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Post-Landing Services Offered by Kansas Overseas Careers

Read on to know more about post landing services that Kansas Overseas Careers has to offer.

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The visa process is only a 50% part of your immigration journey. Getting your visa certainly means that it’s time to go to your dream country, but what after you have landed there? How will you know what must be your first step? Settling in a new and foreign country can be challenging for most immigrants, especially if you don’t have acquaintances there. 

You have to find suitable accommodation, a job, and even basic guidance for surviving in a new country. While you move there alone, you can make your journey of settling in a foreign land easy and smooth with our post-landing services. We do not charge any additional amount while offering this service.

Post Landing Services Offered by Kansas Overseas

The immigration process doesn’t end with you getting the visa; instead, it begins from there. Once you get the immigration visa, there are plenty of things that you need to take care of. You don’t have to actually move there, to start the preparation.

To ensure that you settle in a new country smoothly, you can start preparing for your new life today with our post landing services. We offer our post landing services to all our clients.

Here are some services we offer that can benefit you after landing in a foreign country:

Other Services Offered by Kansas Overseas Careers

The immigration process involves a lot of time and effort. The candidate must go through the extensive process consisting of various steps and requires plenty of documentation as well. Kansas Overseas Careers offers conclusive services to streamline the immigration process for our clients and ensure acceptance of visa applications.

The team of experts at Kansas Overseas Careers is highly professional and expert at offering our clients guidance as per their varying needs. Having years of experience, we can guide the clients in the right direction.

Here are some of the services offered to our clients:

Starting a New Phase with Ease

Immigrating to a foreign country is a life-changing decision and comes with a lot of risks. To make the transition smooth for our clients, we offer plenty of post landing services. It helps them settle down in a new country with ease and start a new phase of their life.

Why Choose Kansas Overseas?

We, at Kansas Overseas Careers, understand that a newcomer in an alien place would generally feel alone and helpless without any proper information. This is why we offer a complete range of services to look through your journey.

Kansas Overseas Careers is the best immigration consultant in India. Don’t take our word for it, we have the numbers to prove it. Our success rate is 98.23 %.

  • Visit Visa: Travel for leisure or business to any part of the world with Kansas.
  • Study Visa: Kansas will ensure that you qualify. And look forward to studying abroad.
  • Work Visa: We will help you obtain qualified employment. That is legally issued to you by the concerned authorities. 
  • Immigration: We are experts in arranging everything that is needed for your international movement. 
  • Permanent Residence: We’ll help you obtain permanent residency in your dream country.

Customized services:

  • Job-Search Services: We look for appropriate openings to match your qualifications.
  • Profile Evaluation: Based on your unique profile history, we make matches with the visa eligibility requirements, and advise you with the visas you must apply for.
  • Resume Writing: We guide you to create a resume that stands out as desired by the concerned immigration authority.
  • Procuring documents: Help you arrange documents needed before applying for a visa.
  • Professional guidance: Be it providing you interview training, French/English courses or working samples for resumes, cover letters or assisting with application forms, medical or police clearance certificates - we will always be there for you. 
  • Dedicated Case Officer: We offer personal assistance and a single point of contact between the company and you, throughout the process
  • Post-Landing Services: We help you settle down in the country after you’ve received your visa. These services are specifically customized as per your requirements.

You can expect a one-stop solution for all your visa needs from profile evaluation, documentation, application drafting to post-visa services with Kansas.
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