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Post Landing Services by Kansas Overseas Careers

If you know, visa process is only a 50% part of your immigration. Getting your visa certainly means that it’s time to go to your dream country, but what after you have landed there? How will you know what must be your first step? Therefore, our post landing services are exactly what we have for your assistance.

We, at Kansas Overseas Careers, understand that a newcomer in an alien place would generally feel alone and helpless without any proper information. Our post landing services are designed in a way that you receive guidance about every single activity you are required to do after your migration and settle successfully without depending upon anyone else.

In a nutshell, the post landing service of Kansas Overseas careers is an additional help to immigrants who have successfully settled abroad. This service primary offered to applicants of Canada Australia permanent residency visas.

We do not charge any additional amount while offering this service. This service is offered as complementary to both primary and secondary applicants.

Post landing services for Canada:

  1. Assistance on landing and moving around in Canada
    • Facility of airport pickup.
    • Guiding you about the documents you may be asked at the airport.
    • Helping you understand your way to reach your accommodation from airport.
    • Guiding you on every transport available in Canada for your easy commute.
    • Guiding on you on ways to apply for your driving license.
    • Guiding you on how to buy your own transport.
    • Guiding you on how to take up a transport insurance.
    • Guiding you about the Travel Card – Pesto Card.
  2. Assistance on living in Canada
    • Guiding you with health card application process.
    • Guiding you about how to get your 9- digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number) which is compulsory for taking up an employment in Canada.
    • Guiding you on how to get your GI license.
    • Guiding you with tax saving (in case you have no job for a long time).
  3. Assistance on adapting to the life in Canada
    • Helping you find stores that fulfil your basic necessities.
    • Helping you to sign-up for English or French language classes.
    • Helping you to open a bank account and apply for credit card.
    • Helping you with information to get your SIM card in Canada.
    • Helping you find places that can save your money on groceries.

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Post landing services for Australia:

  1. Assistance before landing in Canada
    • Guiding you with important information that will be helpful to you at the airport.
    • Guiding you about occupations in Australia.
    • Guiding you about moving to your accommodation from the airport.
  2. Assistance on living in Canada
    • Guiding you with resources to learn English (Australian standards) and personality development in the country.
    • Guiding you with lessons on car driving rules of Australia.
    • Helping you to get a SIM card in Australia.
    • Assisting you with registration formalities.
    • Helping you find out stores to fulfil your basic necessities.
    • Helping you in getting the public transport card.
    • Facility of airport pickup.
    • Helping you in opening a bank account in Australia.
    • Guidance on buying or renting properties in Australia.
    • Helping you apply and claim free Medicare.
    • Helping you in getting the information of schools that are free for permanent residents.
    • Guiding you with information on insurance and related services.
    • Guiding you with filing for Tax File Number (TFN).
    • Guidance on all matters related to settlement, finances and working in Australia comfortably.

To understand more about the post landing services of Kansas Overseas Careers, reach out to our consultant on 1800-102-0109 or write to info@kansaz.in.

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