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Best visa consultants for Canada and Australia (in 2020)

With so many visa consultants in India, it becomes very difficult for an applicant to choose the best consultant to process their visa applicant.

We list a few criteria to select the best consultants for your visa processing and how Kansas can help with aim to move or study or visit abroad.

How to select the best visa Consultant?

Specialities of best visa consultants

While opting for the services any visa consultants, the below factors should be considered

The answers to all these questions can be determined through the following factors:

  1. Experience:The start-up consultants may not have necessary knowledge of processing visa application of the category of permit you choose. Going with an experienced (at least 5+years) consultants will help the best outcome.
  2. Authorization: Meeting licensure requirements is essential not only for operating in India like MCA registration, labour license, trade license, etc. but in some cases being authorized to process visa forcertain countries is important. For example, processing Canada PR visa, an authorized RCIC representative is mandatory.
  3. Go for a consultant who offers services beyond visas: Immigration is a lot more than just the visa process. Only an experienced and expert visa consultant understands this well. For making your immigration easier, they offer services that help you connect to job opportunities and living in Canada comfortably. Choose a visa consultant who offers services beyond just the visa process.
  4. Go with a Brand : Google reviews help you understand what other people are talking about the consultant services. Consultants who are most 5-star rated on Google are often have top visa services in India.
  5. Visit the website of top visa consultants and compare: Websites show the digital reputation of a consultant. A consultant website much detail out every product like permanent residency visas, student visa, temporary resident visas, work visas, etc., and show what they have to offer you.

How can Kansas Overseas help you in getting a visa?

How can Kansas Overseas help you in getting a visa

Kansas Overseas can help you in the following sectors of visa processes:

  • Kansas Overseas is a trusted brand by hundreds of happy candidates who successfully got their desired visas.
  • We guide a number of our clients in more than 72+ types of visas to different countries.
  • We assist you in applying in your desired (online or offline) mode to the country and visa.
  • We will help you with procuring documentation.
  • We will guide you throughout the processing by being in apt contact with you.
  • We will try to find the best job for you if you are looking for one with the help pf job search team and resume writing team.
  • We will be in touch with the prospective employers and you to find you your desired job according to your education and work.
  • In the case of a student visa, we will find you the best college and course that is tailor made for you.
  • We will give you post landing services which will help you immensely to settle comfortably in your new environment.

Who is a visa consultant?

A visa consultant is a professional who is knowledgeable in all matters related to a visa process. These professionals are skilled and well-trained in all matters of visa application and documentation.

While some visa consultants are already experts in processing visas, some may only assist you as an advisor in selection.

In either way, a visa consultant or a company that provides visa consultancy services are beneficial in the processing of moving abroad.

“Visa consultants are not any government authorities. Though they have the rights to process your visa, the final decision of your visa application is made by the Embassy of the applied country. Visa consultants have no control over acceptance/denial of your visa process.”

Why should I approach a visa consultancy?

Just the way you approach a lawyer for legal matters and contact a doctor for all aspects pertaining to your health care, approaching a visa consultant is essential in all matters related to migration.

Moving abroad requires a lot of paperwork, verification of documents, timely submission, etc. Visa consultants ensure that you receive accurate advice and appropriate service related to the same.

In this busy era, where visa application seems a time-consuming process, visa consultants offer a helping hand in applying for your visa without disturbing your routine.

5 Reasons Why You Need Visa Consultants when Planning for Abroad

The below reasons highlight what the visa consultants do and their significance in a visa process:

  1. Every visa program has a different set of rules to be followed when applying. Only a visa consultant can help you understand the difference between each.
  2. Certain visas work on a points-based system. You need to determine your points before you apply. Visa consultants are the right people who can help you calculate these points accurately.
  3. The overall costs of applying for a visa can be well understood only under the guidance of a visa consultant.
  4. Visa consultants understand the challenges of your case and provide practical solutions to the same.
  5. A customized checklist of documents from visa consultants is always beneficial and helps one arrange for documents in the right way (stage-wise).

Other answers to questions regarding visa consultants:

If my visa expires, will your visa agent help me to renew it?

Yes. If your visa expires, visa consultants give you guidance in renewing it. Assistance is provided in the start-to-finish of the renewal process.

If my visa expires, will your visa agent help me to renew it?

Is a consultant required for Canada immigration?

Applying for a visa to Canada seems easy but involves a lot of tricky procedures. Understanding the tips to apply for a Canadian visa is not easy for the common man.

Hence, in such a scenario, taking guidance from the best Canada visa consultants in India becomes mandatory as well as beneficial.

How do you apply for a visa?

To apply or a visa, you first need to determine which visa you want to apply. Whether it is a permanent residency visa, green card, visit visa or temporary resident visa, each of it serves a different purpose and follows a different procedure.

Since we are talking primarily about Canada immigration, you are required to apply for a permanent residency to immigrate to Canada from India.

To apply for this visa, you are required to approach a Canada visa consultant and check your points initially.

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the top immigration consultants in India with highly qualified evaluation experts. We help you calculate your points under the guidance of an independent ICCRC and provide solutions to increase points (if required).

We not only process visas but also help applicants to prepare an impressive (Canadian standard) resume, search for a job in Canada, search for a rental housing in Canada and many more services.

To reach out to us and know how our visa consultants in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Thane and Vizag can help you, dial 1800-102-0109 toll free or write to us at info@kansaz.com