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Canada Open Work Permits Now Available under Outland Family Sponsorship

Published on : July 19, 2023

Open work permits under family sponsorship can now be applied for from outside of Canada (outland sponsorship).

With a focus on reuniting families, the Canadian government has been making many changes to help families “reunite more quickly and easily”. An official announcement in this regard was made recently by the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser.

Open Work Permits now available for outland applicants

A Canada Open Work Permit can now be applied for from outside the country by spouses/partner/ dependents of foreign nationals who are already in Canada as -

Before this, Open Work Permits for Canada were only available to applicants through -

  • Inland sponsorship, or
  • Already living in Canada on a Temporary Residence Visa (TRV).

With the change, those applying from outside Canada can now apply for Open Work Permits under family sponsorship.

What’s the difference between inland and outland sponsorship?        

Inland sponsorship is an option available when your spouse or partner is already living with you in Canada. Outland sponsorship, on the other hand, is when your spouse/partner is not presently staying with you in Canada and are instead foreign nationals living overseas.                                                  

Who is a family member under Canadian family sponsorship?

For family sponsorship, a family member is a -

  • Spouse,
  • Common law partner, or
  • Dependent child.

Who can apply for a Canadian Open Work Permit?

You might be eligible for an Open Work Permit for Canada if you are -

  • Spouse, partner or dependent child of a foreign worker
  • Present in Canada and being sponsored under family sponsorship
  • Spouse or partner of an international student
  • Dependent of someone who applied for Canada PR visa
  • An international student graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada and eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program
  • Temporary residence permit holder etc.

Additional criteria, specific to the category applying under, must be met.

Canada has come up with more considerate measures so that families can be together sooner while waiting for their Canadian permanent residence to be granted. With Open Work Permits, spousal applicants and dependent children can work in Canada to sustain themselves and their families.

According to Minister Sean Fraser, “We are supporting Canadians and newcomers by reuniting families faster, and also allowing them to work and support themselves more quickly once they’re here. By doing so, Canada is helping newcomers achieve their true potential, while also strengthening Canada’s economy and social fabric.”

In 2022, Canada issued over 10,75,000 work permits and extensions of existing work permits.

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