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The US Embassy Grants One Million Visas to Indians

Published on : October 13, 2023

The US processed a record-breaking one million visas to Indians in 2023. With this milestone, India represents 10% of all US visa applications, including 20% of study visa applicants.

At the beginning of 2023, the US set a mission to grant 1 million visas to Indians. They accomplished their target in September when US Ambassador Eric Garcetti handed over the millionth visa to an Indian woman willing to visit her son studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Surprising Statistics - Bigger than Pre-covid

The US State Department recently declared that the country has issued 102,655 F-1 visas to Indians. Until August, the State Department granted 84,894 visas; the peak number of grants recorded 40,224 in June, the highest among all.

The visa application number has mounted every month since international universities and institutes open the admission windows to Indian students.

The STEM educational category plays a significant role in driving Indian students to the US. The demanding domains are Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Engineering. Skilled professionals from the respective fields mark their footprints, promising a lucrative career with industry-standard payroll.

Issues the US encountered in the Visa Process

While the post-Covid situation normalized, the US struggled to meet the demand for visa procedure officers due to a shortage of staff and closings of the consulates. As a result, the queue of applicants was surging, which ultimately affected the admission procedures in many universities.

The US officials dealt with the problem and came forward with a solution of opening a new Consulate in Hyderabad in March 2023.

Covid breakout seized the international movement. From 2022, the world is slowly getting on track, and 2023 is witnessing such a leap in applying for a study visa to gain admission to US universities and colleges.

The US - A Preferable Study Destination for Indians

India shares a bilateral relationship with the US. President Joe Biden recently came to India to participate in the G20 Summit, sharing his concern for Indian students in the US.

The affordability of accommodation, availability of student loans, and scholarships on various programs lead Indian students to pick the US as their higher study destination.

Besides studying, the job market also favors skills and talent with a competitive package. In a nutshell, the US has become the favorite study point for students to pursue higher education and get hands-on experience with global exposure and foreign credentials to their career profile.

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