are married to a foreign national
  11. In case of minors, marriage certificate and birth certificate of the parents

Irrespective of whichever country you wish to visit, we are here to guide you with all necessary information and shall assist you best in application procedures.

Feel free to reach out to our tourist visa experts on 1800-102-0109 or write your queries related to visit visa at info@kansaz.com.


What is a visit visa?

Visit visa is a visa that is given for people who want to enter a foreign country for the short-term purposes of vacation, treatment, conference, etc.

What is the difference between a tourist and a visit visa?

In most of the countries, tourist visa refers to a visa that is given for sightseeing. Visit visa refers to the visa that is given for many purposes of visiting a country like short-term business meetings, medical treatments, etc.

How do I apply for a visitor visa?

Most countries today allow you to apply in online mode. In the case of some countries, you may have to attend a visa interview.

How much is a visiting visa?

The cost of the visit visa depends upon the country you want to visit and other factors.

How many times can a visit visa be extended?

It depends on the country you are visiting, but it generally can be extended for only for a minimum amount of time and that too, for purposes that are inevitable.

How long can you stay with a visitor visa?

Most of the countries allow you to stay for a period of 3 months to 6 months.

What area multiple entries visit visa?

A multiple-Entry visit visa will allow you to travel to and from the country until the validity period of the visa ends.

Can I sponsor someone for a tourist visa?

In many cases, yes, if you fulfill all the requirements, you can sponsor someone for a tourist visa.

Can you work on a tourist visa?

Many countries do not allow you to work on a tourist visa. You may face severe consequences if you try to work on a tourist visa.

What is the difference between a single entry and multiple visas?

Single-Entry visas will allow you to travel to a country only once. Multiple-Entry visas will allow you to travel as many times as you want until your visa expires.

How long does a visit visa take?

When compared to work visas and PR visas, visit visas are easy and quick to get.

What countries do not need a Visit visa to enter from India?

Countries like Indonesia and Maldives do not require a visa from India. There are several counties that do not require a visa from India.

Do I need a visit visa for Australia?

Yes, if you want to visit Australia, you will need a visit visa.