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Travelling Abroad

Over 10 Countries Allowing Indian Travellers

Published on : September 27, 2021

Key Highlights:

  • Overview
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Kenya
  • Italy
  • Nepal
  • UAE
  • Spain


With countries struggling against Covid-19 and the global vaccination landscape improving at a slow but steady pace, international travel, too, has picked up its speed. A lot of countries are now allowing Indian travellers in their country.

Here is a list of countries which you can travel to as an Indian:


The Land of Maple Leaf has finally lifted the restrictions on commercial flights from India into the country. The first flight from Delhi landed in Toronto on September 22.

Passengers travelling from India must have an RC-PCR test done within 18 hours of the boarding time. 


The United States of America has planned to lift travel restrictions on 33 countries worldwide, including India. While it has not yet been decided which vaccines would be acceptable, travellers still need a negative RT-PCR report.

The negative report must be from a sample taken not more than three days from the date of departure. 


The Thailand Embassy has recently announced that it will resume accepting some visas for non-Thai nationals to enter the country. These include study visas, work permits and resident permits.
However, the applicants for tourists visa must continue to wait.

United Kingdom

On September 7, the United Kingdom government announced a significant relaxation of the global travel rules for fully-vaccinated individuals entering the country.

Moreover, starting October 4, travellers from India will not have to undergo PCR tests before departure for England.


Germany has now reclassified India to the high Covid incidence areas from the highly restricting virus variant areas. With this move, it has removed the entry restrictions on Indian travellers.


The Turkish Embassy in India has announced that all fully vaccinated visitors travelling from India are now exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine after arrival, making travel from India easier.


According to an official statement by the Kenya Tourism Board, the ban on non-essential flights from India has now been lifted, after over four months of suspension since May.


The Italian government has now accepted Covishield as an eligible vaccine for the Green Pass. Last week, the Indian Embassy in Rome said that the country had recognized Covishield as a suitable vaccine and those who have taken it can travel there.


The neighbouring country in the Himalayas has resumed the visa-on-arrival facility for fully vaccinated tourists without any quarantine requirements. Those arriving by road must additionally fill an online departure form.


The United Arab Emirates, in light of the oncoming Expo 2020 Dubai, has relaxed travel restrictions and Covid safety measures for all Indian travellers.


While Spain has reopened its borders for Indian travellers, they still have to meet some requirements when planning to travel.

 They must be fully vaccinated with the Covishield vaccine, but children under 12 years do not have to present any documents.

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