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Germany Welcomes Immigrants

An estimated 351,000 people from non European countries were temporary residents for work purposes in Germany at the end of 2022. Official statistics show an increase of 19% in the number of foreigners living in Germany with a residency permit for employment. EU Blue Card is the most common type of resident permit to live and work in Germany.

As per a report by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the number of migrants from non-EU countries in Germany has gone up steadily since 2010.


Germany is more attractive than ever to migrants. Offering a good work-life balance and a high quality of life, Germany is one of the best places to work in the European Union.

By the end of 2022, there were a total of 351,410 foreigners working in Germany as temporary skilled workers.

Germany’s Foreign Population with a Residence Permit for Employment in 2022

Immigration pathway

Percentage, out of a total of 351,410

EU Blue Card


Skilled workers with academic training


Skilled workers with vocational training


Western Balkans regulation




Source: Central Register of Foreigners (AZR), as on December 31, 2022

Germany is all set to introduce changes in the German immigration law to attract skilled workers. Starting November 2023, reforms will be rolled out in 3 stages.

How can Germany immigration consultants help?

Immigration specialists, such as Germany visa consultants, can guide you in the right direction. The most suitable route for you will be as per your educational qualifications, professional experience, and requirements.

You can go to Germany as -

The best Germany immigration consultant will be there for you from the planning stage of the immigration process till after the visa is granted.

Services offered by the best immigration consultants include -

1. Guidance in visa selection

The consultant will guide you to select the most suitable visa for you. The specific eligibility criteria for each Germany visa is different. Visa success will depend upon selection of the visa pathway that is ideal for you.

Your Germany immigration consultant can guide you through the visa selection process. Eligibility evaluation will let you decide for yourself if applying for a Germany visa is worth your time, money, and effort.

2. Personal guidance

Personal visa assistance and immigration service helps you submit all the required documents as per the updated checklist of the German Missions in India. While the requirements are clearly mentioned on the official website, the documentation part can be confusing.

With professional assistance from one of the best immigration consultants for Germany, you will be better able to understand the minute details and specific requirements.

3. Arranging documents

There are many documents required for applying for a German visa. The right consultant can help you get your documentation together per the requirements of the German Embassy.

4. Application submission

Submit your visa application with peace of mind. A complete application increases the chances of your visa being granted.

How to select an immigration consultant?

There are many ways to select the best immigration consultant -

1. Get personal recommendations

The best way to select from Germany immigration consultants is to get a personal recommendation. The person you ask should be someone you know who themselves used a visa service. A direct recommendation based on personal experience is a good place to begin.

Make sure that you get advice from many people before you choose to trust an immigration consultant with your hard-earned money.

2. Ask questions

Once you have shortlisted an immigration consultant, seek a consultation in person at an office near you. Ask leading questions. Be careful if you don’t get straight answers from a visa consultant.

3. Experience and visa success

You must find out the experience and visa success rate to select from among the German immigration consultants available. An established consultant for Germany visa, Kansas Overseas has 10 years of experience with a high overall visa success rate.

4. Knowledge of process

The consultant that you choose for professional guidance on your Germany visa application must have complete and in-depth knowledge of the process.

5. End-to-end services

A top Germany immigration consultant is one who provides you complete information and dependable support from the start till the end.

Why choose Kansas Overseas?

Get guidance you can trust. The top 3 reasons to choose Kansas Overseas as your immigration consultant for Germany are -

1. Dedicated process consultant

From the moment that you sign up, a dedicated process consultant will be assigned to you. Your single point of contact will work with you throughout.

The assigned person will keep in constant touch with you, providing status updates and solving any queries about the process.

2. Streamlined processing

You will be explained the step-by-step process from the beginning, with definite timelines. You will be informed about the documents required and the application process.

With the right guidance, you can submit your visa application in line with the requirements. Avoid delays that come from errors in documentation.

3. Experience counts

Kansas Overseas has 10 years’ experience in the visa and immigration industry.

In addition to being among the top Germany immigration consultants, Kansas Overseas also offers services in Canadian immigration (Express Entry) and is one of the Australia immigration consultants as well as New Zealand immigration consultants.

How to settle in Germany?

A German settlement permit will be required to live and work in Germany permanently. You can also bring your family members to join you without any restrictions.

Germany Settlement Permit | Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a settlement permit for Germany, you must have -


●  A residence permit for employment for a minimum of 4 years,

●  Ability to cover your cost of living,

●  A job that suits your qualifications,

●  Knowledge of the German language up to B1 level (per CEFR),

●  Understanding of the Germany way of life, and

●  Enough living space to accommodate your family members.


EU Blue Card holders and highly-qualified professionals can get an expedited route to a settlement permit for Germany.

For more information, contact the Kansas Overseas office near you.

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