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Alberta PNP

Quarantine Times Reduced with Coronavirus Testing Pilot in Alberta

Published on : November 30, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Reduced Quarantine Times for International Travellers
  • Alberta Will Be the First Province in Canada
  • Registration for the Pilot Program
  • Caution on Alberta Website
  • Expansion in a Phased Manner
  • Travellers Ineligible for Reduced Quarantine

Alberta reduces quarantine times for travellers with coronavirus testing pilot.

There is good news for international travellers arriving at Calgary International Airport and the Coutts Land Border Crossing. Their quarantine period is likely to be shortened, thanks to the coronavirus testing pilot.

Alberta Will Be the First Province

Yes. Alberta will be the first province in Canada to reduce quarantine time for incoming travellers. It is now offering coronavirus tests at certain airports and land border crossings. 

Registration for the Pilot

However, travellers will have to fill an online application form five days before arrival to register for the pilot. They will not have to undergo the full 14-day quarantine period if they prove negative for the virus.

Caution on the Alberta Website

The Alberta webpage says that all other international travellers returning to Canada will have to follow the mandatory quarantine period. Travellers applying for reduced quarantine should, however, arrive with an adequate 14-day quarantine plan in place.

Expansion in a Phased Manner

Presently, this facility is only available at the Calgary International Airport and the Coutts Land Border Crossing. 

This pilot program is soon expected to expand to other locations as well. Travellers arriving at other airports may not enjoy this facility. According to CBC, the Edmonton International Airport is expected to join the pilot program in early 2021.

Travellers Ineligible for Reduced Quarantine

  • Travellers confirmed with Covid-19 within 14-days of arriving in Alberta will not be eligible for this program. 
  • Also, those without an acceptable quarantine plan will be disqualified from the pilot facility.
  • Passengers from foreign countries having transferred flights at other Canadian airports before arriving at Calgary will also be ineligible for reduced quarantine. 

People leaving Alberta less than 14 days after arrival to another Canadian province will also not be eligible. They can, however, leave Canada from Alberta within 14 days’.

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