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UK Study Visa Update: Soon, Only PG Students can Bring Family

Published on : May 24, 2023

New changes to come into effect for students coming into the United Kingdom for studies from January 2024 onwards.

Overseas Students pursuing higher education in the UK will face serious issues bringing dependent family members to them due to the new enforcement. The UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman published the written statement to the House of Commons.

According to the new measures, international students in Postgraduate studies designated as research scholars will be allowed to bring their dependent members from their home country, including children and older parents, as their dependents.

The immigration number has surprisingly increased in the last couple of years. India is the leading country leaving behind China and Nigeria in attaining the study program in the UK. A December 2022 report from the Indian origin minister showed that 136,000 visas were granted to dependent sponsored students last year. The leap is 16000 higher than in 2019, which is eight times more.

However, they support the measures as the migration has increased, and it's a necessary step to check the migration procedure.

The UK has removed the right to change the study route to the work route before completing the program in the UK, and a review is also necessary for the maintenance requirements for the students and the dependants. Improvised and genuine enforcement activity is also listed in the new announcement.

However, in the new package, no scope of improvisation is ruled out for graduate students, stating that the UK is committed to inviting the brightest minds, and the decision will be finalized after the discussions with the university authorities and the stakeholders at the tables. Further, the country is ready to accept the UK student visa applications of the research fellows to curb the immigration process, which ensures that brilliant scholars can stay with their dependents in the UK.

The Director of the UK International representative body of 140 UK universities, Jamie Arrowsmith, has stated that the new enforcement will not affect the vast numbers of students and the current dependents issues. Further, he added that the limited access of dependents needs proper assessment before finalizing it and coming into effect.

However, the new policy may impact females and students from several countries facing acute fund issues after landing in the UK. The officials will also limit and monitor specific universities and student groups under severe financial pressure.

The UUKi body has appreciated the confirmation that graduate students can seek work and get three years of work experience after completing their degree in the UK will be the same. Still, it'll increase the competition among job seekers; he added concern.

With the massive jump in migration (504,000) from June 21 to 22, new enforcement was expected from the Conservative party-led government. India, China, and Nigeria are leading in immigration to the UK seeking higher studies, and Nigeria is becoming the leader accompanying the dependents; India stands second in this row.

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