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Australia Announces New Skills In Demand Visa

Published on : December 12, 2023

Researchers welcome the new evidence-based approach to skilled migration. The Skills in Demand visa will be a triple win for businesses, workers, and Australia.

The Australian government announced a Skills in Demand Visa on December 11, 2023, as part of its new Migration Strategy. The new Australian work visa will help address labour market requirements. The Skills in Demand visa replaces the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457).

The new temporary skilled work visa was among the changes announced in the Australian migration system by Home Minister Clare O’Neil.

The newly-announced Skills in Demand visa will help in addressing major flaws in the migration system of Australia. According to Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Andrew Giles, “The Migration Strategy delivers on our commitment to stamping out migrant worker exploitation. After a decade of neglect, all workers will be better off as visa rules that prevent people speaking up about mistreatment are reformed.”

As per experts, Australia’s temporary migration policies to date have led to the exploitation of migrant workers. Provision of skilled labour to business has also been inefficient.

With the new changes, migrant workers will -

  • Have mobility to switch employers,
  • Get a pathway to permanent residency,
  • Get better protection of their workplace rights, and
  • Have their skills shortages independently verified.

The reforms will ensure that migration addresses genuine labour market requirements.

There will be an extension of the period for temporary skilled workers to find an alternative sponsor. This will allow migrant workers to leave bad employers more easily. There will also be a reduction of the risk of migrant workers being exploited and underpaid. The reforms will be good for the entire Australia workforce.

Independent verification of skills shortages will be done. By treating migrant workers fairly, Australian employers will have more incentive to attract and retain skilled workers. Temporary skilled migrants will get more mobility to move to wherever their skills are in the greatest of demand. This will lead to a more dynamic labour market which will be good for the Australian economy in the long run.

The new visa comes up with significant changes specifically for temporary skilled migrant workers. Such workers will get more time to find another sponsor in case of employment termination. They will also get a clearer pathway to apply for Australian permanent residency.

The new Skills in Demand will be a 4-year temporary skilled worker visa with different modes for targeting diverse immigration requirements. There will be three targeted pathways under the Skills in Demand visa. The pathways will be -

Specialist Skills Pathway

A new streamlined approach for highly-skilled specialists. The pathway gives Australian employers a way to quickly and easily recruit top global talent. To be eligible for this pathway, an applicant will have to meet the general employer sponsored eligibility criteria. Nomination by an approved employer will be needed. Also, health and character requirements will have to be met.

Core Skills Pathway

Most of the skilled migrants are expected to get their Skills in Demand visa through the Core Skills Pathway. Designed to bring in the skilled workers needed by Australia today and in the future, the Core Skills Pathway will be a continuation of the TSS visa.

Essential Skills Pathway

This is expected to be a highly-regulated pathway for lower paid workers that have essential skills.

The Skills in Demand visa is expected to be implemented in late 2024.

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