Latest updates for Australia Migrating Engineer

Latest Updates For Migrating Engineer

Published on : April 29, 2021

The Migration Skills Assessment is a Program for applicants who are required to have a skills assessment so that they can apply to the Department of Home Affairs to get a skilled migration visa. A skills assessment helps in determining if you have the required skills and experience to work in Australia. 

Below are the Latest Updates for the Migration Skills Assessment Program:

New Fee Structure - July 1, 2021

Migration Skills Assessment Services' fees will change on July 1, 2021. 

Updates on English Test Results Validity

Australia will accept TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic English test, and IELTS results in no more than three years from the date of the test at the time of receiving the application. This change has been observed from March 1, 2021. 

Exemption from the English Language Test

Engineers Australia will be granted an exemption to all of those applicants who are qualified from the test of English language moving forward:

Applicant who is a citizen of as well as holds a passport that is issued by any of these countries- Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom. 

Updation of the Appointment Migration Agent Form

Engineers Australia aims to safeguard the security and privacy of all the applicant's personal information, which is why it has updated the Appointment Migration Agent form

If one signs the form, this means he/she consents and authorises Engineers Australia collection, processing, using as well as disclosing personal details that the migration agent provides for the purpose of assessment. 

Launch of the Migration Skills Assessment Fast Track 

Engineers Australia has come up with their online service called the Migration Skills Assessment Fast Track. The applicants of the Fast track are assigned to an assessor as soon as possible. 
Applicants who submit a new application online can select the option of Fast Track when they have to make the payment. By doing so, the application will be placed at the top of the assessment queue automatically for the purpose of processing. 


TOEFL iBT will now be accepted as an alternative English Language Test by Engineers Australia to determine the English Language competency. However, the test results will be accepted no more than three years from the test date at the time of receiving the application. All of the applicants will be required to upload the results of the test and write their registration number too. 

Changes in the Infrastructure

Engineers Australia has made some serious changes in their IT infrastructure. Their online wasn't available temporarily from 22 - 25 March. Engineers Australia will be upgrading its IT infrastructure at the end of March.

If you have an application that is not submitted until March 22, then your application will be cancelled. Suppose you have submitted your application before March 22 or have an application that is in progress before this date. In that case, the assessors will process your application thoroughly and also get back to you to ask for any additional information that they require

The Extension of Fast Track Timeframe

There is a sudden surge in the increase in demand for Fast Track service, due to which Engineers Australia has extended the timeframe of their Fast Track processing. Now, the Fast Track applications are assigned to an assessor for processing within a maximum of 20 working days. 

English Language Test of Pearson's test of English 

Engineers Australia now accepts the PTE Academic Test for determining English Language competency. 

The test results won't be accepted for more than three years from the date of the PTE test at the time of receiving the application. You need to get a minimum of 50 scores in each of the four modules of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. 

You need to send your PTE score through the secure online portal of Pearson to "Engineers Australia". You can check Pearson's website to get detailed instructions on how to send the scores. 

Results of English Language Test

All applicants who want to apply so that they can have their skills properly assessed by "Engineers Australia" need to provide proof of the competency of their English Language in their application unless they are already eligible for an exemption. 

If the applicant fails to provide the test result of the English language within the imparted timeframe, then the application will be deemed closed as unsuccessful. 

Engineers Australia currently accepts the test results of these exams- IELTS, TOEFL iBT and PTE Academic English and the test results must not be more than three years from the date of any of these tests at the time of receiving your application.

Assessment Update

In order to streamline the process of Migration Skills Assessment, "Engineers Australia"has implemented the below-mentioned assessment policies from March 15, 2017:

- The applicant is provided with just one opportunity to address any type of shortcoming or drawback identified by the skills assessor

- A response to the shortcoming (s) is required within a month

- Complete information should be provided, and if no response is there within the timeframe, then the application will be closed. 

Update on Paper-Based Applications

All the applications for the process of Migration Skills Assessment are to be made online. Engineers Australia is no longer accepting Migration Skills Assessment applications based on paper since November 2014. So, applicants need to submit their application online

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