UK Tourist Visa from India: Costs & Documents needed in 2020!

Britain is quite popular among not only Indian citizens but citizens of other nationals as well be it skilled workers or tourists.

The United Kingdom is an excellent place to be at for pleasure, work, business or studies. Whatever your reason for visiting the country, the stunning beautiful English country will not disappoint you.

What is a UK Tourist Visa?

The UK tourist visa is also known as Standard Tourist Visa, designed for those who are eager to make a trip to the country for a short period of time i.e. maximum six months for holiday, to meet a family or a friend, or to attend business conference and/or conference, participate in a specific sport or creative event, undertake academic research, or take medical treatment.

Only non UK citizens can apply for the same. Indian citizens are not eligible for a visa on arrival.

What are the Different Types of UK Tourist Visas?

The country has numerous visa types but under the tourist visa basically there are two types of visas to choose from: the first is short term visa valid for upto six months (single entry visa) and the second is long term visa (multiple entry visa) issued for 2, 5 or 10 years respectively.

The validity depends on your visa application and key object of your visit.

Tourist visa or standard UK Visitor Visa has replaced nine broad categories and they are as follow:

  • Family Visitors
  • General Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Sports Visitors
  • Business Visitor Visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
  • Entertainer Visitor Visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) Visa

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a UK Tourist Visa from India?

To become eligible for the country's most popular visa is listed below:

  • The applicant intends to leave the country before his/her visa expires and is able to sustain independently without accessing public funds throughout their trip.
  • The applicant is able to prove his/her activities and that they intend to ensure within the country's territory under the comprehensive list of visa Rules.

Documents Required for a UK Tourist Visa from India

It's not easy to get the UK tourist visa, there is a long list of required documents. Check the following list for visa requirements if you want to apply for the much desired and prized visa for the UK from India.

Following list of documents is only for Indian passport holders.

  • Valid passport with expiry date of at-least six months plus the passport should be left with at least one blank page to get the country's tourist visa stamp if your application is approved
  • Old passport, if any
  • Latest passport size color photograph, with white background
  • Cover letter, with complete travel details and brief itinerary
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Income Tax Form 16 for the last six years
  • Salary slip if you are working
  • Retirement letter if you have retired from your job
  • Leave letter from your university/college or school or employee
  • Financial documents, to proof you have enough funds to cover your expenses in the country

If you are a minor then:

One of the parents must submit a notarized NOC by the other parent along with both the parents ID proof and Indian passport copies.

A minor travelling alone must submit a notarized NOC by his/her parents or legal guardians along with his/her parents ID proofs and passport copies.

How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa from India?

Most of the countries have adopted electronic visa systems and Britain is no exception. It means you do not have to run pillar to post to complete paper formalities.

  • To begin with, you need to visit the official website of the UK High Commission in India and download the tourist visa application form thereafter to book an appointment at a visa application center in India.
  • Along with your visa application form and required travel documents you will be required to submit your biometric data thus there should not be any mehendi, cut, bandage, or scratch on your hand.
  • Once the process has been completed, the consulate will issue you an acknowledgment of your visa application. The acknowledgment needs to be presented at the time of collecting the submitted documents.
  • Regarding the status of the tourist visa application the applicant will be notified within three weeks from the date the visa application has been submitted.

You can submit your visa application form in person or online however in order to complete the rest of the formalities you will have to visit the visa application center personally.

UK visas and immigration rules are stringent thus you must be well aware that with tourist visas you are not allowed to undertake any job in Great Britain it is only a temporary residence permit.

Any breach will lead to cancellation of your visa along with a ban to enter the country for up to the period of ten years.

How Much Does a UK Tourist Visa Cost from India?

It's not an expensive affair to get the UK tourist visa from India. However, every type of UK Visitor Visa has a different fee associated with its application.

The below fee structure of each will help you plan out your finances accordingly:

Standard Visitor

Type of Visa

Fee (INR)

Short-term (single/multiple entry, for a maximum of 6 months)


Long-term (for a maximum of 2 years)


Long-term (for a maximum of 5 years)


Long-term (for a maximum of 10 years)


Business Trip Visa

Type of Visa

Fee (INR)

Business visitor - clinical attachments, PLAB/OSCE test, and dental observation


Business visitor - dependant and academic visitor ( for a maximum of 12 months)


Permitted paid engagement


Diplomatic courier


Prospective entrepreneur


Civil or Marriage Partnership

Type of Visa

Fee (INR)

Civil or marriage partnership


Special Visitor

Type of Visa

Fee (INR)

Parent of his/her child at a school (for a maximum of 12 months)


Special Visitor - Child Visitor

Type of Visa

Fee (INR)

Short-term (single/multiple entry, for a maximum of 6 months)


Long-term (for a maximum of 2 years)


Long-term (for a maximum of 5 years)


Long-term (for a maximum of 10 years)


Note: this is not the final cost. It may be amended any time. Thus, you must double check with the immigration consultant or UK high commission in New Delhi the capital city of India before making the payment.

What is the Processing Time for a UK Tourist Visa from India?

Provided if you have completed all paper formalities and submitted a complete visa application form along with all supporting documents, visa processing will not take more than 15 days at the most.

You also have the option of availing fast track services where your visa application will be processed in just 24 hours but for such speedy services you will have to pay extra.

However, applicants are advised to apply to the embassy or consulate at least one month prior to the date you wish to travel to the country.

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  • Dedicated Case Officer: We offer personal assistance and a single point of contact throughout the process.
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Other FAQs

1. When should I apply for the UK visit visa or tourist visa from India?

Ideally, the applicant should submit his/her UK visit visa or tourist visa application at least three months prior to the actual date he/she wants to travel. The decision period waiting time frame is three months.

2. What could be the reason for refusal of tourist visa application in India?

You visa application could be refused if it falls under one of the following reasons:

  • If false representation has been made, and/or false information or documents have been submitted.
  • If you fail to produce required satisfactory ID proofs, or required documents, financial evidences etc
  • If you have breached travel visa rules and regulations
  • Hold criminal background or is not in good health
  • You have been deported earlier or hanging a decision to be deported

3. Taking help from visa agents? It is always safe!

The United Kingdom is one country that has often been criticized for its strict visa policies. Thus, visa applicants should not risk their UK dreams and submit their Tourist Visa application under the guidance of an experienced visa agent.

4. How do I prove my financial well-being to the authorities in charge?

As part of the documentation, you will need to provide copies of your bank statements from the previous 3 months. They will reflect your financial condition.

5. Who has to sign for a minor when visiting the United Kingdom?

The parent or legal guardian has to sign on behalf of the minor to complete the application process. A copy of the minor’s passport and a consent letter of the parent/guardian also have to be provided while applying.

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