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Fast-track Indonesia Visa on Arrival from India

Published on : September 20, 2022


A first-ever fast-tracked Indonesia Visa on Arrival facility rolled out for 75 nationalities, including India. You can now get an Indonesia VOA for tourism, visiting family and friends, attending to business etc. Immigration clearance is quick and hassle-free from Jakarta airport. 

As per a Media Release dated September 19, 2022, VFS Global has rolled out a never-before expedited Indonesia Visa on Arrival facility for 75 nationalities. The visa application experience is now quick and seamless. 

What is the new Indonesia VOA?

The newly-announced Indonesia VOA offers a quicker and smoother visa application journey by the completion of the visa application process online - through VFS Global - before travelling to Indonesia. 

VFS Global has entered into an exclusive agreement with TLP (the Immigration Department for the Republic of Indonesia) and Bank Mandiri. Through the agreement, VFS GLobal can now provide -

  • Online pre-payment of fees, 
  • Fast-track access, and
  • Concierge services

to international passengers from 75 nationalities upon arriving in Jakarta. 

After a pause for 2 years due to the COVID-19 situation, the Indonesian government has re-introduced the VOA facility for many countries. Nationals from 75 countries can now apply for an Indonesian VOA through VFS Global. 

How to get Indonesia VOA from India?

  1. Submit documents and pay VOA fees online through VFS Global at www.indonesiavoa.vfsevisa.id before traveling to Indonesia from India. 
  2. A confirmation will be sent by VFS Global to the registered email ID of the applicant. 
  3. The visa that has been processed in advance will be stamped upon arrival in Indonesia. 
  4. The stamping of the visa will be done at the designated fast-track Visa on Arrival immigration lanes at the airport in Jakarta. 

When to apply for Indonesia VOA?

Standard and Express service options are being offered by VFS Global. 

Standard Service 

Apply not less than 72 hours before traveling to Indonesia.

Express Service 

Submit application online not less than 24 hours before travel to Indonesia. 


What is the duration of a Visa on Arrival for Indonesia?

Visa on arrival is initially granted for 30 days. 

Can I extend my Indonesian VOA?

Yes. You can extend your Indonesia VOA once, for another 30 days. 

What is the total number of days I can stay in Indonesia on my VOA?

60 days. Initially granted for 30 days, you can get the same extended for another 30 days. However, you can’t stay in Indonesia on your VOA for more than 60 days. If you want to stay longer, you might be eligible to apply for a B211A Visit Visa. 

Indonesia, a popular destination

As per the Chief Commercial Officer at VFS Global Jiten Vyas, “Indonesia is a popular destination for travellers across the globe, and we are excited to unveil a service that will make their visa application journey quicker and smoother. With tech-led Do It Yourself solutions becoming increasingly popular, this first-ever fast-track Visa on Arrival service is sure to offer travellers a more relaxed on-arrival experience.”

Indonesia now joins the list of 32 countries that give Visa on Arrival to Indians.  

For more information, get in touch today!

Other FAQs

What is VFS Global?

A visa outsourcing company, VFS Global works for governments and diplomatic missions across the world. VFS Global operates 3,500+ visa application centres worldwide in 144 countries. 

What is the role of VFS Global in visas and immigration?

Administrative and other tasks (non-judgemental) related to visas, passports, and consular services are handled by VFS Global. In this way, the concerned government can then focus entirely on the critical task of assessment. 

VFS Global has no say in the decision-making process as such and cannot decide as to who will be granted or denied a visa.

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