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IRCC holds 2nd Round of Invitations for French - Speaking Professionals on August 2, 2023

Published on : August 3, 2023

The IRCC has given August a string of positive updates. The IRCC issued a second Express Entry draw for applicants with French Proficiency on August 2, after 2000 candidates were invited to the All-Program draw on August 1st. 800 French-speaking professionals were invited to apply whose minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score was 435 in the latest draw.

In July, the Canada Immigration Department announced the category-based selection. Along with the other five category-based occupations, French-speaking proficiency occupations are included as no.6.

The prime communication language in Canada is English. However, French-speaking candidates are required to fill the labor shortage in Quebec, where bilingual candidates get extra benefits in terms of communication with the native.

French Proficiency - what are the Requirements?

In this recent round of invitations in Express Entry, candidates who can speak French fluently received the invitations. Besides speaking ability, four more language abilities decide your fate to enter Canada as a French language expert.

The Candidates should have a minimum French language test score of 7 in all 4 language abilities, which are decided by the Canadian linguistic benchmark NCLC. As per NCLC, candidates should pass with a minimum score of 7 in four language skills, including Oral Comprehension, Oral Expression, Written Comprehension, and Written Expression.

A candidate must listen, read, write, and speak French to enter Canada under the French language expert category.

The Profession List for French Speaking Candidates - A Glimpse

There are lots of opportunities in Canada for French-speaking professionals. Quebec-like French-speaking provinces require bilingual experts who know French, understand the speakers’ expressions, and can communicate spontaneously.

It’s the primary reason immigration added French-proficient candidates to the category-based selection pool.

Bilingual candidates always have the professional strength and suitability for any industry. The job opportunities the French language expert can avail of:

  • Bilingual Customer Service Associate
  • Flight attendant
  • Travel Agent
  • Technical Writing
  • Translator in several industries
  • Curator
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Teaching profession (if your educational background is coupled with Canadian degrees)

Besides the above occupations, Canada, especially Quebec, offers many doors to open for deserving candidates. Foreign nationals with appropriate linguistic knowledge can land in Canada for better career growth and opportunity.

What Can You Do?

If you understand, read, write and speak French, you can create your professional profile and apply for the French-speaking ability test. If you are able to bag a score of 7 or above 7, your eligibility is 50% confirmed to get into the Express Entry pool.

However, the remaining 50% will cover through a CRS score, which is significant under any program for Express entry. So, the candidate should focus on two essential points, obtain a maximum score in CRS and get a minimum score in the French language ability test to meet the ‘Eligibility’ requirements.

Additionally, if your profile matches other criteria, it’ll add further advantages and provide weightage in the draw.

IRCC wants to streamline the labor shortage issues by 2025. They prefer the best candidates to get entry into Canada and attribute their expertise to uplifting the economic development of the country.

However, the category-based selection in Express Entry opened up many possibilities for global candidates who are ready to relocate to Canada. If you feel you can be among them, you must create your profile, and if you have already, you need to assess to get into streamline.

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