Covid-19 Couldn’t Stop Indians from Studying Abroad

Published on : December 27, 2021

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While the Covid-19 pandemic had initially interrupted international students from going to the US, the UK, and Canada, countries like India and Nigeria have rebounded strongly, sending students to these countries in record numbers. 

Research Report Findings

This information was published in the research report titled ‘Student, interrupted: international education and the pandemic’ by the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University in Victoria, Australia.

According to the research report, international students from various source countries are going to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada in increasing numbers that are even higher than before the pandemic.

New foreign students from India have increased by 27% compared to before 2020. However, the number dropped to below 67% of those studying in Australia while rising to a whopping 174% in the United Kingdom.

Nigeria was the strongest rebound country in the source nations, witnessing an increase of students going to foreign universities by 88%. At the same time, India replaced China as the largest source for international students globally.

In the destination countries, the United Kingdom, comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has been the strongest to recover from the impact of Covid-19 on the inflow of international students.

While Australia and New Zealand have experienced a significant fall in foreign admissions in their universities, the increasing number of students in the US, the UK, and Canada show a huge demand from students waiting for borders to open.

This can prove very beneficial for these two countries as international students may rush into these countries in hordes when they finally open their borders.

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