UK Global Talent Visa Criteria

Tech Nation’s Global Talent Visa Criteria are Changing from 1 December 2020

Published on : November 8, 2020

The qualifying criteria for the Tech Nation’s Global Talent Visa is being restructured to reflect upon the current requirements. 

About the Changes

A simpler set of ‘Mandatory’ & ‘Optional Criteria’ are being introduced from the 1st of December.

  • There will be a single ‘Mandatory’ criterion in place of ‘Qualifying Criteria’ that was earlier.
  • The applicant will now have to meet two of the four ‘Optional’ criteria. 

The primary change is reordering of the ‘Qualifying Criteria’ regarding the ‘Continuous Learning’ that has been removed from the present guidelines.

The application submission timeline is as follows:

  • Applications submitted on or before 30 November 2020: These will be assessed according to the present guidelines.
  • Applications submitted on or after 1 December 2020; These will be assessed according to the new guidelines.

The application submission date is based upon submission of the official ‘Application for Endorsement’ on the website. 

The Home Office informed the Tech Nation of the application submission dates. The Tech Nation application submission will not affect the official submission date.

Note: There will be no exceptions regarding the date of submission and assessment.

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