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20,000 Indian Students will get France Study Visa by 2025 to mark 25th Anniversary of Indo - French Strategic Partnership

Published on : July 27, 2023

The Indo-French Strategic Partnership celebrated 25 years of enduring friendship and ties. In honor of its centenary, France said 20,000 Indian students will be granted study visas by 2025 to pursue higher education there. By 2030, he said, there would be 30,000 of them.

In addition, to study permits, Indian Master's graduates' holders who have taken one semester of study abroad in France will receive a 5-year Short-stay Schengen visa.

On Bastille Day, when Mr. Narendra Modi visited France and participated as a Guest of Honour, this combined news was released. The year 2023 is significant because it marks the 25th anniversary of the Indo - French Strategic Partnership.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, tweeted to confirm the information and to wish Prime Minister Modi a happy 25th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership that will get stronger with time.

What is India -France Strategic Partnership?

Since 1998, India and France have tied up strategic development. France is India's key partner in the developmental process, where India has become a self-reliant defense industrial and technological base. According to the partnership bond, the two countries have committed to co-development and co-production of advanced defense technologies.

Both countries will contribute to the innovative development of machines used in the defense sector. Further, as per the strategic partnership, their joint ventures can benefit third countries.

The Advantage of the Partnership

This year the partnership completed its 25th year and made it a grand welcome for the Indian PM to France. Mr. Modi, while addressing the Indian community at LA Seine Musicale in Paris, mentioned that France would allow Indian Postgraduate students to stay up to 5 years under a Short-stay Schengen visa.

However, it's the extended form of a 2-year long stay; the decision was made earlier.

The French president took the applaudable step to mark their 25th-anniversary partnership and to strengthen the 'unbreakable friendship' between these two countries. He further added France is ready to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025 and 30,000 by 2030.

The numbers are significant in terms of exchanging the developmental strategy of science and technology, which brings these two countries closer together.

Indian students, on the other hand, can obtain university degrees from France and shape their careers in both countries. However, career selection options will be broad and flexible for successful and deserving candidates.

The bilateral relation will continue until 2047, which harmonizes the 100th anniversary of Indian Independence, the sources added.

The Double Benefits

As per the latest statistical report from Campus France, there were some 6,321 Indian students enrolled in French higher education universities and colleges in 2021. With this report, India stands as the 14th highest country that sends significant enrollments to France to pursue higher education.

Now Indian Postgraduate students who have attended one semester in France can avail 5-year Short-stay Schengen visa for further studies or obtain working experience.

This 5-year stay will add multiple benefits to the students ready to utilize the global exposure, work or study in France like a developed European country, and be prepared to prove their skills in India or other countries later in their careers.

A spokesperson from the French Embassy in India has added that the 5-year stay is rewarding for Indian students to choose France as their study destination and promote French education in the global platform so far.

The visa is designed for those Indian students who are connected to France.

However, both news will bring multiple possibilities for Indian students who want to try their luck abroad, escalate their careers, and brand themselves as the future face of India.

Additional Bonus for Indians 

The National Day Parade will be memorable this year for another momentous reason for Indians as now Paris will accept Indian Rupees to make payments during their stay as visitors. It's another gesture that celebrates the goodwill between the two countries to make the bond even stronger in the coming years.

Students and tourists can benefit from the Strategic Partnership during their pleasant stay in France.

Your career plan can now get a destination for future growth. It's time to evaluate your student profile to take advantage.

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