Demand for Skilled Professionals in Australia

Are you looking for a long term employment opportunity abroad? If you are a skilled worker, Australian immigration can be a very good option for you. Australia is among the most vibrant and developed economies. So, the country attracts migrants from across the globe.

Various sectors are booming in the Australian territory. Various sectors such as IT, hospitality, real estate and infrastructure development are growing. These industries are looking for skilled immigrants. You can plan your migration coordinating with reputed migration agents.

How to Settle in Australia from India?

There is a significant difference between visiting Australia and immigration to Australia. Let us find out the required procedure to become a permanent resident of Australia.

As migrants, you need to qualify for various immigration requirements. You can work with an immigration consultant. It will speed up your immigration process.

Eligibility Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa in Australia

  • Your age: You need to be 18 to 45 years old to apply for this program.
  • Your education: The authorities prefer you if you have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or PhD. This proves your capability to handle responsibilities in your profession.
  • Your work experience: You should have at least one year of experience in your occupation. You need to make sure that your occupation is a part of the skilled occupation list before you apply. You need to undergo a skills assessment to ensure your expertise.
  • Linguistic abilities: You need to prove English language proficiency. This is for easy communication in the workplace and society. You should score at least 6 out of 9, in 4 modules of IELTS.
    This test has a global reputation. The test includes assessment of your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Health Certificate: You and your family members should be healthy. The regulations are set by the concerned council. You should get the Heath Certificate while applying.
  • Good conduct certificate: The police department issues this certificate. This ensures that you are not from any criminal background.

You need to score more than 65 points in 100. This improves your chances for permanent residency. You will be the most productive and responsible part of the population.

Various Types of Australian Visa Categories

It is vital to choose the right kind of visa for your Australia immigration. The type of visa you choose depends upon the purpose of your visit or stay in Australia. There are various categories of visas set by the Australian government.

Here are the types of visa for various functions of immigration to Australia:

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

This is the ideal type of visa if you are planning to migrate to studying in Australia. Can you work in Australia with this visa? Well, yes. You can work part-time on this visa.

You can work for 20 hours a week to manage your expenses during your stay. The duration of your work can increase to 40 hours a week during your vacations.

  • The applicants need to enroll for a course in an Australian institution. The duration of the course should be at least 3 months.
  • The migration to Australia will be allowed for the course duration and a vacation. So, this type of visa is the best choice for students at various levels.

Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

Are you planning for emigration and immigration to Australia for work and study? This type of visa is the ideal option. You can travel to Australia with this visa for a working holiday. There are very few places that allow you to stay with this visa.Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa) (Subclass 600):

The applicants planning for a vacation for a short season in Australia can opt for this type of visa. A registered migration agent would help you with the formalities. You can opt for a tourist visa for 6 months or 12 months as per the desire.

You cannot work with this visa. If desired, you can take a course of fewer than 3 months’ duration with this visa. The government allows the migrants in the country with this visa. This is an encouragement of tourism.

Couple Visa:

If you are planning for migration to Australia along with the partner; this visa type can be a good option. The government allows both of you to study and work in the country through this process.

Your immigration with this type of visa depends upon various conditions. These terms can be different for both members. So, the aspiring migrants can approach the migration agents registration authority. They can choose the right agent for help.

Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 845):

If you wish to start your career after 2 years of study, this visa type can be a great option.
If your education connects to an occupation on the skilled occupation list; you can opt for it. As an option for general skilled migration, this visa type is popular today.

The government allows you to take along your spouse and kids. They can also work in the country as per their desired schedule. This visa process allows you to work and study in Australia to complete your studies.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) & Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

To become permanent residents of Australia based on your occupation. The occupation list should include your specialism as an occupation. It should be in demand in the country. The migration is easy for skilled workers.

The authorities encourage skilled migration to be an important part of the population. The country also allows Australian citizenship to these migrants. There are various terms to abide by to get this visa and work in the country.

Different Programs for Skilled Australia Immigration

Through the skilled migration program, you can opt to be an important part of the population.

The aspiring migrants can opt for two different programs for skilled migration:

Let us now understand the requirements for these programs:

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): The aspiring skilled migrants can opt for the Skilled Nominated program if they already have a job offer.

You need to look out for a job in Australia. Your occupation needs to be in the skilled occupation list.

An employer, state or the family members act as the sponsors in this program. So, the duration necessary for approval is minimal. After allotment of visa, you can settle down in Australia continuing your new job.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): You can immigrate to Australia as a skilled independent. You don’t need sponsorship of an employer, state or family members. You can apply for this program, according to the procedure. There are various requirements to get your visa under this program.

How to Apply for Skilled Professional Migration to Australia?

If you are planning to immigrate to Australia, you need to follow the regulations. The Australian government regulates the process of visa allotment. Your proposed migration requires the proper presentation of your candidature through an application. You need to understand the procedures first.

You need to prove your capabilities to contribute to Australian economic development. The migrants need to adhere to the laws and regulations in the country. So, your chances of migration to the Australian soil will be bright if you are the right candidate.

To settle in Australia from India, your application for permanent residence is essential. You need to choose the right type of visa that suits your goals and actual qualifications. This will bring a great deal of ease in your Australian immigration.

What is Australia PR Visa Processing Time in 2020?

  • You need to get the IELTS score, skill assessment and submit your Expression of Interest.
  • Depending upon your score and credentials with the EOI, you will get Invitation to Apply.
  • You need to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa(Subclass 189) within two months. (From the receipt of Invitation).

There may be a delay in the process for visa allotment due to various reasons such as:

  • A huge number of applications,
  • Any queries from the officials or
  • Incomplete application.

Normally, it takes 6 to 8 months to complete the scrutiny and issue the visa to you under this program.

Why Choose Kansas Overseas?

Role of professional immigration agents in the present situation cannot be ignored. The professional immigration consultants will provide in-depth information about the procedures. They will explain the requirements for your hassle-free immigration.

They help you through the process in a prompt manner. They will fill up the application for you. By the end, they also ensure your inclusion in the passenger lists of the flight. They help you with all the formalities.

So, you can simplify your process for immigration to Australia . The expert advice and representation of the agents can be useful.

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