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CEC candidates need a CRS of at least 403 to receive the invitation in the new draw.

Published on : August 20, 2021


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  • Express Entry: CEC draw
  • Who got invited?

On August 19, Canada invited 3,000 express Entry candidates who had scored a minimum score of 403 in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and had submitted their profiles before August 01, 2021, at 10:13:57 UTC as per the tie-breaker rule. 

IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has published these details as an administrative requirement. 

This year, for the pandemic, IRCC has only been drawing CEC and PNP ( Provincial Nominee Programme) candidates and since the start of 2021, there have been 16 draws of each Express Entry Pool type.  

There is a high chance that most of the candidates from these two types are already in Canada, especially the majority of CEC candidates. 

Around 90 per cent of CEC candidates are in Canada as one of the key eligibilities of the immigration program is Canadian work experience.  

In this pandemic situation, Canada is giving priority to domestic candidates. On the other hand, COPR ( Confirmation of Permanent Residence) holders could not come to Canada until June 21 because of pandemic restrictions.  

In 2021, 105,779 invitations have been issued now to Express Entry Candidates which is around double the last year. IRCC is hoping to raise the number to 108,500. 

As draws are pointed towards a special group of candidates and they are not competing with others in Federal Skilled Worker Program ( FSWP), CEC usually draws lower cutoffs. On the other hand, PNP candidates get 600 more points by receiving a provincial nomination.  

Who got invited?  

Domestic candidates who are working in Canada can be invited after writing IELTS and score above the required cut off also in CRS ( for CRS, the cutoff score is 403) are eligible enough to obtain an ITA in New Express Entry Draw. 

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