Canada Tourist Visa: A Complete Document Checklist

Canada, as a country known for being the most immigration friendly nation, is also a beautiful country to visit. Every year several people visit Canada for tourism purposes. 

Who Requires a Canada Visitor Visa?

Foreign nationals who would like to visit Canada for:

  • Leisure and tourism purpose
  • Meet family and friends
  • Business purpose

All the above categories require having a visitor visa to enter Canada. This is a type of temporary resident visa.

Minimum Requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa

The requirements for a Canada visitor visa for an applicant:

  • Must have a passport
  • Must have good health
  • Must have no criminality record
  • Must have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Must provide the travel itinerary and to and from air tickets
  • Must show proof of job, family, and financial assets (requires you to go back home)

What Documents are Required for a Visa to Canada?

The documents for visa requirements to enter Canada are:

  • Travel document, i.e., Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Requires 2 passport size photo
  • Require to have proof of employment from the employer
  • Proof of funds in your bank account
  • Other savings. like property, PPFs, shares, FDs, etc
  • Cover letter from the employer about your employment with them
  • Visa application form and other documents
  • Travel itinerary (day to day plan)
  • To and from air tickets
  • For self-employed applicants, Memorandum of Association and other documents
  • Tax filing documents of the last 3 years
  • For the student, they are required to show student ID cards
  • For retired applicants, they should show their pension slips and retirement proofs

Documents Required When Your Trip is Sponsored

If your friend or relative, below documents of sponsors your trip, the sponsor is required:

  • Letter about the relationship between applicant and sponsor
  • Invitation letter from your friend or relative
  • Passport of sponsor
  • Passport size photo of the sponsor
  • Bank statement of the sponsor
  • Letter from sponsor confirming that he is ready to sponsor the applicant

Document Checklist for Canada Visitor Visa

The documents checklists for Canada visitor visa:

  • Passport of the primary applicant
  • Passport of dependents (if traveling)
  • 2 recent passport photography
  • Visa application forms
  • To and from flight tickets to Canada
  • Accommodation proof in Canada
  • Day to day itinerary

Proof of funds:

  • 6 months bank statement
  • Payslips from the employer
  • Evidence of income like pension statement or investment
  • Letter from the applicant’s accountant about annual statement

Proof of employment:

  • Appointment letter
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Payslips
  • Leave application approval letter
  • Bonafide certificate

Financial documents

  • FD proofs
  • NSC
  • PPF
  • Shares

Properties documents:

  • ITR filing/Form 16 from past 3 years

If self-employed:

  • Shop act
  • MOA
  • Deed


  • Medical Exam from panel physician given by the embassy or consulate of Canada
  • Family information form
  • Leave letter approval from the applicant’s school if a school student
  • Certificate of retirement with pension amount if the applicant is retired

Visa Application Process for Canadian Tourist Visa from India

The process to apply for a Canada visa needs the patience to follow a few steps:

  • Step 1: Download the visa application form from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and fill the form completely and carefully
  • Step 2: After which you are required to attach all the documents supporting the application
  • Step 3: Then pay the visa processing fee and biometrics fee to the Canadian High Commission office
  • Step 4: After the payment submit your application in the CIC portal
  • Step 5: You are then required to visit the Canadian visa application centre to give your biometrics (fingerprint and photograph)
  • Step 6: Upon reviewing your background check and eligibility, you will receive your decision.

During the review stage, the immigration department may ask for additional documents.

What is the Fee Required for a Canada Tourist Visa?

For the tourist visa the fee required is:

  • Application fee: 100 CAD (5,500 INR approx.)
  • Biometrics fee: 85 CAD (4,700 INR approx.)

Funds Needed for a Canada Tourist Visa

An individual living in Canada needs 1,230 CAD (INR 68,000 approx.) per month for their monthly expenses, and if an applicant is coming for tourism, then 2000 CAD (INR 1,10,000 approx.) for 30 days per person is enough.

This amount is an addition to the visa fees.

What is the Processing Time for the Canada Tourist Visa?

The processing time for visitor visas taken is 10-15 working days.

This time does not include:

  • Time for giving biometrics
  • Application send between VAC and visa office

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Other FAQs

1. Why would you like to visit Canada?

Canada is in demand among students, business professionals, and workers. It is known for:

  • Modern and multicultural cities
  • Many natural attractions like Dinosaur Provincial Park, Rocky Mountain Parks, Niagara Falls, etc
  • It can be an affordable vacation as the dollar rate is a little less than the USA
  • Several outdoor activities like camping, rafting, snowboarding, hiking, golfing, canoeing, etc
  • Famous events and festivals of the country
  • Canada’s 4 seasons have different charm in the country
  • French culture is dominant in Canada, and it can be a witness in many places
  • The outdoor activities in Canada make it very feasible for a vacation with kids

To see all these, you require a visa in Canada by paying proper visa fees along with the visa application to travel on the temporary resident visa or permit

2. How easy is it to get a Canada tourist visa?

Getting a tourist visa from India to Canada is quite easy if you full fill below eligibility

  • Have a passport
  • Have good health and no criminality record
  • Have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Have travel itinerary and to and fro air tickets
  • Have proof regarding your return to your home town

3. Can you apply for a Canadian visa without an invitation letter?

An invitation letter is not compulsory to apply for a visitor visa. It is an added document to make your case strong and prove the immigration officer that you are visiting Canada to meet family or friends who invited you over there.

4. Can a person work with a visitor visa?

You are not allowed to work or indulge in any commercial activity which will get you to enter the labour market when you have a visitor visa stamped in your passport.

5. How much time is a tourist visa valid?

A person whose visit visa is stamped in the passport can stay up to 6 months anywhere in Canada. You have to leave the country before the permit expiry date.

6. What is the way to prove that you will leave Canada?

You are required to provide proof apart from being a citizen of the country through the passport. The proofs can be:

  • Proof to show that you have family in your home country from whom you have to support financially
  • Proof that you will not study or work in Canada
  • Proof of no criminality records

All these proofs should be submitted along with your visa application.

7. Why apply for a visitor visa online rather than by paper base?

The CIC government has started with an online process along with the paper process. Visa application through the online process can be better because:

  • If submitted online no problem of courier and mailing, submission is received immediately
  • The online process takes less time
  • If you provide an incomplete visa application by offline mode, the visa application is returned to you after some days, whereas in online mode upon completion of the form, your visa application is submitted.
  • Do not have to submit the passport until the CIC asks for it
  • Get updates in your online account directly about the visa status

8. Who requires electronic travel authorization (eTA)?

Applicants from a country that do not require a visa and would be air traveling to Canada need eTA before their travel time.

9. What are the passport photograph requirements for a Canada visa?

The photograph requirements for a Canadian visa are:

  • White background with no borders
  • Should be 3 months old
  • A colour photo
  • Proper face coverage
  • Matte or semi-matte finish
  • Size 35 X 45 mm
  • No spectacles, headphones, hats, etc
  • Religious head gears and hearing aids are allowed

10. What does the letter of invitation cover?

If you are visiting your family or friends in Canada, you have to get an invitation letter from that particular family and friend. This letter does not guarantee you the visa, it if for the reference at the consulate and the embassy decision is final. Below is the information that must be included in the letter about the applicant:

  • Complete name
  • Date of birth
  • Address and telephone number
  • The relation between the invitee and applicant
  • Purpose of visit
  • Time the person would like to stay in Canada
  • Accommodation details
  • How the applicant will pay his/her expenses in Canada
  • When the applicant is leaving Canada
  • Below information about the invitee:
  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Address and phone number in Canada
  • Job title
  • If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizens
  • A photocopy of status in Canada:
  • Your birth certificate (if Canadian born)
  • Citizenship card (if naturalized citizen)
  • Canada PR card or IMM 1000 landing proof
  • Family details: name and date of birth of dependent and family
  • Total number of family members living to whom who are sponsoring

11. What are the basic documents required for a Canadian tourist visa?

For the visitor visa, which is a non-immigrant visa, required documents:

  • Travel document like passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Visa application form
  • Letter of invitation (if visiting family/friends)
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof that you have no intention to stay back in the country to the consulate
  • Day to day itinerary and travel tickets
  • Proof of immigration status of you in your country

12. What cannot be done on a visit visa?

The following cannot be done if you have a visit permit:

  • You cannot study if you have a visitor visa and opt for a student visa by getting a study permit in the country
  • You are not allowed to work in Canada as you do not have a work permit for the country
  • You are not allowed to stay in Canada permanently

13. Which language must the supporting documents be submitted in?

The supporting documents submitted must be either in English or in French. If any other language the supporting documents are there, you have to provide the translated copy along with it in English or French.

14. When will your application get rejected?

Below are the simple reasons for rejection of your application:

  • Application if incorrect
  • Supporting documents submitted are incorrect
  • Misleading information is given
  • Errors in the application or document submitted
  • If you have any criminality record in the country where you have been there for more than 6 months
  • If you have charges of not obeying the country laws and rules
  • If your health can be a treat to the people of Canada

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