Get USA Tourist Visa from India

Traveling to explore different parts of the world would be the best way to spend quality time along with your loved ones. If a trip to the US is on your mind, it is mandatory to obtain a Tourist Visa for the USA from India. A tourist visa allows you to enter the USA, and it is the most essential document to carry.

What is a tourist visa?

It is a visa that helps you travel to a foreign-destination for a limited period of time.

Candidates who apply for a tourist visa want to spend leisure time with friends and family in a country of their choice.

The B-1/B-2 Tourist Visa to travel in the USA

  • B-1 Visa is for people travelling to the United States for business-related affairs like negotiation of contracts, attending educational, scientific, professional conferences or conventions, and seminars. 
  • B-2 Visa is for travelers visiting the United States for recreational purposes, meeting friends or relatives, or for medical treatment. 

Mostly B-1 and B-2 Visas are issued together as one called the B-1/B-2 Visa.

The documents required for US Tourist Visa from India:

Here is the list of some of the most important documents required for a Tourist Visa for the US from India:

  • Appointment Confirmation Letter: As you attend the visa interview in person in the consulate, an appointment confirmation letter is vital. It shows your application number, other personal details, and also shows that you have paid the prescribed visa fee.
  • Confirmation page on Visa Application DS-160: At the end of the online application process, you receive an application confirmation. You need to take a printout of that page and keep it with you as you visit the consulate.
  • Your current passport: Your valid passport confirms the allowance of the government to travel abroad. Again, if your previous passport is expired, you need to bring the last expired passport as well.
  • Birth Certificate: The visa applicant needs to furnish his/her Birth Certificate. This is a document carrying details of the date and place of birth of the applicant. It confirms the age of the applicant and other details, such as the nationality and details of parents as well.
  • Driver’s License: Your Driver’s License confirms your age, address, and also carries your photograph. Then again, it shows that you can drive the class of vehicle you are licensed for.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: The Crime Investigation Department or other concerned authority of the police department issues this certificate. It confirms that the visa applicant bears a good moral character and was never involved in any criminal or illegal activity, was never convicted and prisoned for any sort of crime.
  • Medical Certificate: A listed doctor conducts check-up and issues the Medical Certificate if the applicant is found fit. This certificate confirms that you are physically and mentally fit to travel. Again, you don’t require regular intensive care for any health issues. The commonly found issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure etc. would be mentioned.
  • Evidence of your Travel Insurance: Your travel insurance is another significant document you need to produce for a Tourist Visa to the US from India. The travel insurance covers your injuries, accidents, and even death during your travel to the US. Make sure you choose the best travel insurance plan to get maximum coverage.

For the children traveling along with you, the relevant supporting documents should be furnished confirming their age, medical condition, consent from the parents to travel to the US, and so on.

Important notice: Applicants without both the medical report AND police clearance certificate will not be allowed entry into U.S. Embassy New Delhi or U.S. Consulate Mumbai. If you do not have your Indian police clearance certificate in time, you need to reschedule your appointment for a later date. If there is a problem with your medical report, the Panel Physician will give you separate instructions.

How to apply for a US Tourist Visa from India?

Step1: Determine the Visa Type

  • You cannot get the Tourist Visa online. Yet, you can apply for the US Tourist Visa through the dedicated online portal. 
  • You can visit our consultant office to get the Visa Application Form DS-160. Again, please remember that this is a non-immigrant visa type.

Step 2: Prepare the required documents

You need to gather the required set of documents beforehand. This would help you to apply for a short duration. So, it is advisable to understand the document requirements and prepare the documents well in advance.

Step 3: Fill in the application form carefully

  • You need to fill in the Application Form, furnishing all the precise details.
  • You need to complete the form until step 10. This part of the application includes your travel details and the duration of your trip. If you have not planned your trip yet, you can provide a future date.
  • It is essential to specify whether it is a trip for leisure, a business trip for some official work, or a trip for medical treatment. Make sure you provide the details with the utmost precision regarding the intent and the dates. Then again, you need to disclose the details of finances for your trip to the US.
  • Though it is not mandatory to furnish your flight tickets and hotel bookings in the US at this stage, you need to provide a point of contact and a residential address in the US.

Step 4: Deposit the Visa Fee Online

  • Then, you need to pay the visa fee in the specified mode of payment. 
  • Currently, the visa fee is $160 or ₹11,200. 
  • The visa fee is subject to change from time to time. 
  • The payment process is quite smooth and simple. You need to note down the account number, which is unique for every applicant. 
  • You would need this account number to see your visa interview.

Step 5: Schedule your appointments

  • You need to schedule your visa interview appointment after the payment of visa fees. 
  • You can book the visa interview in the nearest consulate in the country. 
  • The visa interview is conducted by the officials in the consulate.
  • You can choose the CKGS Application Center in Mumbai, Pune, or any other metro city closer to you.
  • Choosing the nearby Visa Application Center would save you time and effort.
  • The schedule depends upon the number of applications. It may sometimes take about two weeks to get an appointment for a visa interview. 
  • Thus, it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

Step 6: Attend the visa interviews

  • For the first appointment, you must carry your passport, the confirmation page of Application Form D-160, and the page indicating appointment confirmation.
  • During the second appointment, you would be interviewed by the officer at the consulate. The officer may ask basic questions about your current occupation, your previous visits to the US or any other country, and so on.
  • The children in the age group of 8 to 14 years are supposed to face interviews in person. Usually, they would be traveling to the US, along with the parents.
  • Yet, if one of the parents is unavailable for the interview, the parent needs to provide a letter of consent to the other parent attending the interview. This confirms that both the parents don’t have any objection to the child’s travel.

Cost for Tourist Visas

The visa application fee for an Indian applicant for the US visa is approximately Rs.10,880.

Note: The visa application fee changes according to the foreign exchange rate. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Here’s a cost breakdown for the top-countries for tourism:




CAD 100


£ 95


USD 160


AUD 145

New Zealand

NZD 316

Tourist Visa for the US from India Processing Time:

  • The US consulate in India considers the facts and figures provided by you in your Visa Application. Usually, when you apply in person, your Tourist Visa to the US may be approved within 3 to 5 working days. The immigration officer at the embassy consulate may tell you about the result by the end of your visa interview.
  • Yet, you may need to wait for a few days to get the stamp of a US Tourist Visa on your passport. You would be requested to leave the passport at the consulate, and they arrange to deliver it to your specified delivery address after stamping.
  • The Tourist Visa to the US from India through the stamp includes your photograph, complete name, your current passport number, the type of visa allotted, and the validity of the tourist visa being issued.

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Your Tourist Visa to the US from India is not your ‘right to entry’ in the US. It is a confirmation for your proposed entry on request. The concerned departments such as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reserve the right to permit your entry in the US.

  • The US Government has a well-designed policy to attract tourists. 
  • Yet, the intentions of your visit and the documentary evidence should be very clear when you apply for the Tourist Visa for the US. 
  • We hope that this blog will help you to gain sufficient technical know-how about the Visa Process.
  • So, you can prepare for the Tourist Visa now and have a memorable and enjoyable vacation to the US along with your loved ones. There you go!

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Other FAQs:

1. What do I need to know about the documentation process for a tourist visa?

  • It is vital to understand that a visitor visa falls under the ‘non-immigrant visa’ category. Another type of visa is the immigrant type, where the Visa for Indians might be for permanent residence in the USA.
  • So, the applicants can travel and visit the USA with this type of Visa. They need to follow a different process if they wish to reside in the US permanently for long-term employment or entrepreneurship.
  • As you obtain a US Tourist Visa, you can get several relevant privileges. You can get a visa on arrival from different countries when you have a US Visa.
  • You must be aware that obtaining a US Visa is a tedious and lengthy process altogether. Never think that it is very easy to obtain a US Visa for travel or long-term stay. Yet, the US Visa process is quite ‘to-the-point.’ So, if you prepare your Application Form furnishing all the necessary details, the chances to get the visitor visa can be brighter.

2. What is the necessity of a Tourist Visa for the US from India?

Most of the Indian passport holders require a Visitor Visa to enter the United States of America. You need to understand the requirements and procedures carefully. As the rejection rate for tourist visa applications is about 40%, you need to apply for this non-immigrant visa following the norms religiously.

  • Most of the aspiring travelers from India to the US would be unaware of the crucial factors. To leave the country, you require an Indian passport issued by the concerned authorities. 
  • The Indian Passport serves as a travel document allowing you to travel outside the country.
  • Similarly, a Visitor Visa is a document that serves as the permit to enter the USA. 
  • The passport holders from India receive a US Visit Visa as a stamp on their passport. The immigration officer provides the stamp on the passport. The validity of your Visitor Visa depends upon your profile.
  • You can get a Visitor Visa for at least 6 months to 10 years. 
  • You need to obtain this document to make your stay in the US for a trip or other reasons authentic. 
  • Entering the country without valid immigration and travel documents is a serious offense.
  • Your passport from India and an entry visa prove your nationality, and are allowed to move out of India and to enter the US for the specified reasons. 
  • It is essential to understand the visa process and get a visitor visa before you travel to the US. Let us figure out the visa requirements briefly.

3. What should be the minimum validity period for my Indian Passport to apply for a visa when I am visiting the USA?

The minimum validity for your Indian passport should be at least six months to receive approval for your visa when travelling to the USA. It is counted after the completion of your intended duration of stay in the country.

4. What are the rules regarding the extension of a US visa for an Indian citizen?

The validity of a USA visa is non-extendable. Thus, once the validity of your visa expires, you need to apply for a new one

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