Which Country Is Better For Immigration? Canada vs Australia

Choosing between Canada and Australia can be a tough choice! This read will give you a better insight into the immigration possibilities, the cost of living, job opportunities, and various other key deciding factors to help you make your decision.

Which is the better country to settle permanently?




Visa grants plan

28,900 for 2021

Over 400,000

Profiles in-demand

IT profiles, Engineers, Managers, Navy, etc.

Skilled workers from all  many sectors are in-demand


The Australian lifestyle is pretty expensive.

The cost of living is reasonable

PR Procedure

The application process is somewhat more tricky than Canadian PR.

It is easier and faster.

Healthcare facilities

Decent health maintenance system.

Better healthcare facilities than Australia.

How is the Point System of Canada and Australia PR measured?

The point system of Canada and Australian PR is measured in:










Regional Working Experience



Foreign Working Experience






Other Factors



Total Passing Score



Immigration Policies for Australia and Canada:


Canada Immigration

Australian Immigration

Additional Details

Family Status



Dependents can go with the main candidate

Citizen Benefits



Free education, social security services, free healthcare facilities, etc.

Entire Process Period

80% of candidates in six months

75% aspirants in eight months

Might vary in some cases

Total Demand List

300 occupations

200 occupations


Visa Expenses

CAD 1325 (around 70,000 INR)

$4,100 AUD (around INR 2,20,00)


Visa Validity

Five years

Five years


Job Opportunities




People choose Australia to emigrate because


  • Access to New Zealand
  • Public Education
  • Better Economy
  • Organized Immigration Procedure
  • The passing score in Australian PR is lower than in Canada.
  • Higher Salary for the federal skilled worker

Canada is popular among immigrants because:


  • Flexible Immigration Policies
  • Low-cost Accommodation
  • Ideal Family Settings
  • Provinces visa options
  • Easy PR System

Average Costs Associated with Canada & Australia PR

The average cost of living in Australia and Canada are as follows:


Canada (CAD/INR) (approximately)

Australia (AUD/INR) (Approximately)


76 (INR 4,200)

71 (INR 3,800)

Phone and Internet

127 (INR 7,090)         

120 (INR 6,415)

Fuel Cost

1.25 (INR 70)

1.48 (INR 79.12)

Public Transport (monthly)

95 (INR 5,300)

150 (INR 8020)

Fundamental Utilities

149 (INR 8,300)

207 (INR 11070)

House Rent – 1 to 3 BHK

1300 – 2000 (INR 72,500 – INR 1,11,160)

1700 – 2700 (INR 90,900 – INR 1,44,350)


952 (INR 53,110)

1800 (INR 96,200)

Fitness Club

49 (INR 2,730)

65 (INR 3,474)

Cost of a Canada PR application:

The fees required for Canada PR application are:


Fees (Approximately)

Primary Applicant and Spouse

CAD 825/ INR 45,980 (without permanent resident rights)


CAD 1,325/ INR 73,846 (with permanent residence rights)

Child (under 22)

CAD 225/ INR 12,540

PCC Fees

CAD 20/person (INR 1,114)

IELTS Examination Fees

CAD 259/person (INR 14,434)

Medical Test

CAD 60/person (INR 3,344)

ECA Fees

CAD 305/person (INR 16,998)

Cost of an Australian PR:

The price of Australian PR is as follows:

  • Primary Applicant: $4,045 Australian Dollar (INR 2,16,480)
  • Children (Dependant - aged less than 18 years): $1,010 Australian Dollar (INR 54,050)
  • Spouse or Parents (Dependant – aged above 18 years): $2,025 Australian Dollar (INR 1,08,400)

Canada vs Australia: A general comparison





Cars are relatively cheaper in this country.

Can be expensive, especially in Melbourne or Sydney.

Interest Rate

Banking interest rates are lower in Canada.

The Australian banking interest rate is comparatively higher.


Canada has a diversified labor market.

The diversification is not decent enough in Australia.


The weather in Canada can be quite cold.

The weather in the Australian province stays pretty warm and favorable.   

Privileges and Rights 

The rights and privileges for immigrants are well-constructed in Canada.

Not encouraging for the migrants.

Liveable Aspects  

It is ideal for families.

This country is Perfect for active workers.

Better Community

Slightly more tolerant of new immigrants.

Less open-minded in the case of the migrants.

Geographical Assets

Filled with beautiful mountains.

Has a lot of lakes, seas, etc.

Eligibility Criteria Comparison for Canada & Australia PR

Eligibility criteria for Canadian PR

  • The primary applicant must be 18 years old.
  • You must score at least 67 points.
  • Your occupation is enrolled under Canada Demand List.
  • You need to have a 12-month work experience.
  • You must have an educational degree, which is applicable in Canada.
  • You will have to pass the IELTS Canadian language benchmark.
  • The candidate should provide fund-related paperwork.
  • You must have a decent CRS score.
  • You need to provide a referral letter from your employer.
  • You have not made a refugee application.
  • You have a relative or family member living in Canada (not mandatory).

Key qualifications for Australian PR

The key eligibility for Australian PR has been listed below

  • Age: The age of the immigrants must be within 45 years.
  • Language Proficiency: You should clear the IELTS language exam with passing marks.
  • Job Experience: You must have a decent experience in ROL, MLTSSL, or STSOL.
  • Point Test: You should score 65 points in the selection exam.
  • Educational Qualification: You would require a globally-acknowledged educational degree.
  • Medical Status: You must be mentally and physically fit.
  • Visa Category: You should select an appropriate visa category as per your PR program.

Canada Vs Australia: Documents Required for Canada & Australia PR

What are the crucial documents that the applicants should provide while applying for Canadian PR?

The documents that the applicants should provide while applying for Canadian PR are:

  • Educational credential papers
  • Proofs of adequate income source
  • Result of language assessment examination
  • Sponsorship or referral letter
  • Skill assessment examination report
  • Recommendation letter (if applicable) and other similar documentation
  • Personal identification document
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Medically fit certificate

Documents required for permanent residency in Australia?

The paperwork required for permanent residency in Australia are:

  • Educational certificates
  • Travel documentation (passports, skilled migration processing papers)
  • Police and medical verification certification
  • Evidence of settlement fund (bank account, bonds, shares, cash, etc.)
  • Certificates of work experience (if available)
  • English proficiency test results

How does the Application process differ for Canada & Australia PR?

How to apply for Canada PR?

To apply for Canada PR, you must undergo the following procedures:

  • You should complete your ECA (Education Credentials Assessment).
  • You must attain the passing score in IELTS.
  • You should Express Entry profile.
  • You may register with a Job Bank (non-compulsory).
  • You must provide a medical and police clearance certificate.
  • You may submit an application for the Provincial Nomination Program.
  • Acquire your ITA (Invitation to Apply).
  • Get your PR status confirmation.
  • Provide your passport and other documents for the visa stamping process.

What is the entire process of applying for an Australian Visa?

The entire process of application procedure of Australian visa includes:

  • You must verify your eligibility criteria.
  • Applying for migration skill assessment is necessary.
  • Make sure to provide your EOI.
  • Apply for the visa online after the acceptance of EOI.
  • Provide all of your documents alongside it. 

How to complete the application process of Australian PR?

To complete the application process of Australian PR, you will have to:

  • Check your eligibility.
  • Score of at least 65 points to qualify.
  • Apply for a working skill assessment procedure.
  • Provide your documents and submit your application online.

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Other FAQS:

Types of Canada & Australia Visas

The most popular types of Canada visas

The most popular types of Canada visas are:

  • Student Visa
  • Express Entry Program Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Immigrant Visa
  • Permanent Residence Visa

Different types of visa categories available in Australian permanent residence

The different types of visa categories available in Australian permanent residence are:

Major Benefits of Having a Canada or Australia PR Card


What are the benefits of having a Canadian pr card?

The benefits of having a Canadian pr card are:

  • Free-of-cost education for children. (if any)
  • Accessibility to the United States of America.
  • Both applicants can get a job under ‘family status’.
  • A visa of 5-year with several entries.
  • Opportunity to change jobs at will.
  • Eligibility to become an official Canadian citizen.
  • Protection under Canadian Rights and Freedoms.
  • Free social and health provision for the family. (if any)

What are the benefits of having an Australian PR card?

The benefits of having an Australian PR card are:

  • Full working rights in Australia and New Zealand
  • Right apply for the citizenship of Australia
  • Access to different student loans and personal loans
  • Benefits of social security
  • Medicare health coverage
  • Eligibility for FHOG (First Home Owner Grant)
  • Freedom to attain higher education
  • The privilege of sponsoring relatives

Popular Occupations Enlisted in Canada's Demand List

The popular occupations enlisted in Canada's Demand List are:

Job Title

NOC Code

Purchasing Managers


Credit or Banking Manager


Human Resources Manager


Administrative Officer


Utility Manager


Engineering Manager


Manufacturing Manager


Administrative Assistants


Mechanical Engineer


Civil Engineer


Purchasing Officers and Agents


Web developer and designer


User Support Technician


Commissioned Police Officer


Corporate Sales Manager


Construction Manager


For an Indian IT professional, which country is better to live in, Canada or Australia?

For an Indian IT professional, Canada would be a better country to live in. The reason behind this is:

  • Canada offers better job opportunities for skilled workers
  • Provides government benefits for low-earning individuals or families
  • The immigration process for skilled migrants is easy
  • Lower cost of domestic flights
  • Decent pay scale for foreign workers
  • The Canadian business sector is growing rapidly
  • The employers do not give much importance to regional working experience
  • The accommodation cost is less expensive
  • Better working holiday setup

What are the different options available for immigrating to Canada?

Different options available for immigrating to Canada are:

  • Quebec immigration.
  • Provincial Economic Class.
  • Family Class Sponsorship.
  • Federal Economic Class.
  • Business Immigration.
  • Transitional Immigration.


You can apply for both Canada and Australia PR simultaneously. Canada is a better option than Australia when it comes to costs. The banking interest rates are lower in Canada. But then, even if the interest rates are higher in Australia, the points required are less. The IELTS passing score however is essential for both Canada and Australia PR.

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