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Good news for Young Indians to avail Young Professionals Scheme for the second time in 2023

Published on : July 26, 2023

An excellent opportunity for young Indian professionals who desire to visit the UK for two years to study or work has finally been revealed. The UK officials declared the second ballot for the Young Professionals Scheme for Indian professionals ages between 18 and 30.

The ballot was opened on Monday and will close at 1:30 on Thursday. If you are successful at the ballot, you will receive the invitations to apply for the Young Professionals Scheme, which will open a door of opportunities for you for the next part of your career.

The first ballot was held in February, while the second came at the end of this month. If you are a graduate or postgraduate Indian citizen, you can enter the ballot.

What is the Young Professionals Scheme?

The Young Professionals Scheme is an initiative of the UK government to invite foreign nationals to their country and allow them to stay for two years. In these two years, you can study, work or establish your own business. There are no additional norms for study or job, but if you want to start your entrepreneurial journey, you have to meet further requirements for your venture.

Check the Eligibility

There are a few more norms are applicable to avail of the Young Professionals Scheme facility, which includes:

  • Your age must be between 18 to 30 years
  • Your educational qualifications must be graduate or postgraduate ( or if you have the qualifications framework 6,7 & 8)
  • You must have GBP 2,530 in your account that support your stay in the UK
  • You must not have kids, or you should not have any financial responsibility
  • You must be an Indian Citizen

If your profile matches all the above criteria, you are eligible to apply for the ballot. Once you successfully get the ballot, you will receive the invitations to apply. After receiving the invitations, you may get 6 months to arrange your visa and fly to the UK to try your luck for your betterment.

How to Apply - Know the Process

Before applying for the Young Professionals Schemes ballot, you need to verify whether your profile matches all the requirements. If it couples with, your next move will be:

  • With all your eligibility, enter the India Young Professionals Scheme ballot
  • If you’re successful in the ballot, you can get an invitation to apply for the visa
  • Once you get the invitations, you have to apply
  • Once you ready all essential documents, apply for the visa

The scheme will allow you to try several possibilities. There will be 3000 places in the UK accepting young Indians to stay up to two years. With a valid visa, you can enter the country, stay up to two years, and return when your scheme ends.

Finance Need to be With you 

With a valid visa and other requirements, your bank account must have enough funds to support you in the UK for the next two years. Below are the charges you must have:

  • The application fee is around GBP 259 ( INR 27,000 approx)
  • An additional charge is GBP 940 ( INR 98,000 approx)
  • Healthcare surcharge & other cost is around GBP 2,530 ( INR 2,60,000 approx )

Things to Remember 

You must remember that your visa validity should not be ended during this two-year span. After you go through a successful ballot, you will get invitations to apply, including a visa application deadline which is generally within a month.

Further, you must travel to the UK within six months of applying for the visa.

The UK is an expensive country in terms of India or other Asian countries. You must have enough funds to support your living expenses to avail of the scheme. However, GBP 2,530 is the minimum balance you need to maintain in your savings account. Also, you can keep the maximum amount in your account to avoid any financial crunches during your stay there.

If you already enter the ballot and are waiting for the results, meanwhile you can check your visa eligibility to avoid the last-minute hassle. Keep everything handy to reach the UK as soon as you get the visa permit.

Visit Kansas Overseas to verify your visa eligibility to avail Young Professionals Scheme!

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