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Australia Announces New Migration Strategy - Unlikely to Impact Indians

Published on : December 12, 2023

According to experts, the new migration rules are unlikely to affect international students from India. The proposed reforms will not impact opportunities for Indian students to study, work, and live in Australia after the completion of their studies.

On December 11, 2023, the Australian government released its Migration Strategy. Significant reforms to the Australian migration system have been proposed. As per the Migration Strategy, “Migrants are and will always be an essential part of Australia’s economic and social fabric. They have helped build Australia’s modern dynamism and diversity, contributing their skills, experiences and cultures to the making of a nation that is both outward-facing and internally cohesive.”

The reforms focus on -

  • Targeted skilled migration with new streamlined pathways for top global talent
  • Higher standards for foreign students and and education providers to drive quality in international education
  • Visa settings that deal with worker exploitation and protect wages and conditions
  • Support for regional Australia for obtaining faster access to skilled workers
  • A new approach to migration planning to get migration back to the pre-pandemic levels and to get the right skills in the right places

Australia’s planned reforms under the new strategy for migration will involve a greater scrutiny of English language proficiency and background of applicants. However, there is expected to be no adverse impact on skilled workers or Indian students.

There will be no change in opportunities for Indian students to work, study, and live in Australia temporarily after completing their studies. Moreover, the reforms will open a new pathway for semi-skilled workers which will benefit Indians.

Australia’s planned reforms are aimed at achieving a sustainable flow of migrants into the country. There will be a more rigorous scrutiny of applications going ahead.

There will be no upper limit or target for the total number of international students granted Australia study visas. However, steps will be taken to ensure that foreign students do not try to remain in Australia for a longer period by taking up a course unrelated to their field of study.

The reforms are also not expected to lead to restrictions on the entry of spouses and dependents. They will still have to meet certain requirements to be granted entry into Australia.

According to Australian High Commissioner Philip Green, “Commitments agreed between India and Australia under the ECTA will be upheld under the new migration strategy. This means that Indian graduates will continue to be eligible to stay on a temporary graduate visa for two years for a bachelor’s degree, three years for the completion of a master’s degree and four years for completion of a PhD.”

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