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Indonesia Planning to get Digital Nomads to Bali with a 5-Year Visa

Published on : June 6, 2022

Indonesia is looking for travelers that will stay for a longer time in the country. A special five-year Indonesian visa for digital nomads might soon be launched.

Since October 14, 2021, Bali - an island and a propinsi (province) in Indonesia, part of the Lesser Sunda Islands - has gradually been reopening for international tourists. With the relaxation of travel restrictions to Bali, the Government of Indonesia hopes to revitalize the local economy.

On March 7, 2022, a quarantine-free trial period and a Visa On Arrival (VOA) program was applied by the Indonesian Government. After subsequent extensions, and as per the latest update (on May 30, 2022) there are now a total of 72 countries eligible for Indonesia VOA. India is on the list, making Indian nationals travelling to Indonesia from India eligible for the Visa On Arrival facility.

Moreover, from May 18, 2022, no RT-PCR Test Results are required to be taken before travelling to Indonesia.

Indonesia seeks to promote the booming tech scene and spiritual getaways to make travelers come back to Bali and other islands in the archipelago. Travelers that stay longer and spend more when compared to those headed to the famous beaches in Bali.

According to the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno, ecological tourism, sporting events, and a special five-year visa for remote workers could bring back 3.6 million overseas travelers to Indonesia now that the borders have reopened.

The largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has removed most of its travel restrictions. Fully-vaccinated travelers can visit Indonesia without the requirement for COVID-19 testing or quarantine. In April 2022, tourist arrivals to Indonesia spiked to 111,000, the highest number of arrivals since the COVID-19 pandemic.  

How to work overseas in Bali?

A work permit, IMTA (Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing) - also referred to as IKTA (Expatriate Work Permit) - will be required to work in Bali. The IMTA is issued to the Sponsor Company that will be hiring the foreign worker. Switching jobs will require a new IMTA, to be sponsored by another company.

You will also need a residence permit for Indonesia. The company that you will be working for in Bali will have to sponsor you and apply for a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas), Temporary Stay Permit Card. This is also referred to as a KITAS Residence Permit.

What are the types of Indonesia KITAS Residence Permits?

KITAS will be issued to you when you apply for a work visa, family visa, or any other long-term Indonesia visa. There are four different types of KITAS Residence Permits for Indonesia.

Indonesia - KITAS Residence Permits - Types and Purpose



Index 312

Work visa

Index 317/318

Family visa

Index 316

Student visa

Index 319

Retirement visa


What is the Digital Nomad visa for Indonesia? Can I apply?

The Digital Nomad visa for Indonesia is still in the works. The five-year special visa for remote workers has been in the pipeline since early 2021. Factors like the lack of flights, strict border controls, and the resurgence of COVID-19 have pushed back the launch of the Indonesian Digital Nomad visa.

The proposed visa for remote workers by Indonesia will allow them to stay and work from within Indonesia for up to five years. There will be no taxes on foreign-sourced income. As per Minister Uno, “If they earn income within Indonesia they will be taxed but if it’s solely from overseas there will be zero tax.”

According to the Minister, around 95% of surveyed “digital nomads” have named Indonesia in general and Bali in particular as their “top of mind” destination for remote work.

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