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Best Schengen Visa Consultant India

A Schengen Visa lets you visit Europe. The right consultant can help you get a Shengen Visa effortlessly. Visa consultants have the expertise and experience to guide you with the process, providing end-to end-support.

A complete application increases your chances of visa success. To be considered complete, an application must have -

  • all information clearly given, and
  • documents to support information.

While you can apply for a visa on your own, supervised document preparation from experts is highly recommended.

Kansas Overseas - the Best Schengen Visa Consultant

Plan your overseas trip with the most popular Europe visa. Apply with perfect peace of mind.

There is a lot that goes into a Schengen Visit visa application -

  • getting the right documents together,
  • filling up an application,
  • preparing a cover letter,
  • visiting the Visa Application Centre (VAC), and
  • attending the visa interview.

Expert guidance from an experienced visa agent can help you get it right the first time.

Kansas Overseas handholds you throughout the process. We will suggest the right Schengen visa for you based on your travel itinerary. We will also help you get your documentation together and assist you to fill up the online forms.

Additionally, our team works on your cover letter that gives important details, such as -

  • Travel dates,
  • Purpose of trip,
  • Travel itinerary,
  • Accommodation,
  • Employment / occupation,
  • Proof of funds,
  • Back home ties,
  • Enclosure list etc.

Interview preparation is also provided.

Are All Schengen Visas the Same?

There are many types of Schengen visas. The right visa for you will be as per your purpose for visiting Europe.

What are the types of Schengen visas?

The type of visa you must apply to will be as per your purpose for visiting a Schengen State. Experienced visa consultants can guide you through the process.

Schengen Visa Types for Short Visits to Europe



Visiting family/friends

For visiting -

● relatives,

● friends, or

● family members,

living in the Schengen Area.

Official visit

To participate in -

● consultations,

● meetings,

● negotiations etc.


For going to Europe on a holiday or vacation.


A permit to enter the Schengen Zone to transit to an onward destination by changing to another airplane/ship.

A transit visa can be -

● airport transit visa, or

● transit visa for seafarers

Short-term study

For entering and remaining for up to three months for study purposes.


To receive medical treatment for a health condition.

Business visa

For doing business in the EU.


To enter the Schengen Area -

● to attend a cultural / religious / sports event, or

● as a film crew.


Is a visa consultant required for the Schengen Visa Process?

A visa consultant guides you with the relevant documentation based on your specific purpose of visit. They help you avoid the most common mistakes that lead to Schengen visa refusals.

To get a Schengen Tourist Visa from India, you must submit the required documents as per the checklist. Schengen visa consultants assist you with the documentation and application process.

Schengen Visa | Documents Required

Sl. No.





Download the Schengen Visa Application Form, fill up, and sign.



Your passport must be -

● original,

● with a copy provided,

● have three-months’ validity left,

● contain two blank pages, and

● been issued within the last 10 years.



Your identity photographs must be -

● two in number,

● as per the official guidelines, and

● taken within the last six months.


Status certificate

Documents that prove your civil status in India, such as -

● birth certificate,

● family certificate,

● marriage certificate etc.



As proof of having arranged your accommodation, you will have to submit -

● hotel bookings, or

● evidence of intended stay with a friend/relative.



You must provide your detailed flight itinerary for the round trip to and from your destination in Europe.

Tickets will also have to be provided for any internal flights within the Schengen Area during your stay.



A medical coverage of EUR 30,000 (approximately INR 2,645,000) will be required. You will have to submit a travel health insurance certificate.

All member states of the Schengen Area must be covered.



Receipt of having paid the required fee.


Cover Letter

Containing information on -

● purpose of visit,

● travel dates,

● length of stay etc.


Previous visas

If applicable, you will have to submit copies of your previous visas.



To provide proof of possessing sufficient financial means to cover your stay and to-and-from expenses.

Proof of funds can be demonstrated through original bank statements showing transactions within the previous 3-6 months.


A strong and well-written cover letter must state all facts related to your planned trip, including - passport details, travel plan, accommodation, employment/occupation, home ties to India, enclosure list etc.

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa?

Step 1: Selection of the right visa type.

The visa you must apply to will be as per your reason for visit -

  • Tourism,
  • Visiting friends/family,
  • Business,
  • Short study,
  • Transit,
  • Medical reasons.
  • Official visits,
  • Attending cultural events
  • Visa for Cultural & Sporting Activities

Step 2: Deciding where to submit your application.

This will be based on your destination country within the Schengen Area.

You can file your application at -

  • The embassy,
  • The consulate,
  • A visa application centre, and
  • The embassy/consulate of another Schengen country

Step 3: Best time to apply

You can apply 6 months in advance. 15 days is the latest to submit your application. However, it is recommended to submit your visa application a minimum of 3 weeks before you plan to travel to Europe.

Step 4: Booking visa appointment

Appointments can be booked online. The interview will be held at the relevant embassy, consulate, or VAC and must be attended in person.

Step 5: Application form

The same format is used by all Schengen states.

Step 6: Documentation

The documents that you need will be specific to your circumstances, such as an employment letter and payslips if employed, a business license if self-employed etc. There are also certain general documents - passport, insurance, accommodation, proof of funds etc. - required for every application.      

Step 7: Fee payment

EUR 80 (approximately INR 7,000). You must pay the fee and take the receipt along with your documents at the time of visa interview.

Step 8: Attending the visa interview

Attend your interview. Bring all your relevant documents, including fee receipt, with you.

Step 9: Visa decision

If granted, your Schengen visa sticker will be affixed in your passport.   

How can Kansas Overseas help me?

As a top Schengen visa consultant, Kansas Overseas provides -

  • Guidance on required documents,
  • Dependable customer support,
  • Assistance in filling up forms,
  • Cover letter preparation,
  • Appointment for application submission, and
  • Travel bookings and insurance.

A consultant offers comprehensive visa services that ease your application process.

Professional guidance helps you apply with confidence. Getting a visitor visa for a European country is a straightforward process. Keep in mind the top reasons for Schengen visa refusals and prepare accordingly.

The right visa consultancy can get you an approval after a previous refusal.

For more details, get in touch today. Free consultation.

Other FAQs

What is a Schengen Visa?

A short-stay visa, a Uniform Schengen Visa allows an individual to travel to any Schengen country and stay for a maximum of 90 days for purposes of tourism or business. As there are no internal border controls, you can enter, travel to, and leave from any Schengen country.

How many countries can I visit with a Schengen Visa?

There are 27 countries in the Schengen Area. The newest Schengen state, Croatia, was added to the Schengen Area on January 1, 2023.

Schengen Area | Country List

















Czech Republic















As non-European citizens, there are also certain countries outside Europe that you can visit as a Schengen visa holder, such as - Turkey, Mexico, etc.

What is Schengen?

Schengen is the passport-free zone with no internal borders in the European Union. It is known as Schengen for the Schengen Agreement signed on June 14, 1985.

The Schengen Agreement built a Europe without borders to be known as the Schengen Area. Initially, only five EU countries signed the agreement. Today, there are 27 countries in the Schengen Region.

How and where to apply for a Schengen visa?

You must lodge your application at the visa center or consulate of the country that you plan to visit in Europe. In case of visiting more than one country, you must submit your visa application at the Schengen Embassy where you would spend the longest period.

Can I convert my Schengen visa to a work permit?

No, you cannot convert your Schengen visa to a work permit. You can remain in the Schengen Region for up to 3 months. However, a valid permit would be needed to work in Europe.

Do I have to give my biometrics for a Schengen Visa?

Yes, biometric information - fingerprints and a photograph - is required. Biometrics are valid for a period 59 months from the date when biometrics were collected the first time.

Biometric collection is part of the visa services offered by visa application centers.

Can I visit the United States and the United Kingdom on a Schengen Visa?

A Schengen Visa is only for visiting the Schengen Area. You will need a US B1/B2 visa to visit the US for tourism or on business. On the other hand, a UK Standard Visitor visa will be required to visit the UK.

What information is given on a Schengen visa sticker?

A Schengen visa sticker will contain information on -

  • Countries that you are permitted to enter,
  • Validity,
  • Number of entries permitted (single, double, or multiple entry visa)
  • Duration of stay,
  • Visa type,
  • Date when visa issued with name of issuing country, and
  • Visa holder information.

What is the Schengen Visa Information System (VIS)?

The Schengen Visa Information System (VIS) is a security system that connects consulates overseas to all border points in the Schengen Area. Schengen countries use the VIS to exchange visa data between them. Data entered into the Schengen VIS is available and accessible to all Schengen countries.

Which are the non-Schengen countries in the European Union?

EU Countries that are not a part of the Schengen Agreement are -

  • Romania,
  • Bulgaria, and
  • Cyprus

However, non European citizens can visit these countries with a Schengen visa.

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