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Canada Invites 4,750 CEC Candidates Through Express Entry

Published on : January 9, 2021


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  • Express Entry System #172
  • Beginning of the New Year
  • Express Entry-Aligned PNP Benefits
  • All-Program Invitation Draws 
  • Number of Invitations


Canada Express Entry draw of 7 January 2021 invites 4,750 CEC candidates.

Earlier as well, Express Entry PNP-specific draws followed the next day by Canadian Experience Class draws. Is IRCC returning to the old ways?

Express Entry System #172

Here are the results of the latest Express Entry draw. Only CEC candidates were eligible for this round of invitations.

Canadian Experience Class - Express Entry #172

Number of Invitations Issued


Rank Required to be Invited to Apply

4,750th or Above

Date & Time of Round

7 January 2021 at 14:15;32 UTC

CRS Score of lowest-ranked Candidate Invited

461 Points

Tie-Breaking Rule

12 September 2020 at 20:46:32 UTC


Beginning of the New Year

It is the second invitation round held this year, within two days. Canada kicked off 2021, issuing invitations to Express Entry provincial nomination candidates two days ago.

IRCC had invited 250 candidates in the 6 January 2021 draw. They needed a minimum score of 813 points.

Express Entry-Aligned PNP Benefits

Selected candidates of Express Entry-Aligned PNPs automatically get 600 points added to their overall CRS score. It is why the score requirement is comparatively high to other draws.

It is too early and immature to predict whether IRCC will return to organizing program-specific draws like they did last year.

All-Program Invitation Draws

Program-specific draws like this one produce lower cut-off scores. It is because they involve a smaller pool of candidates.

The all-program invitation rounds draw candidates from the entire Express Entry pool. That is why they tend to result in higher cut-off scores. 

The Tie-Break Rule

The tie-break rule was implemented in this draw as well. It is used to rank candidates having the same CRS score based upon the date and time when their profiles were created.

Number of Invitations

The total number of invitations issued this year comes to 5,000. Canada plans to target 110,000 new immigrants each year from 2021 - 2023.

Despite the corona-related restrictions, candidates can still create and submit their Express Entry profiles if they want to. Their submissions are being accepted by the IRCC.

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