UK Student Visa

“We want Indian Students to choose the UK for higher studies,” says Kevin Foster

Published on : November 19, 2020

Key Highlights

  • Focus on Indian Students to Pursue Higher Studies in the UK
  • New Graduate Route
  • New Student Route
  • New Visa Flexibility for Students


Minister for Future Borders and Immigration UK, Kevin Foster, has said that he expects more students from India to select the UK to pursue their studies. He was addressing the annual celebration of International Students.

In summer 2021, UK is going to start a new Graduate Route for students. According to this program, a new post-study work visa will be issued by the UK government. With this post-study work visa, an eligible graduate student will be allowed 2 years, and a Ph.D. student will be allowed 3 years to stay back and search for work in the UK after graduation.

He said that the new Student Route is more efficient, simplified and suitable for Indian Students. This new Student Route will now allow students to apply 6 months in advance and a chance to extend their UK student visa.

In his speech, Mr. Kevin Foster also focused on mentioning different visa flexibility that the UK offers for the student, the new student route and other reasons why Indians and international students should choose the UK for higher studies.

According to the data, last year, more than 48000 Indian students were approved for a UK student visa, out of which 99 percent of Indian students successfully received student visas. A 121 % increase in the approval of the student visa applications.

Amidst this pandemic, the UK was one of the few countries to initiate visa flexibility for students; it allowed students to isolate or distant study for the whole academic year of 2020-2021. It even restored all the expired visas of Indian students free of charge to travel the UK for study.

Addressing the occasion, Kevin Foster quoted, “Indian students have always been a huge part of our community – and we look forward to welcoming more to our world-leading universities. Put simply, we want the best and brightest to study in the UK, which is why we have made it easier to apply. The UK will always value and welcome international students, and whether now or in the future, we want Indian students to choose the UK as the place to fulfill their potential."

The Student Route program and Graduate Route will be part of the UK's new points-based system. These will be implemented from January 2021, making it a fair and transparent system for students. With these new visa flexibility rules, it's an excellent opportunity for students to work and pursue higher studies in the UK.

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