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Cost for Canada PR Visa in 2024  from India

Know the step-wise breakdown of all costs incurred in the Canada PR process. Read on.

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The Canadian PR process doesn't require you to pay the visa fee until your application gets selected. However, you need to pay for your education assessment initially.

Let’s find out more about the costs associated with Canada Permanent Residence.

What are the Initial Costs for Canada PR Visa?


Below is the breakdown of the cost that incurs during each stage of the processing

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What are the costs incurred at every step in the Express Entry Program for Canada PR?

The cost for a Canada PR visa from India has to be paid in specific steps. 

Cost to get a Health Certificate

Your physical and mental fitness is another important eligibility criterion. You need to undergo a medical examination.

  • The cost of this medical examination is CAD110 (Rs. 5,500).
  • The Visa issuing authority selects physicians and hospitals.
  • The list of hospitals that are eligible to conduct this examination is available online on the official website.
  • This Health Certificate is valid for the next calendar year.

Proof of Financial Stability

Proof of Financial Stability to immigrate to Canada is mandatory. This data is submitted to IRCC officials.

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement in 2024

The proof of funds requirement has been updated with effect from April 25, 2023. To remain eligible, you must ensure that settlement funds are accordingly updated in your Express Entry profile. 

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement in 2024

Number of family members 

Funds required in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Approximate in Indian Rupees (INR) 

As per 1 CAD = 60.05 INR


CAD 13,757



CAD 17,127



CAD 21,055



CAD 25,564



CAD 28,994



CAD 32,700



CAD 36,407


For each additional family member 

CAD 3,706



  • When you are migrating to Canada along with the family, this formality is essential.
  • You can submit a recent bank statement or proof of your Investments.
  • If you are migrating to Canada without a job offer, you need to be capable of maintaining your family for at least 3 months.
  • The amount needed as proof of financial ability is as per the size of your family - yourself, your spouse/partner, your dependent children, as well as the dependent children of your spouse/partner. 
  • Spouse and dependent children to be included even if they will not be coming to Canada with you.  
  • The funds are to be readily available to you.

You are exempted from providing the Proof of Financial Stability if you:

  • Have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Hold an authorization to work in Canada
  • Have the ability to meet the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class program

Fees of the Police Clearance Certificate

  • You need to pay Fees of Rs. 500 for the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • The External Affairs Ministry issues the police clearance certificate to passport holders.
  • In India, you can avail Police Clearance Certificate through Passport Seva Kendra.
  • You need to produce this certificate on or before the final visa submission.
  • If you were residing in various countries, PCC from countries you lived in the last 10 years is essential.

Processing time for Canada PR


Your application for permanent residency in Canada should be complete in all respects.

  • It takes 6 months to get a response from the IRCC.
  • The issuing authority (IRCC) examines every detail in the application.
  • They receive thousands of applications daily, and it takes time to dig into every detail.
  • So you need to keep your fingers crossed.
  • You need to submit all the documents supporting your academic and professional profile.
  • There are certain regulations about arriving in Canada in the given duration after you get the PR Card.

Overall Costs

Here are the overall fund details:

Number of Family Members

Minimum Funds Required

4 members



Visa Type

Minimum Funds Required

Study Permit


Work Permit




Police Clearance

INR 500

Medical Examination

$20 (Approx)

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