All You Need to Know About B1/B2 Visa Application

Why, when, and how to apply for a B1/B2 visa to the US; its validity, cost, and more.

Are you looking to go for a short trip to the States? Is it a business assignment? Well, a B1/B2 visa is what you should be looking for. From validity to cost, from permissions to documents required, we have covered all about the B1/B2 visa to the US in this article. Read on to know all that and why you should choose Kansas Overseas to help you with your application.

What is a B1/B2 Visa?

The B1/B2 visa is a short term visa for people who want to travel to the United States for business dealings along with some leisure time. The maximum validity of this visa is up to 1 year. Most of the time, people apply for such a permit for monthly or quarterly trips.

You can use this visa both as a one-time use and for multiple times. The US authorities allow for the application of B1/B2 visa in several circumstances.

When to apply for a B1/B2 Visa?

The following circumstances are valid to apply for a B1/B2 Visa.

  • You can apply for a B1/B2 visa if you want to visit the US for business dealings like conferences, meetings, seminars, and more. You can also tour the country besides your business dealings at this time.
  • If you are an employee and your firm wants you to tour the country for a meeting or so on their behalf, you can apply for a B1/B2 visa.
  • When you need to visit to attend a seminar, athletic event, medical treatment, educational conference, entertainment events like concerts, short-term training, etc., you can apply for such a visa.

Here are the two general purposes on which you can apply for B1/B2:

For Business

  • You or your company have to negotiate a contract or invest in the US-based business
  • You need to settle an estate in the US
  • You need to participate in or attend professional or educational conferences, meetings, events, seminars, and more
  • If you want to participate in a meeting with a US business consultant

For Other Reasons

  • Going for a short trip or vacation in the United States
  • Taking a tour of the US comprising of several states
  • To attend social events like charity shows, health, and fitness events, sports events, etc.
  • Receiving Medical Treatments in hospitals as well as private clinics. You can also go for a consultation
  • Suppose you're going to attend concerts, live events, or participating in contests. You shouldn't receive payment for it, or otherwise, the visa won't fall in the B1/B2 category.
  • Visit a friend or a relative living in the States

What are the Requirements to Apply for a B1/B2 Visa?

You need to meet several minimum requirements to be eligible for a visitor visa to the United States. Failing to meet any of these requirements can lead to rejection of the visa applicant. You should cross-check that you meet the following criteria:

  • You should present your purpose of visit clearly in your application and show sufficient proof of it.
  • Your intention should be to live in the States for a specific period. Preferably, you should have a return ticket for short permits. 
  • Show evidence that you gave enough financial resources to cover your stay in the country and won't need the government to help you. You may also have a sponsor in the country that can be a relative or a friend. 
  • Arrange all the documents at the time of applying. There shouldn't be any discrepancy, and all the papers should be original.
  • Sign a statement accepting that you intend to get back to your home country after the fulfillment of your purpose.

What are the Documents Required for B1/B2 Visa?

Here are all the documents you should compile before submitting an application for a B1 B2 visa. You should make sure that you have all of these as well as a working scanner to submit these. You can find the instructions for filling the application and uploading the documents on the website.

Having a reputed consultant like Kansas Overseas can make the job easier for you by collecting all the documents and filling the details on your behalf.

  • Passport: it should be valid for at least six months post your applied period of stay. Not having a valid passport or having a passport with a lower validity can lead to instant rejection of the visa.
  • Digital Photograph: you need to submit a passport-sized digital photograph. Your face should be clear, and your features shouldn't be distorted. Moreover, you should know to sit in an upright position and not angled sideways.
  • Travel itinerary: if you have already completed your travel arrangements, you need to share the details
  • Resume or CV: you would need to submit your educational qualifications, work experience as well as resume
  • Date of previous travel trips to the US: if you have previously traveled to the States,  you need to share the details of the last five journeys. You may also need to share your international travel history and details in the previous five years.
  • Additional Information: your purpose would define if you'd need to provide any additional information in the online application.

An immigrant consultant is well placed in explaining to you the documents you'd need. Having all the papers beforehand can quicken the process of receiving your b1 b2 visa.

How to Apply for a B1/B2 Visa from India?

The application for the B1 B2 tourist visa is relatively easy as compared to getting a permanent residency visa. It requires three necessary steps. While it is not a very arduous process, having expertise in the area can boost the chances of getting a permit. A lot also depends on your interview with the embassy or consulate.

  • Step 1: You first need to type in your general information and personal details to the best of your knowledge. You'll have several options in processing time, and you can choose from them. 
  • Step 2: You now need to verify all the details of the first step of applying for a tourist visa. Proper revision is essentially as mismatched or contradictory information can lead to instant as well as permanent rejection. You'd then need to make payment as listed in the form.
  • Step 3: You'd then receive a questionnaire in which you'd need to upload the photo. You'd also have to fill in the purpose in detail. Having expert assistance from Kansas Overseas can help you fill in a credible application.
  • Step 4: The purpose would determine how many documents you need to upload. You can apply online for a United States visitor visa with Kansas. We'll fill in all the formalities, and you'd just need to wait for an appointment with the embassy or consulate for a visa interview.

What is the Cost of a B1 B2 Visa in India?

The application fee for a B1 B2 visitor visa from India to the USA is $160. You'll have to pay an additional fee for hiring a consultant's service. Since you are paying such a substantial cost, you should not risk filling the form on your own.

Standard processing time for a B1/B2 Visa


Visa Type

Processing Time


B-1 visa

A couple of weeks to 2 months

The processing times for the B-1 visas are not exact. This depends on the workload of the US Embassy and other factors that they take into consideration.

B-2 visa

A couple of weeks to 2 months

Processing times for B-2 tourist visas and US visitor visas differ from country to country.


Why Choose Kansas Overseas?

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  • Decade-long Expertise: We have an experienced team with a proven track of success
  • Guided documentation: Right from evaluation to Visa application and documentation, followed by post-landing services.
  • Highlighting opportunities: Highlighting high-potential opportunities across global industries
  • Helping you succeed: Be it providing you interview training, French/English courses or working samples for resumes, cover letters or assisting with application forms, medical or police clearance certificates - we will always be there for you.

You can expect a one-stop solution for all your visa needs from profile evaluation, documentation, application drafting to post-visa services with Kansas.

Other FAQs

1. How long is a B1/B2 visa valid for?

A lot of factors come into play when it comes to the validity of a B1/B2 visa. Mainly, it depends on the purpose of visiting the States and your application. The maximum validity for which you can apply for this visa waiver is a year. That's why it's called a temporary visitor visa. People who live in countries in the visa waiver program list can stay in States without getting the B1/B2 permit for three months or 90 days.

2. How many times can you enter the US on a b1 b2 visa?

B1 B2 visitor visa allows for multiple entries in the US. You might wonder what that means. That means you can move out and come back to the States as many times as you want or need. There's no restriction until, of course, your visa's validity is still there. It's a reasonable proposition for people going out on world tours or business trips. You can move in and out as per your convenience and requirements. It's a flexible kind of visitor visa and provides a reasonable amount of freedom.

3. Can a person work on a b1 b2 visa?

No, you're only allowed to visit the US temporarily without receiving any monetary benefits for workers with this visa. It's specifically available for people looking to visit the US on a short trip to entertainment or business purposes, as discussed earlier.

  • You won't be able to work in the US, but you can surely apply to companies and receive offer letters. You can then come back on an open work permit and start working. 
  • Otherwise, you can't accept any kind of paid employment in the US on a B1/B2 visitor visa. In case you find relevant work for yourself, you'd have to reapply for a non-immigrant visa or the H1B visa. In this way, you can extend your stay and get paid too.

Once you receive your H1B visa, you are eligible to work in the US, and it also carves a pathway for permanent residency. The application might be a bit long and complicated. You can take help from a reliable consultant like Kansas Overseas if you're willing to take up a job in the US. Of course, the jobs in the States are better paying than most other parts of the world.

4. Can the b1 b2 visa holder apply for a green card?

No, the B1/B2 visa holder can only travel around the US, attend meetings, and carry out personal work. A person on a visa waiver program or B1 B2 program can't seek paid employment or apply for a green card. You need to apply for a more permanent residency visa option.

  • But that is not the only requirement of applying for a green card. You need to find full-time employment or earn a standard income inside the States. 
  • You'd also have to meet all the eligibility requirements of receiving a permanent residency and citizenship.
  • A green card isn't any easy document to grab, though. People have had to wait for as long as ten years to get the Green card. 

That is because you have to convince the US government that you will stay and contribute to the US economy. It's a permanent residency, and you shouldn't leave the US for a duration of more than a year after receiving your green card.

5. Who issues the US B1/B2 Visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States government issues the US B1 B2 visa electronically. Reputable immigration consultants like Kansas Overseas can help you quickly apply and receive the B1 B2 pass in electronic mode. We would submit your application and pay the fee on your behalf directly to the US government. You'd have to visit the US Embassy or Consulate around you for a visa interview before visa approval.

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