Canada Express Entry 2020: A Complete Guide (Eligibility, Requirements, Documents, Cost & More!)

Express Entry is one of the best ways chosen by skilled professionals for Canada Permanent Residence.

What is the Canada PR Express Entry?

Canada PR Express Entry is an online system. This is used to manage applications from skilled worker aspirants from around the globe. It is a quick way of seeking permanent residence in Canada. 

Eligibility to Apply for Canada PR Express Entry

Express Entry is an electronic platform introduced by the CIC in January 2015. This system was introduced to rectify the flaws which were faced with the previous immigration system. Express Entry is a point-based system; hence, if you are interested in processing your application with it, you need to meet the eligibility requirements.

To be considered for the Express Entry, you need to score at least 67 points under Canada’s Points Calculator. These points are evaluated by considering your core human factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc.

The points obtained on this system are commonly known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The Express Entry system has three federal economic programs, namely, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Also, there are even few Express Entry linked Provincial Nominee Programs.

  • To check your eligibility to apply for Canada PR, it is advised to contact an immigration agent. The consultants will help you get the valid eligibility check for Canada PR visa.
  • Once you are declared as eligible, you can then create your online profile through the Express Entry as an Expression of Interest.
  • As a next step, you will then be placed in the Express Entry Pool based on your CRS score. From here, you need to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Express Entry Draws conducted by the IRCC.
  • The ITA is an indication that you are invited to live in Canada as a permanent resident. You need to provide a PR application with all required documents to the official bodies for Visa approval.
    The team verifies the details and approves your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

Types of Canada PR Programs

If you are planning to migrate to Canada by opting for the easy immigration ways, then you choose the skilled immigration programs under the Express Entry System.

Express Entry is considered as one of the fastest immigration systems for granting visas for permanent residence.

Hence, if you are looking out for programs which can help you immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, then choose the below-mentioned programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program: The program is mainly referred to skilled workers with professional backgrounds. Canada is in a great need of skilled professionals as the labour market in Canada is lacking professionals.

  • Hence, if you are an experienced professional with good experience, then you can make out an easier way for Canada with this program.
  • However, it is required for you to have your occupation listed under the country’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) category.

Federal Skilled Trades Program: The program is meant for people having experience in the industrial sector or trading.

  • It is not referred for professionals, but it can help candidates having professional expertise under the industrial sectors to migrate and settle in Canada as a permanent resident.

Canadian Experience Class: The program is related to candidates having Canadian work experience. If you have work experience from Canada for a certain period, then you can move ahead with this program to settle in Canada.

  • Other than Express Entry, there are even a few other programs which are even a suitable pathway if you are planning to settle in a particular province.

Provincial Nominee Programs: This is also a famous pathway chosen by many candidates for Canada PR. Provinces of Canada participate under the program to nominate candidates who are meeting its labour market needs.

  • If you obtain a nomination from the province, you can quickly receive ITA and migrate to the nominating province with a Canada PR.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Quebec is the only province of Canada with its own immigration policies.

  • If you are interested to migrate to Canada specifically to the Quebec province, then, you should apply for the Quebec Government for a certificate of selection.

The certificate states that you are accepted to live as an immigrant. Further, you should apply for the or the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Minimum Points for Express Entry into Canada

As discussed earlier, Express Entry is a points-based system and to qualify for Canada immigration; you need to score at least the minimum required points. The points are analyzed on five selection factors.

1. Age:

Age Group

Maximum Points

18 - 35 years
























47 & Above


2. Education:


Maximum Points

University Degree which is equivalent to Doctoral or PhD or equivalent

25 Points

Master’s degree or Professional degree practiced in a licensed profession

23 Points

Two or more diplomas, certificates or degree (a program of at least 3 or more years)

22 Points

Canadian Post Secondary Degree or Bachelor’s degree or three or more years program at university, college, trade school or any institute

21 Points

Canadian Post Secondary Degree or Two –years program at university, college, institute or trade school

19 Points

Canadian Post Secondary Degree or One year program at college, university, college, or equal

15 Points

Secondary Diploma – High School Graduation

5 Points

3. Work Experience:

Work Experience


Above 6 years

15 Points

4-5 years

13 Points

2-3 Years

11 Points

1 Year

9 Points

4. Language Proficiency:

First Language





CLB 9 and above















Less than CLB 7





For the second official language:

Second Official Language


Minimum CLB 5 in all four language factors


At least CLB 4 or less


5. Adaptability:


Maximum Points

Your spouse or partner’s language skills

5 points

If having your previous education was in Canada

5 points

If your spouse or partner’s past studies was in Canada

5 points

If you are having your past work experience in Canada

10 Points

If your spouse is having past work experience in Canada

5 Points

If having arranged employment in Canada

5 Points

If having relatives in Canada

5 Points

Improving the CRS Score for Canada Express Entry

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is an important aspect of the whole Canada immigration process. Obtaining an ITA faster or slower majorly depends on the CRS score you have. Hence, always try to maintain a good CRS score so that you can obtain an ITA faster from an Express Entry Draw.

The possible pathways to improve your CRS score are:

Language Skills: Under the language factor, you can score maximum points of up to 260 CRS. Hence, you can prove proficiency in the two official languages to gain the maximum points.

Study: You can obtain a Canadian Study Experience and this can significantly improve your overall score.

Work: Canadian Work experience is always having a better demand than non-Canadian work experience; hence try to have a Canadian work experience to receive maximum points.

Education: You can improve your educational experience so that you claim additional points for your CRS score.

Spouse Adaptability: If you are traveling along with your spouse, you can include your spouse’s potential factors, so that this can help in increasing the overall CRS score.

Nomination from PNP programs: You can check and apply for a Provincial Nominee program which is suitable for your profile. This will help you in receiving a nomination and improve your total score with an additional 600 points.

Canadian Employment: If you have an employment opportunity from a Canadian employer, then this can help you in increasing your total score with 50-200 points.

Language Tests Accepted by Canada

The language tests accepted by the Canada officials are:

The First official Language: English

CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

Need to take up the CELPIP-General test

Must take up the General Training option

General – LS test for Express Entry is not accepted

Academic option for Express Entry is not accepted

The Second Official Language: French

TEF Canada : Test d’évaluation de français

TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du français

This includes:

  • compréhension de l’écrit
  • compréhension de l’oral
  • expression écrite
  • expression orale

This includes:

  • compréhension de l’écrit
  • compréhension de l’oral
  • expression écrite
  • expression orale

After Qualifying for the Canada Express Entry Program

After processing your application with a suitable immigration program, you may be receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. Once the ITA is received, the next step of yours should be submitting an official application.

This is ultimately an online process and an important process. It is the final step for your application. Hence, you should be very crucial in providing every document.

  • Need of demonstrating required settlement funds: If you are planning your immigration with the Federal Skilled Worker Class or Federal Skilled Trade Class, then should prove sufficient funds to support your application.

However, the settlement funds become optional when you process your application with Canadian Experience Class or process ahead with a job offer.

  • Accurate information about travel history, personal details, address, etc.: You need to provide every aspect of yours when you are processing with the Canadian officials. IRCC needs information about your travel history, personal details, address, etc., to validate your application.
  • Must provide clear details if holding a Job offer: If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, then make sure that the offer you received is matching with the information expected by the IRCC as a “valid job offer.”

There are a lot of conditions mentioned by the IRCC, and you need to meet every specified requirement if you have a valid job offer.

  • Information on your Express Entry Profile: Every detail you mention in the Express Entry Profile will be considered for your PR application.

Hence, it is advised to provide accurate information when lodging your Express Entry application. Alongside, you should be capable enough to give every document which can support your submitted information.

Any false information can lead your application process to face difficulties. Hence, be sure to provide valid information.

  • Educational Credential Assessment: There is no particular rule for a candidate migrating through a Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTC) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) to get their ECA done.

But, it is suggested to take up the ECA as it helps in increasing the overall CRS score of your profile.

Proof of Funds for Canada Express Entry

Yes, it is essential to show proof of funds while processing your application through Express Entry. The funds help you to indicate that you are capable of supporting yourself and your family.

However, the settlement fund will be applied based on the program you received an invitation.

If you are welcomed to Canada under a skilled worker program, then you should be able to meet the required settlement funds until,

  • You are authorized to work in Canada and
  • You have valid employment from a Canadian employer.

However, as a proof, you must be able to support your financials by providing bank investment accounts and outstanding debts (which include debts from credit cards and loans).

The fund requirements for Canada include:

Number of Family Members Accompanying

Fund Requirements in Canadian Dollars















For each additional member


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Other FAQs

1. Is work experience necessary for Canada express entry?

Work Experience is one of the crucial factors when you are planning to migrate through Express Entry. The experience plays a vital role than a Canadian job offer.

  • With relevant and sufficient work experience, you will have higher chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR from the IRCC.
  • As per the updates from November 2016, the points provided for employment have been changed. A candidate can receive points ranging from 50 to 200 if having a job offer. Whereas in the system followed before, a job opportunity could ensure 600 points for the candidate.

Hence, if you are planning to migrate as a skilled worker through the Canada express entry, then you should have minimum two years of work experience. The work experience which you demonstrate in your homeland should be relevant to the occupational field accepted under the NOC list.

If you are interested to know the right immigration pathway for your career, then feel free to contact us. Our expert immigration consultants will soon be in touch to clear your queries.

2. Do you need a job offer for express entry?

No, there is no mandatory requirement of Canadian employment to apply for Canada Express Entry system. In the previous system, an arranged employment served as an advantage to score an extra 600 points. With the present updated system, with an arranged employment, you can obtain between 50 to 200 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

3. Why do you need to take a language test for express entry?

The language test is an essential factor to be eligible for the Canada Express Entry. It is mandatory for any skilled worker aiming for Canada PR to prove proficiency in either English or French language ability. The proficiency for English and French is measured with Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) respectively. To prove your language ability for Canada,

  • You need to take up an approved language test.
  • Obtain the minimum requirements as needed by the chosen program.
  • Need to include the results with the Express Entry profile.

The language tests for English and French have to be evaluated on four important ability factors. They are your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.

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