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Indian PG students will get 5-year Post-study Visa in France, PM Modi Announced

Published on : July 18, 2023

The great news for Indian students pursuing their higher studies in France came to light with the big announcement made by our PM Modi. The French government officially announced that Indian students pursuing higher studies in France will avail 5-year long post-study visa. Within the five-year tenure, students, after obtaining a degree, can get work experience in France.

France allowed Indian PG students to get a 2-year post-study visa in which students can earn only 2 years of working experience. PM Modi is on tour in France on the occasion of the National Day Parade. He made the announcement while addressing the Indian Community at LA Seine Musicale in Paris. In his earlier tour to France, it was decided that France would provide a 2-year work visa after completing post-graduation.

In his National Day celebration tour, PM Modi confirmed that France decided to extend the work visa from 2 years to 5 years, meaning students can stay and work for 5 years after their master's degree.

Similarly, those in research studies can stay up to 5 years after completing their doctoral and acquire 5 years of working experience.

Another big announcement he made during his Annual Day Parade celebration with French President Emmanual Macron. The French government will accept UPI payments from Indians during their stay in France. The agreement has also been prepared, and very soon, it will be effective.

For a long, India and France have been sharing their friendship and helping each other to strengthen the economy of the two countries. These two big announcements, therefore, reflect the goodwill and friendly bonding between the two countries. Undoubtedly, the five year work visa will help PG students to get the required professional experiences and open many opportunities in several sectors.

France is the hub of international students for many reasons. Among all, the major is its affordability. The country offers several standards of staying facilities and allows students to pick the suitable one for them. Besides, the universities and colleges provide scholarship opportunities, research facilities, high-maintained labs, and useful, giant libraries are other factors that students prefer France equally with the UK, Germany, the US, and Australia.

Thus, The new announcement helps many academic and research fellows obtain a good working experience after completing their studies in France. The overseas experience they can utilize in India to strengthen the core industries and contribute to its growing economy in the later part of their career.

In the National Day Parade ceremony, Indians were expecting good news out of this friendly bonding. The statement will bring smiles to many Indian PG students and research scholars. With the growing strategic connections with France, PM Modi also met French Senate President Gerard Larcher last Thursday. The Indian community is seemingly expecting more announcements out of the bond and the meetings in the coming days, sources added.

If you plan to visit France to pursue your post-graduate or apply for research studies, you must evaluate your student profile. Further, The documentation formalities check your eligibility to apply for a visa. Once you get the permit, you too can avail of the 5-year work permit post- study in France.

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