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New Brunswick Canada PNP

Being a skilled person, you may for once think of a bright career abroad. Canada is among the most preferred countries for long term immigration.

A large number of skilled workers who are unable to meet the required CRS score, are attracted by the shortcut method of moving to Canada - the Provincial Nominee Program.

You can apply for Permanent Resident Visa Canada through this popular immigration program managed by Canada Express Entry. This is the least complicated program compared to the other pathways for long-term immigration.

However, before doing so it is crucial to study:

  • Various benefits of immigrating to different provinces.
  • Concerned career opportunities in the specific region.
  • Methods that the Federal Government implements to invite the interested and eligible immigrants.

The best way to learn this through Immigration Consultants, who would assist you with various aspects. They help you to:

  • Determine your eligibility.
  • Take care of required paperwork.
  • Remain with you throughout the entire process of application.
  • And also see to it that you get timely approval of your PR Visa through the Provincial Nominee Program.

For a quick information, the below details may help:

New Brunswick Canada PNP:

New Brunswick is one of the Maritime Provinces of the Eastern Canada. This province has dense forests and beautiful seashore as well.

Before, this region in Canada was a French Colony. It has a large French-speaking population today.

You can apply through New Brunswick PNP to become a permanent resident of this province. New Brunswick PNP holds an implemented agreement with the Federal Government and encourages immigration of skilled workers in the region.

Upon approval, you receive a Nomination Certificate from the provincial government. Thus, you can become a Permanent Resident of Canada. Your education, occupation, work experience and skills should match the requirements of the labour market.

Eligibility Criteria for New Brunswick PNP:

Eligibility Criteria for New Brunswick PNP

There are specific eligibility requirements for the foreign nationals applying for New Brunswick PNP. The provincial government encourages immigration of skilled workers through the Provincial Nominee Program.

This programs follow point-based selection system. The authorities calculate your points based on:

  • Age: You need to be between 22 to 55 years old. You can get the highest score if your age is between 22 and 35 (12 points).
  • Qualification: You can get the highest score with a Doctoral Level Qualification (PhD) and a Master's Degree. Make sure that you at least have a post-secondary qualification or a high school diploma at the time of application. Again, you need to undergo an Educational Credential Assessment to verify that your qualification is at par with the Canadian Standards.
  • Work Experience: The provincial government assesses your experience as per National Occupational Classification (NOC). You can get the highest of 15 points, if you possess at least 6 years of work experience in your listed occupation.
  • Adaptability: Your previous provincial work experience, academic study in the region for at least two years and availability of blood relatives in the province also counts. The applicant can opt for family support in this case.
  • Language Ability: The candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of scoring CLB 7 in four modules of first official language (English). Your better language ability in French would be an added advantage.

Entering Canada through New Brunswick PNP without IELTS:

Your proficiency in the official languages, especially in English is necessary in many ways. The key point here is a reason for your visit or stay in Canada. When you have a job offer, a few companies may ask you to appear for IELTS.

In a similar manner, if the purpose of your immigration to Canada is study-related; most of the universities ask for your IELTS score. This is to make sure that you are good in English. Your communication skills play a crucial role in interacting with the co-workers in the workplace; and also in the society.

However, many companies employing human resources from abroad and many Canadian universities may not ask for IELTS score. Thus, it would be wise to refer to the company or university website to get the precise details. So, IELTS score is not mandatory in every case.

Minimum CRS Score for New Brunswick PNP:

You must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for immigration under this Provincial Nominee Program. This is one of the most crucial eligibility requirements for your entry through this category.

To meet this, it would be better to be an ideal candidate in various respects. Your chances of immigration to Canada would be better when you:

  • Apply at the right age.
  • Possess the best educational qualification.
  • Have adequate experience in your occupation.
  • Workers in your occupation are highly required.
  • Have a better skill level in the concerned occupation.
  • Get an opportunity for full-time work in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Your family members already live in the region and they can make you a nominee conveniently.
  • You were studying in the specific provincial territory.
    • Along with this the applicant is required to score at least 300 CRS in order to obtain the Canada PNP becomes in the simplest manner.

Application Procedure for New Brunswick PNP:

Application Procedure for New Brunswick PNP

The interested candidates can apply for this immigration program under the following streams:

  1. Express entry labour market stream: To choose the Express Entry Program, your occupation needs to be in demand in the labour market. The provincial government follows the National Occupational Classification (NOC), for selection of the candidates.
  2. Skilled worker with family support: The candidates can apply through sponsorship of their family members in Canada. However, to provide valid family support, the sponsor needs to be a Canadian. The Permanent Residents of Canada in New Brunswick can also sponsor skilled workers.
  3. Skilled worker under employer support: The candidate must have a job offer as a full-time employee, from an employer in New Brunswick.
  4. Entrepreneur Applicants: The qualified entrepreneurs can apply in the business category. They must own and run a business in New Brunswick.

You must be very clear regarding the category under which you opt to apply. There are four different streams. You need to verify which one would be best for you to ensure your easy entry. It's better to match your current profile with the eligibility for Permanent Residence in assistance of immigration consultants.

Your application for permanent residency should be complete in all aspects. You need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) along with the required set of documents.

  • The authorities assess your skill level. If you are into a semi or low-skilled occupation, you may need to undergo a skill test. The designated Testing Agencies conduct these tests.
  • You need to submit the results of this test along with your application. The testing agencies conduct your skill tests to make sure you can contribute to the economy of New Brunswick.
  • For your hassle-free entry, you need to pass a medical test. You can take this test in your home country. The hospitals authorized to conduct medical test will issue a valid medical certificate.
  • You also need a security clearance or Police Clearance Certificate. This document ensures that you don't have any criminal record. You must not be involved in any criminal or illegal activity.
  • You need to submit proof of funds along with your application. Your personal net worth should be sufficient for looking after yourself and your dependents after your arrival in Canada.

All these factors are equally significant to immigrate to Canada. Your entry through this program may be easier if you already have a full-time employment offer. The employer may arrange for your work permit as well.

You need to gather all the desired documents well before you begin with the application process. You can seek expert advice from our expert immigration consultants. This step would ease down the process, as they are well aware of the technicalities.

On proving to be an ideal candidate, the issuing authorities approve your application. You can then receive Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Facts about applying for New Brunswick PNP without Express Entry:

It is important to note that the New Brunswick PNP Express Entry Program has been designed for the skilled workers. So, this program is most suited for the category of candidates that possess better qualifications, experience, skill sets and a strong willingness to settle down in New Brunswick, Canada.

The Non-Express Entry New Brunswick PNP Programs are for the aspiring immigrants with a semi or low-skill class. Again, it is essential to determine which PNP program your personal profile can comply with to get Permanent Resident Status.

So, technically, you can apply for New Brunswick PNP Program through Non-Express Entry Programs as well. It is necessary to match your profile with the eligibility requirements of the other categories.

The workers with sufficient experience in a preferred occupation can remain positive regarding their entry through Express Entry Program. You can consult our reputed immigration consultants for more details about the eligibility requirements.

Duration for Approval of PR Visa through New Brunswick PNP:

The successful candidates receive a nomination from New Brunswick. This eventually increases their chances to get Canada PR.

The applicant can accept this nomination within the next 30 days through his/her online Express Entry Profile with the IRCC.

The applicant would receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the next Express Entry Draw.

The candidate gets a span of 60 days to prepare and submit an application for Permanent Residency in Canada through New Brunswick PNP.

Usually, it takes a period of about 6 months to process the Canada PR applications submitted under New Brunswick PNP Express Entry Program.

So, to plan for a successful and joyful life in New Brunswick, Canada along with your loved ones, reach out to our consultants online and get more details. Call 1800-102-0109 or write to us on info@kansaz.com.