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K Nagaraju

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Cost for Canada Permanent Residence Visa Along With Requirements

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Canada PR visa is one of the most economically beneficial pathway of moving to Canada. When one plans to move to Canada as a permanent resident, often the cost factor seems confusing.

Skilled workers find it difficult to compare the costs of different PR options and analyze the best one for them.

Hence, understanding this, we have come up with a comprehensive information about the Canada PR visa fees and the expenses involved in Canada permanent residency.

Cost for Canada Permanent Residence Visa Along With Requirements

The best thing about the Canada immigration process is you do not require any initial visa fees. The fees of visa and permanent residency must be paid only after application is selected.

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Only in case of PNP programs, you are required to pay the fee for nomination certificate while you apply for the respective program.

Below is the breakdown of each stage where you may be required incur charges based on your profile.

  1. Assessment of educational credentials or ECA:
  2. To get a resident status in the country as a skilled worker, you need adequate work experience. Apart from this, you need a proper qualification in the respective field of study.

    You need to submit your certificates. The concerned authorities conduct an educational credential assessment.

    This is a proper verification of your certificates. This is an essential process if you are looking for long term employment. Even this is mandatory for international students.

    You need to submit the transcripts of your certificate from University. World Education Services govern the assessment process.

    The total fees for educational credential assessment are presently Rs. 21,000 (CAD $ 200 approximately). This includes the charges for your transcript from University and international courier.

    You need to attach the assessment report to the online application as a supporting document.

    Your Express entry profile is now complete in all respects. The embassy or consulate scrutinizes your application and issues an invitation to apply.

    Now, you can be confident about your immigration through Express entry program. This almost completes the first part of fund requirements.

  3. Cost for Canada PR after submitting the application:
  4. You need to submit your final PR application for a resident card after you receive your ITA. Then, you need to keep patience till you receive the invitation to apply.

    As an applicant for residency you need to bear the following costs:

    • Application fee for Canada PR: CAD 550
    • For a secondary applicant, that can be your spouse, the fees remain the same. (CAD 550)
    • For PR Visa of your dependent child, the fees are CAD 150.
    • The application cost for Right to PR: CAD 490

    Up to this point, the process and cost are almost the same for both Express Entry and PNP. Apart from this, you need to invest some more amount to get important documents.

  5. Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) category (If applicable):
    • Fee for Primary Applicant – C$785
    • Fee for Spouse or common law partner – C$168
    • Fee for each dependent child = C$168

    Provincial Nominee Program (exact amount depends on the selected province; however the general cost is as follows)

    • Fee for Primary Applicant 550$
    • Fee for Secondary Candidate or Common-law partner = 550$
    • Fee for Children (Under 22 years of age) = 150$ each

Funds required for Canada PR through Express Entry Program:

You can divide the cost for immigrating to Canada through a PR visa into two parts:

  • Need of funds for creating your Express Entry profile online
  • Need of funds after submitting an application for Canada PR

In the initial phase of the application, the applicant doesn't need to pay. You may need to pay the fees to get various documents. This is an important part of the procedure for immigration to Canada.

In the later part, you need to pay for the actual procedure to get the permanent resident card.

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IELTS Test Requirements:

For Express entry program it is mandatory to create your profile online. At this stage, you need to appear for the IELTS Test.

to become a permanent resident of Canada through any category of visa, this test is mandatory. This is the assessment for your English language proficiency.

There are two major types of IELTS tests:

IELTS general is the assessment test for inspiring immigrants in different categories. This test verifies reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the English language.

The skilled worker applicants and investors need to appear for this test.

IELTS academic is for international students. This is mandatory for the applicant applying for an MBA in Canada. Again, the students of various other professional courses need to clear this test.

This proves the language skills of overseas students.

You need to get a stipulated score in Canada IELTS as an eligibility criterion for Express entry program. You need to score at least 7 bands in all four modules of this test.

You can get better points when you score better in this test. This improves your chances for a hassle-free immigration.

Presently, the fees for the IELTS test in India are around Rs. 12,000. It is advisable to take tuition to prepare for this test. The IELTS score plays an important role in improving your total points.

The tuition fees for specialized training may vary as per the training institute you prefer.

If you are an applicant as a federal skilled worker, you need to be able to communicate in English.

Many immigrants are from non-native English speaking countries. IELTS test checks the language skills of these people. This proves your ability to effectively communicate at workplaces.

Fund requirement for Canada PNP:

Provincial Nominee Program is another important pathway to become a Permanent Resident. In this program different Canadian provinces nominated candidates for immigration. This is suitable for skilled workers, entrepreneurs and students as well.

The authorities accept your application when the program opens. Your active participation and contribution to economic development is a necessary factor.

The provinces select the skilled workers as per the demand in their labour market. So, the nominee program relates to the vacancies in the province.

To get a PR card through PNP following are the applicable fees for different procedures:

  • Your PNP application fee: CAD $ 550 (Rs. 28,000)
  • Your Right to Permanent Residency Application Cost: CAD $ 490 (Rs. 25,000)

Health Certificate: Your physical and mental fitness is another important eligibility criterion. You need to undergo a medical examination. The listed and authorized physician conducts this exam.

The Visa issuing authority selects physicians and hospitals. This is a mandatory document along with PR Application.

The physician conducts General Health checkups for you and other family members. The physician examines your family even if they are not flying to Canada along with you.

They consider the medical history to certify you. The cost of this medical examination is CAD $110 (Rs. 5,500).

You can arrange the medical examination and get the Health Certificate in your native country. The hospitals valid to conduct this examination are available online on the official website.

This Health Certificate is valid for the next calendar year.

Police Clearance Certificate: The External Affairs Ministry issues the police clearance certificate to passport holders.

This document implies that the applicant doesn't have any criminal history. This is a mandatory document for long-term employment and higher studies in Canada.

In India, you can avail Police Clearance Certificate through Passport Seva Kendra. You need to fill a fee of Rs. 500. You need to produce this certificate on or before the visa interview.

If you were residing in various countries; PCC from countries you lived in the last 10 years is essential.

Financial capacity to feed your family: If you are dreaming for a green card from Canada, you need to submit proof of funds to the IRCC officials.

When you are migrating to Canada along with the family, this formality is very essential. You can submit a recent bank statement or proof of your Investments.

If you are migrating to Canada without a job offer, you need to be capable to maintain your family at least for 3 months. For this, you should be able to produce proof of funds of at least CAD $ 12,500.

Again, you should possess an extra fund of CAD $ 3,361 for every extra family member immigrating along with you. Thus, the authorities make sure that you won’t create trouble for Canadian society being an unemployed immigrant.

Now that you know the general costs of migrating to Canada through Express Entry program, knowing costs of various programs will help you greatly in deriving a compared cost estimation.

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Proof of Financial Stability

Along with relevant fee, sufficient money to manage stay in Canada is crucially important in Canada immigration.

In order to prove that you can manage your stay in Canada and take care of the financial needs of your accompanying family, you need to show a specific proof of funds.

These funds are a mandate requirement if you are applying as a skilled worker under any of these programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program
  • Federal Skilled Traders Visa Program

You are exempted from the proof of financial stability if you:

  • Have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Hold an authorization to work in Canada
  • Have the ability to meet the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class program

The average amount you are required to show for your immigration depends majorly on the number of members who are accompanying your Canada immigration.

This list gives an approximate fund maintenance cost depending upon the number of members.

Number of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,669
2 $15,772
3 $19,390
4 $23,542
5 $26,701
6 $30,114
7 $33,528
For each additional family member $3,414

While submitting these proof of funds, you will need:

  • Share your bank account details
  • Share details of any outstanding loans
  • Share related bank statements

Processing time for Canada PR:

Your application for permanent residency in Canada should be complete in all respects. The issuing authorities (IRCC) scrutinize every detail in the application.

They receive thousands of applications on a daily basis, and it takes time to dig into every detail. So you need to keep your fingers crossed.

You need to submit all the supporting documents for an academic and professional profile. If you do so, it takes a processing time of around 6 months to get a response from the IRCC.

There are certain regulations about arriving in Canada in a stipulated duration, as you get the PR Card.

To get more details on the Canada PR Cost, speaking to our immigration consultant will help you greatly. Connect to us online and visit our branch nearest to your location.

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