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Foreign Universities Now Compete for International Students

Published on : December 30, 2020


Key Highlights:

  • Overview
  • Impact on Indian Students
  • Remote Learning is Here to Stay
  • Decade Worth of Development
  • A Truly Global Collaboration
  • The Way Forward


 Rightly said that international students will now get more consumer power.

The coronavirus pandemic has considerably shaken up the global higher education ecosystem. Traditionally strong western educational institutions are primarily affected by the economic fallout. 

The emergence of new credible options for education has come up. The financial crisis is also going to impact the number of candidates as of now significantly.

Impact on Indian Students

Indian students keen to study abroad may be impacted in the short-term. Perhaps in the long-term, they may rethink their options following the end of extreme disruption.

Universities in popular study abroad destinations like the US, UK, Canada and Australia depend heavily on international student fee income. They will be working hard and competing with each other.

It is an opportunity for Indian students to get in the driving seat to grab more consumer power. Eventually, it will potentially increase their choices and chances.

Remote Learning is Here to Stay 

Although at least until the situation gradually improves, remote learning can provide a range of international students options. 

However, it may not provide the real experience and benefits of traditional on-campus learning in a foreign country.

Decade Worth of Development

The development and progress of remote online learning have proved their worth in the current situation. The rapid technological development has ensured that online learning dramatically improves.

Engagement and interaction between students and teachers are possible now. It has delivered outstanding outcomes for students, enhancing their overall learning experience. 

A Truly Global Collaboration

Universities are crucial to solving many of the world’s challenges. With the globe in focus, they will continue to share and collaborate across borders. They will also welcome talent from across the globe.

The Way Forward

Universities will re-engage with broader society to prove their worth. The health crisis has demonstrated that the universities are vital public assets

Therefore, taxpayers and governments should support all educational institutions across the world to get through these difficult times.

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