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Young Indians Rush to the UK for Jobs and Study Abroad

Published on : May 29, 2023

The UK visa department is rattled after assessing that Indian skilled workers' and students' visa applications are dominating. Indians are applying broadly for visa approval for UK student visa and UK Skilled Worker visas. Official data on the visa applications from Indian nationals show a massive jump from the previous years.

There is a great leap in visa applications from Indians as skilled workers, students, and workers under health care schemes in the UK. The department further added they checked the data after the announcement of the new measures about the research scholars can bring their dependents with them, and the new rules will be effective from January next year.

However, the new measures do not affect the visa applications of skilled workers, workers under health schemes, or students' higher study visas. Here is the total number of visa applicants the Office for National Statistics (ONS) officially has published for common interest:

  • In 2022-23 skilled worker visa granted application number was 21,837, which is 63% hiked than in 2021-22, and the number was 13,390
  • Next comes the health care scheme; the statistics observed a 105% hike, and the registered visa approval number touches 29,726 and jumped from 14,485
  • An enormous acceleration was also observed in student visa applications, which touched 42,381. Previously it was 22,598, as per the ONS report.

The official added that the UK would experience a massive number of workers and students coming from outside Europe, and the figure will touch 606,000 in 2022-23, a big jump from 504,000 in the previous years. The UK Prime Minister showed concern over this considerable leap and stated that the numbers are too high.

The reasons behind the leap are many that include:

  1. Post-covid, the situation of overseas students is getting normalized. Now, students want to pursue higher studies in their respective fields and have decided to obtain degrees from UK universities that can make their profile worthwhile. After receiving their degrees and certificates, they'll be eligible to apply for jobs in global job portals.
  2. The stable situation in the job market drives skilled workers to move to the UK for better packages, accommodations, professional growth, and financial security.
  3. There is an inflated requirement in the healthcare sector in the UK, which needs to be filled as early as possible because healthcare is considered an emergency service. Therefore, workers from healthcare apply for a work visa under the scheme and get approval.

The secured job market in the UK drives young Indian workers towards the UK and even insists on a permanent settlement. As both countries exchange goodwill and healthy foreign relationships, young Indian workers rush to apply for the UK visa to secure employment overseas.

Surprisingly, India left behind Nigeria, Hong Kong, Ukraine, etc. countries and successfully availed the granted visas for study and work in the UK with dominative figures.

However, the UK is committed to streamlining migration, and released new measures under which Ph.D. students can stay with their dependents. Seemingly, there are no rule changes in skilled workers and workers in the healthcare sectors.

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