Colleges Beg Biden To Save International Student Enrollment

Published on : June 3, 2021

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Amount raised by international students for U.S. universities has been cut off due to the Pandemic. To have these students back and get their Visa, U.S. universities are looking forward to the White House.

Overseas students pay complete fees without any offer, and hence these students are an excellent aid to the universities. Because of Covid and lockdown, universities are looking forward to Joe Biden restoring the situation. 

Many students went back, and new applications are also on hold because of the covid situation. The Schedule of a new semester is also on hold as there is no solid info on the covid Pandemic. 

Elizabeth Goss, a Boston-based immigration attorney who has expertise in approving Visa, said, "When you add in other factors of community development, they're innovators and creators, it could be quite a disaster long term if they can't get in," 

According to the Institute of International Education, In 2019-2020, 1.1 million abroad students took admission and attended classes. Universities are still uncertain about how many falls they will receive in student application and how will it affect them? Last year's fall of 43% has involved advocates as the students are concerned about their coming semesters.

Last year's reduction in overseas students' applications will have a harmful effect on universities' financial status for several years because of restrictions on traveling and rules imposed by the Trump govt. On immigration, it's challenging to restore the situation. 

Biden is losing up to the restrictions imposed by the Trump Govt by allowing students visa to study online. Still, Education advocates are trying to get students visas done so that they can travel to America.

Whether it will be allowed or not. Sarah Spreitzer, director of government relations for the American Council on Education, Claims that it will be a threat to the country's national security if virtual interviews will be conducted.

NAFSA: International Educators Association is also in favor of providing student visas to international students. They have suggested using video conferencing to have an interview with Visa. 

To get a student visa, candidates have to submit all the necessary papers and have to attend an online interview with U.S. officials. 

Jeanne Batalova, a senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, stated that workload would increase and staff is not optimum.

According to Joann Ng Hartmann, a senior director at NAFSA, students will not be able to arrive by the fall as there will be a delay in visa approvals once agencies open. 

Allan Goodman, president of IIE, said that around 40000 Indian students depend on the consulate for the visa process. 

With so many changes in procedure and suggestions of virtual procedures, enthusiasm is still at the same level in students. If students can come to the U.S., vaccination will be mandatory. 

Apart from getting the Visa done from a consultant, the candidate's family health status also matters. If there were delays in getting student visas, one reason would be previous year students who have not received Visa and opted for an online education plan. 

According to Goss, a Boston-based immigration authority, the number of people seeking a travel visa will double. With new visas, there will be requests for renewal of Visas from people who moved to their homes due to Pandemic. 

China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, the Schengen Area of the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Ireland students are included in the list of students of international interest who can be allowed to travel to the United States amidst the Pandemic. 

Pratiyush Singh, at the University of California at Berkeley, said that due to the closure of the consulate, students are not getting their visas. 

Semesters starting after the 1st of august will receive students from foreign countries if they get visas timely. Though extension of the semester to spring is not sure if students do not receive their visas on time. 

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