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Alberta Province

Canada’s Alberta to create more jobs in the film and TV industry

Published on : May 24, 2022

Alberta’s film and TV industry continues to attract more productions. The provincial government is committing more funds to position Alberta for further expansion in the sector.

 As per an official News Release dated May 17, 2022 - “Growing Alberta’s film and television industry” - the Government of Alberta is committed to attracting more big and small screen productions to Alberta, leading to the creation of jobs and the diversification of the local economy.

Alberta has featured in some of the most popular American films and television series. Some of the big productions that had Alberta province as a backdrop include -

  • The Last of Us,
  • Fargo,
  • Interstellar,
  • Fraggle Rock, and
  • Ghostbusters.

The provincial government recently announced that more investment would be made in the film and TV sector.


Alberta’s Budget 2022-2023 includes an increase of 40% from the previous budget to the Film and Television Tax Credit Program. A total of $70 million have been allocated for 2022-23, followed by $225 million through 2024-2025.

 The increase of funds comes as part of the government’s commitment to ensure that -

  • Alberta remains competitive with the other Canadian provinces in attracting media productions, and
  • The film sector in the province grows by $1.5 billion over the next 10 years.

 Since the launch of the Film and Television Tax Credit in January 2020, over 60 productions have headed to Alberta. These are expected to spend $621 million in the province, leading to the generation of 12,500+ jobs in Alberta. Alberta’s Film and Television Tax Credit offers a refundable Alberta tax credit certificate on production and labour costs in Alberta to corporations in the film and TV industry.

 Notably, HBO’s The Last of Us has showcased Alberta as a world-class travel destination. Extensive amenities and scenic landscapes all come together in Alberta.

 According to Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, Doug Schweitzer, “Alberta’s film industry has doubled in production value and is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in our province. From Ghostbusters to Fraggle Rock and from The Last of Us to Fargo, Alberta is proving that we are a destination of choice for production companies. Our increased investment in the Film and Television Tax Credit means more action for our province in the years to come.”

 Foreign nationals intending to work in Canada on a film or television production will require a Canadian work permit. Professionals in the film and TV industry are eligible for an employer-specific work permit for Canada without the requirement of getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

 As per a projection, in 2022, global spending in the film and television industry is expected to reach around $113 billion. Of this, more than $50 billion will be in North America.

Canadian film and TV productions account for $5 billion in revenue, employing 117,000+ on a full-time basis. Every year, over 3,200 creative industry professionals graduate from the post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

With more funds being diverted in Budget 2022-2023, Canada’s Alberta is all set to create more jobs in the film and TV industry.

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