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Australian Immigration Policy to Change in 2024-2025

Published on : May 23, 2024

The Australian Government has announced several changes to immigration policies under the 2024-2025 Federal Budget. The Government will streamline the Permanent Immigration Program for the next financial year, which will come into effect in late 2024.

In the Federal Budget, the Government decides on Immigration policies. Among 1 5,000 places, the Government will divide 132,200, that is, 70% will be reserved for the skilled stream of migration. In the financial year 2024-2025, the Government will invest $18.3 million to refine the migration system. And $15 0 million will be spent on education and workplace safeguards for migrant workers.

In the last budget, 190,000 slots were set down, so the new decision will reduce the number of seats. The government decision will decrease the temporary migration level to 3,95000 in 2024-2025.

The changes that made a buzz in immigration policies will begin on November 1, 2024. A new MATES visa pathway has been introduced for Indian graduates aged between 18 and 30. Initial 3,000 slots are widely open for skilled graduates who wish to live and work in Australia for a maximum of 2 years.

The Government assured that it would increase the valid time period from 3 years to 5 years for Indians who held a Business visitor stream visa (Subclass 600).

From November 23, 2024, the work experience requirement for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) will be reduced from 2 years to 1 year.

According to the Government's decisions, the Global Talent Visa will be replaced by a National Innovation Visa. The Business Innovation and Investment Visa programs will be closed by the Government. This decision will target talented migrants. It will affect people's growth in sectors of National importance.

The budget revealed the actual scenario of Australia's Migration intake. After the Government announced a migration reform system, the surge was noticed. This increase in net migration is beyond the Government's control.

The Australian Government has been noticing substantial moderation in inflation, which has been visible in the forecast for the past few years. The Government is trying to determine whether the faults in its budget or how it manages the budget are the reason.

The Government is also introducing a new ballot for China, Vietnam, and India. It will provide benefits to work and holiday visa-seeking people. The visa program will cost $25 for each applicant.

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