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UAE’s New Job Exploration Visa for Job Seekers - Know more

Published on : October 6, 2022

UAE has given an update on the New Job Exploration visa. It is one of the advanced visa rules. The new rule was announced last month and is effective from 3 October, Monday.

Before the new visa rule, job seekers in UAE had to use the regular tourist visa. This job exploration visa is a single-entry permit. The United Arab Emirates welcomes young talented people. They can visit the country and explore the jobs. It is good news as this visa does not demand a sponsor or host.

The visa will be issued in three durations, 60, 90, and 120 days. Hereafter, job seekers will have four months to explore the job market in the UAE.

New Job Exploration Visa Details

1. What is the eligibility?

According to the Ministry of Human resources and Emiratisation, people with first, second, and third-level skills can apply for this visa. Additionally, the recent graduates from the top 500 universities are eligible to apply for the visa. The mandatory education qualification is a bachelor degree or equal.

2. What is the fee for the job exploration?

UAE’s job exploration visa costs depend on the validity of a candidate’s selections. Yet, the fees include a Dh1,025 security deposit and insurance. The 60-day visa costs a total of Dh1,495, the 90-day visa costs Dh1,655 and the 120-day permit costs Dh1,815.

3. What are the required documents?

Applicants should submit their passport copy, a color photo, and attested educational certificates for a valid visa application.

Types of UAE visas

There is a new UAE tourist visa that allows visitors to stay in the UAE for 60 days. The previous visa allowed a 30-day stay.

UAE green visa

The UAE green visa is a residency visa that allows the holder to stay for five years. The holder will sponsor himself/herself throughout the duration. They do not rely on the UAE National or an employer to sponsor their visa. Freelancers, investors, skilled workers, and investors can apply for this visa.

UAE golden visa

This visa is a long-term residency visa that allows foreigners to live, work or study in the country for ten years. Eligible categories for this visa are - investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with skills and talent.

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