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Germany Dependent Visa

Germany offers splendid career opportunities to professionals in a variety of sectors. As you decide on Germany immigration for a bright future, you would also like to take your spouse and kids along.

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Germany is a part of the Schengenarea. Again, it has certain norms about family members living in Germany. You need to get a Germany Dependent Visa for your spouse and children, to let them live along with you.

Being an applicant, you must understand the requirements to apply for a dependent visa. Let us figure out the meaning, purpose, details of paperwork, and process for this Visa scheme:

About Germany Dependent Visa

Germany Dependent Visa is for the spouse, children, Au Pairs and some family members. As a sponsor, you can opt for:

  • a spouse visa for a reunion of spouses
  • A family reunion for children
  • For marriage or stay in Germany as a registered partner
  • Au pairs for childcare and other household tasks

It is necessary to note that these arrangements are for:

Foreign nationals immigrating to Germany from outside the European Union or Schengen Area

You don't need a German Dependent Visa if you are:

Spouse or relative of EU / Schengen passport holder;

A sponsor having a Permanent Resident Permit of EU / Schengen countries;

If you belong to a country with Visa-free agreement with the Schengen countries;

If you already have a Schengen Visa.

A Schengen Visa is like a tourist visa for many countries. These countries have signed the Schengen Agreement and work together for tourism development in a widespread territory.

The foreign nationals wish to take their families in Germany for a family reunion. This immigration may for living in Germany for a short period, or Permanent Residence. The applicant can opt for the permit for immediate family members to immigrate with them.

Documents needed for Germany Dependent Visa:

This is among the most crucial preparations for your Visa Application Form submission. You need to follow the guidelines and submit the entire set of supporting documents. This accelerates your approval of a visa for Germany as a dependent.

  • Passport copies: A valid passport from your home country is the most significant document. The governments issue a passport to valid citizens without a criminal record. You need to prove your nationality and other personal details through this document.
  • Declaration on complete information: You must state the details of the relationship with the dependent. Again, the reason for his or her arrival in Germany is another essential part of this declaration.
  • Proof of sponsor's stay in Germany: It is mandatory to state the reason for a stay of the sponsor. If you are working in Germany, you can include your contract or appointment letter. For other reasons, you need to furnish enough documentary evidence. You need to precisely describe and prove the intention of your stay in Germany.

For children:

  • Consent Letter from both the parents: The parents need to furnish a consent letter about the child's arrival in Germany. The consent must be from both partners. This is a crucial document for this particular type of visa for children.
  • Child's Birth Certificate: A valid birth certificate of the dependent child has the details of place and date of birth. Again, it also includes the details of both the parents. So, it is a significant supporting document for an entry visa for a dependent.

For Spouse:

  • Marriage Certificate of the partners: A valid marriage certificate is among the mandatory visa requirements. While applying a German Visa for a spouse as a dependent; it is a must. Marriage Certificate proves the legality of their relationship.
  • Informal Invitation from spouse: The spouse currently staying in Germany should issue an informal Invitation Letter. This informal letter is also an important document necessary for a Germany Dependent Visa.

For marriage or a registered partnership:

  • Certificate of Marriage Ability
  • Birth Certificate of the dependent:

If you are planning to enter a marital relationship with a sponsor, you need these documents. You need to declare the intention for marriage. The details of the person immigrating to Germany are also necessary. A valid birth certificate authentically states the details.

  • A certificate from Registration Office: Attach a certificate, confirming your registration of intent to marriage. This criterion is also mandatory for entrants in a registered partnership. The partner should confirm the purpose of the immigration of the dependent.

For Au Pairs:

  • Au Pair Contract with a German Family: This contract is most crucial to explain the purpose of immigration. This copy of the contract defines the proposed period of stay, and the details of the person also.
  • Birth Certificates: In the case of Au Pairs, it is mandatory to submit the birth certificates of the children and the au pairs as well. So, the immigration of Au Pair remains connected to the sponsor.

Other significant facts

You need a Temporary or Permanent Resident Permit to take your dependents to Germany. Having an EU Blue Card is also a criterion to apply for a Germany Dependent Visa.

You should have enough Health Insurance cover and funds to look after dependents. Health insurance coverage protects their health. Again, it is necessary to ensure the health of the German public as well.

The dependent should have basic German language skills. A certificate showing the score he or she procures is necessary. Yet, if you have an EU Blue Card, the dependent can get an exemption.

The principal applicant, if currently living in Germany, should furnish the proof of residence. The rental receipts and agreements are essential. This procedure is for inviting dependents for a family reunion. The permit for stay for dependents relies on the residency status of the sponsor.

Processing Time for German Dependent Visa

Submit your application form for a German Visa in German Embassy Consulate. You can apply in your home country while staying abroad. You must submit the completed form along with supporting documents and applicable visa fee to the immigration office.

The consulate scrutinizes the facts and figures. You can get German Dependent Visa within a span of 8 to 12 weeks. This is the standard processing time for the procedure. You must make sure that no detail given in the form and paperwork is unclear. This may cause queries and delay the process.

Are you are working as a high-ranked professional in Germany or a Research Scientist? Your dependent partner can get a German Visa and also apply for a ResidenceCard as well. So, dependents don’t need to know German. Yet, it is advisable to learn German. It helps you to communicate with others effectively.

Benefits of Germany Dependent Visa

  • Germany would be the best destination to lead a happy family life. The spouse can study in Germany in some conditions. Again, the spouse and other dependents can opt for a work visa later.
  • On childbirth in Germany, the parents would receive Parental Benefit. The Government of Germany extends this facilitation for the initial fourteen months.
  • The dependents can enjoy health, education, and social security benefits. These benefits rely on the Residence Permit of the sponsor.
  • Your family can enjoy a fulfilling life with a better standard of living. The climate in Germany is pleasant. You can also enjoy your stay as the place is very beautiful.
  • You can expect better growth prospects along with better remunerations. The professionals in a variety of sectors get better earning opportunities. The dependents would be happy to be with you in the country.
  • The dependents can opt for Residence Permit after a specified time. Thus, professionals and entrepreneurs can opt to live in Germany on a long-term basis, along with the dependents.

Norms about work permit for dependents

If a dependent can find a job in Germany, he or she can work. There won't be any changes in the Residence Permit of the dependent. Yet, the dependent needs to get a separate work permit from the concerned authority. The Immigration Office issues the Work Permit based on your job contract.

The dependent needs to go through the selection process of the employer. He or she should have adequate qualifications, work experience, and technical know-how. Later, based on the job offer, the dependent can opt for a Work Permit. The dependents of sponsors with a German Resident Permit can thus start working.

The dependent partner can also opt for a work visa after finding employment. The dependent partner should meet the requirements for the legal age, and language skills.

The dependent partner can also opt for a work visa after finding employment. The dependent partner should meet the requirements for the legal age, and language skills.


In this article, we are trying to explain the requirements for a national visa and work permit. If you are keen on inviting your spouse and children, the details provided here can be helpful.

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