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When you plan to immigrate, you have to proceed with a universal fact that no country will accept you as an immigrant without evaluating your profile, education and life record.

You will have to undergo a stringent procedure of evaluation before you can apply for your visa. This applies to all citizens, irrespective of whether they are highly-skilled, semi-skilled or low skilled.

What is evaluation?

In the context of immigration, evaluation is nothing but assessment of a candidate and his traits so as to understand that he is an economic asset to the inviting country and not any threat to it in any manner.

Why evaluation is important in the immigration process?

Evaluation plays a key role in the immigration process. Governments of inviting countries and related officials use evaluation as a medium to study various aspects of an applying candidate. These are as follows:

  1. Understanding profile demand: The first and foremost step to understand whether you will be accepted as an immigrant is to check your demand in the respective country. The Evaluation will help you understanding so.
    During your evaluation, experts understand your occupation, job role and check whether it is in the demand list of the respective country. If, neither your occupation nor your job role is listed, then you may not be allowed as an immigrant.
  2. Analyzing Eligibility traits: According to top immigration countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. points and skills are the major parameters to judge the eligibility of an applicant.
    Evaluation helps in analyzing all parameters of getting this score. It is through evaluation that applicants get to understand the loopholes and challenges of their eligibility.
  3. Checking the criminal background: Through evaluation (at later stages), the authorities assess the criminal history of the applicant. This helps in understanding any threat that may be associated with the entry of the candidate.
  4. Determining health conditions: Similarly, health evaluation helps in understanding the health conditions of the candidate and his related family members. This is to assess if the candidate is a medical threat or a medical burden to the inviting country.
  5. Overall examination of intents: For several countries, an in-person evaluation (or interview) is conducted to understand and assess the intent of the applicant. This is usually done at the last stage of the process.
    The authorities understand that the applicant has the right and the legal intentions to move to the country and is not a threat to its society, economy or any group.

Types of evaluation done during Immigration Process

Types of evaluation done during Immigration Process

1. Profile Evaluation

Through this evaluation, one can understand whether he is eligible to migrate overseas or not. This evaluation is conducted adhering to the norms of the selected.

All aspects like skills, score, job demand, costs of migration, open visa pathways, etc. are detailed out to the applying candidate during this evaluation.

Conducted by: Canada immigration consultants and (or) evaluation experts

Requirements for profile evaluation:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Job description
  3. Personal Details (like marital status, kids, spouse details, etc.)

The profile evaluation report is just for you to understand your eligibility. This report needs to be attached to the visa application. However, you will have to mention all the details along with the score calculation.

Timeline: 3-4 days (may vary from consultant to consultant)

2. Qualification Evaluation

This evaluation is conducted so as to understand that the applicant’s education standards match the standards of the country he is willing to immigrate to.

This evaluation is of paramount importance, especially in Canada immigration process. This evaluation is called the Education Credential Assessment.

Conducted by: World Education Services (for Canada immigration)

Requirements for qualification evaluation:

  • Sealed transcripts from Universities you have studied You are required to submit your ECA report along with your visa application. The evaluation is conducted at the initial stage of the visa process.

Timeline: 15-20 days

3. Skills Evaluation

This evaluation is conducted so as to understand that your skills meet the requirements of the country selected. This evaluation is conducted specifically in case of Australia immigration and is termed as Skills Assessment.

Conducted by: Various assessing bodies (depending upon occupation)

Requirements for skills evaluation:

  • All documents related to professional experience For Australia immigration, it is mandatory to submit the Skills assessment report along with other required documents. Also for Australia, Skills assessment is mandatory and not qualification evaluation. In very rare cases, both might be asked.

Timeline: Depends upon assessing body (approx. 30 days)

4. Medical Evaluation

This evaluation is conducted to understand that the applicant is medically fit to live in the selected country and is not a threat to its healthcare system.

Conducted by: Panel of approved doctors

Requirements for profile evaluation:

  1. Biometrics
  2. Blood test
  3. X rays
  4. Medical history

You are required to submit your medical report (the report you get at the end of evaluation) to immigration authorities during the last stage of the process.

Timeline: Depends upon evaluating officials

5. Criminal History Evaluation

Conducted by: Police Department (of your area)

Requirements for profile evaluation:

  1. Criminal history
  2. Identity proof
  3. Address proof

You are required to submit the police clearance certificate (the one you get at the end of this evaluation) to immigration authorities during the last stage of the process.

Timeline: Depends upon the area to area

What is the cost of evaluation for immigration in India?

What is the cost of evaluation for immigration in India?

Cost of evaluation in India

Profile Evaluation: Between INR 1000 and INR 2000 (based upon consultant)

Qualification Evaluation: CAD 220 (Canada PR visa)

Skills Evaluation: Between AUD 250 and AUD 4000 (based upon assessing body)

Medical Evaluation: Between INR 4000 and INR 9000

Criminal History Evaluation: AUD 95

Who is the best evaluation expert in India for immigration?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the top immigration consultants in India with proven specialization in authentic and verified evaluation. We conduct a profile evaluation under the guidance of authorized agents.

Our report is verified under a 3 stage process before it is released to you. Our profile evaluation is known as Initial Evaluation Service and we are rated with 5 stars for this service.

Check Your Eligibility

What is Initial Evaluation by Kansas Overseas Careers?

The Initial Evaluation Service by Kansas Overseas Careers is the initial service through which you can determine your eligibility to immigrate to countries like Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong etc. Through this service you are able to get a clear idea about the following aspects:

  • Your eligibility factors
  • Your score
  • Your profile demand
  • Your job and income scope
  • Your demand in specific provinces/states
  • Your job code
  • Your challenges of process
  • Your expenses to be borne during process
  • Your profile’s loopholes
  • Your pathways or options to succeed in process

What is the cost of IER by Kansas?

The Initial Evaluation Service gives you all the above-mentioned details in the form of IER. For this, you are required to pay a fee of INR 1000 (+ taxes). This fee is charged as the service fee of experts.

Is free evaluation for immigration fake?

Free evaluation is not fake but not authentic. The online evaluation or free assessment online calculators you come across are robotic and often not updated.

Kansas Overseas Careers eliminates the use of robotic evaluation tools in helping you determine your eligibility. We hire India’s best immigration evaluation experts who are qualified to perform the job and trained as per the latest immigration policies to serve you with accurate results. Moreover, our initial evaluation service is supported by authorized agents and senior immigration experts.

How much time is required for IER?

The IER is generally generated for you within 3-4 days. Under special conditions or fast track evaluation, you can also seek your report within 4-5 hours.

Till when is my IER valid?

Your IER is valid until there is no change in any of your factors. For instance, if you have gained employment experience or completed another year (reached your birthdate) or enrolled in any educational course for increasing academic points, your IER will be of no use. You must then get a new IER to determine your latest score.

It is suggested that as soon as you get your IER first time and your report shows that you are eligible to apply, get started with the process immediately.

Once you file your application (which is free of cost), any changes can be updated directly in your application and the score is updated automatically.

This saves your charges of getting another IER done for yourself. Feel free to contact our immigration experts for further details.

Ask An Expert

How to contact immigration evaluation experts of Kansas?

The best way to reach us for a quick and guided evaluation is to visit our office. Our consultant will help you understand all about evaluation in detail and get you started with the evaluation process. However, due to any reasons you are unable to visit us, you can seek our service online.

Reach out to us on 1800-102-0109 or request for a call back by writing to us at info@kansaz.com.