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Quebec Immigration

Quebec Introduces Two New Permanent Immigration Pilots

Published on : April 1, 2021


Key Highlights

-         Overview
-         Pilot Programs
-         Pilot Program for Orderlies
-         Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers


According to a Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) press release, two new immigration pilot programs have now come into force.

Pilot Programs

The two programs are for specific occupations that are in-demand in Quebec’s labour market. The programs are for orderlies and workers in the food processing sector.

A third pilot program will be active from April 22 this year, primarily for workers in the AI, visual effects, and information technology sectors.

Speaking on this Nadine Girault, the Minister for MIFI, said, “For several years, Quebec has been faced with a shortage of patient attendants in our health network.” 

“With the launch of this new pilot program, we are giving ourselves additional tools to enable these temporary foreign workers to meet an essential need and fully contribute to the quality of care offered in all regions of Quebec.”

Pilot program for Orderlies

This permanent immigration pilot program targets skilled foreign workers working as nurse associates, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413) in the province.

This program invites workers through two streams – Work Stream and Work-Study Stream.

The Work Stream is for workers who have a diploma relevant in the field that corresponds with Quebec’s vocational diploma.

The Work-Study Stream is for those who have a Quebec vocational diploma leading to the occupation of an orderly.

Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers

This is for skilled foreign workers employed in the Quebec province in specific occupations in the food processing industry and is competent in French.

This program had started accepting immigration applications from March 24 and will continue to do so till October 31 this year.

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