Increase in US H-1B Visas Limit

Likely Increase in US H-1B Visas to Expand the Available Pool of High Skilled Workers

Published on : November 11, 2020

Key Highlight:

  • Increase in H-1B Visa Limits
  • Green Card Quota Removal

Apart from planning to increase H-1B visa limits, Joe Biden is looking forward to removing the country quota for green cards.

Both these steps are likely to benefit thousands of Indian professionals many of whom had earlier been impacted by immigration policies of the Trump administration.

  • The new US president-elect is keen to raise the number of high-skilled visas like the H-1B. 
  • He is also wanting to eliminate the limit on employment-based visas for the US. 

Employment-based visas are commonly known as green cards. They allow migrants to gain lawful permanent residency in the US for work.

Presently, the number of employment-based visas in the US is capped at 140,000 each year. This is irrespective of the labour market or demands from domestic employers.

President Joe Biden is set to work with the Congress to increase the number of visas to be awarded for permanent employment-based requirements in the country. 

These are part of the comprehensive reform programs that the incumbent president and his deputy Kamala Harris plant to undertake in future.

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