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7 Important Points Of WES Canada

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Having a Candia PR status means you can work and live there legally without any restrictions. You may switch jobs, start your own company, and sponsor any family member in addition to your spouse and children.

For migrants, WES Canada is an easy way to secure entry to the coveted country. WES helps immigration authorities, employers, licensing boards and educational institutes understand your credentials.

What is WES in Canada?

To enter, live and work in Canada, you need to apply for an ECA. ECA or Educational Credential Assessment is a prerequisite for certain Canadian immigration programs. WES Canada is one such ECA degree assessment process.

WES Canada is a credential evaluation designed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The report identifies your academic accomplishments and verifies them as authentic. By comparing those in Canada, WES helps potential employers understand your skills and educational background.

WES Canada is also accredited by the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC). It provides nonbinding advisory opinions by converting foreign academic credentials into Canadian equivalents

Is WES mandatory for Canada PR?

If you want to go with the express entry, WES is one of the fastest ways. It is crucial to get your educational credential assessment for Canada before submitting the express entry profile.

Although there are other ECA programs, since WES also meets the IRCC ECA requirements, it will work for your Canada PR. WES helps you to claim valuable points on your foreign degrees and diplomas.

How long does WES evaluation take in Canada?

WES Canada provides trusted evaluations within 7-35 business days, per their official statement. However, if additional research is necessary, it may take longer. You can check the status of your application by logging into your account.

Ensure that you follow the appropriate application process so that the assessment can finish in time. Check with your university if they have submitted all documents. Otherwise, WES may need further verification or correspondence.

Besides, WES verifies and authenticates foreign degrees from only recognized universities. Hence, before sending in the papers, make sure that your institute or university is recognized.

WES Canada recognizes full-time or part-time regular learning. Some distance learning courses may be acceptable if they meet the required criteria. Most open universities fall under the recognized category and are eligible for an evaluation report.

Also, the whole process is country-specific. So, you must start the application as soon as possible to have a timely completion of the evaluation.

Tips to avoid processing delays

  1. Submit all required educational documents specific to your country.
  2. Before submitting your application, check for accuracy.
  3. Include your WES reference number in your correspondence to WES Canada.
  4. Avoid spelling mistakes in entering your name and enter the accurate date of birth.

What is the WES credential evaluation process?

Document imaging

Currently, WES Canada is accepting digital transcripts directly from many international institutions. You can ask your institution to send the documents in electronic format. If you have sent the physical copies to WES, specialists review each page before scanning it and storing it in the system.

This is the stage when your account timeline will show the status as processing your application.

Document review and authentication

The document examiners check the scanned images by comparing them with the physical documents. After ensuring that the file uploaded is complete, they will review whether to accept the documents. Your WES Canada processing status will reflect: reviewing your documents.

Analysis and equivalency assessment

Through this stage, your application status may say: analysing, reviewing your evaluation or waiting for your documents. WES Canada analysts have country-specific knowledge to handle and evaluate documents from various countries. They review for accuracy and line up the file for evaluation.

If the evaluators decide that secondary verification is necessary, they may contact your institute and request for additional or missing documentation. After this stage, the evaluation is complete, and they carefully analyse your documents in consultation with domain specialists.

Evaluation report production

The final stage of WES Canada involves quality control and review of the report draft for necessary changes. The final report will be printed and mailed or sent electronically. The status will reflect: report under final review.

How can I apply for WES in Canada? (step-by-step)

How long is WES valid?

There is no deadline to send the required documents once you have created your accounts. Also, your WES online account and the credential evaluation report do not expire.

However, the expiry date for all ECA reports for Canadian immigration purposes is five years, after which you need to renew them. The process is more like ordering a new evaluation.

What is WES?

WES is short for World Education Services, and education assessment that converts your country’s academic credentials into their equivalents in another country. The U.S., Canada and other countries have their own assessment standards.

WES is like a passport for your further education or employment in the said country. It will also give you the right to seek professional licensing. WES is a not-for-profit organization that helps immigrants reach their educational or career goals in the country of their choice.

WES assessments are authentic and provide recognition for your international academic credentials. WES evaluations are widely accepted across many sectors, even in government agencies, apart from those mentioned in the above section.

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