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3 Case Studies of Canada Visa Consultants (Hyderabad)

Professionals of Hyderabad believe that visa process and can be done by self. It is just a matter of time and patience.

Let us bust this myth here. Visa process is indeed tricky and requires right skills and brain to tackle all the challenges. Just some research and study on the subject isn’t enough.

When applying for a visa in Hyderabad, especially for Canada immigration, you need practical expertise and strong experience. You definitely need a visa consultant.

Is consultant required for Canada immigration?

Would you be able to win over legal matters without a lawyer? Or, can you fight a disease without the advice of a doctor? Certainly not.

Similar goes with the requirement of Canada immigration consultants. Immigration process involves a lot of paperwork, brain work and hard work.

Visa consultants are professionals in putting best efforts and making things work for you.

Now let’s discuss few scenarios through which you will be able to understand how important is the role of a visa consultant for Canada visa process

Case Study 1: Job role not found on NOC, what to do next?

Trust me, even when you search this question on the internet, you will not find an accurate answer to this question. So, how would you proceed? Would you give up on your process?

No! You have to approach a visa consultant who specializes in Canada immigration process.

Generally, visa consultants ask for a detailed description of your job role and the duties you have undertaken during your employment tenure.

They then match the stated duties under NOC and assign you code which is relatively similar. This has been tested and trusted method of finding out NOC.

So, in order to know the best suited NOC for your profession, approaching a visa consultant for Canada immigration is a must.

Case Study 2: Unable to proceed with IELTS, what to do next?

Passing the IELTS examination with CLB 7 is often a challenge to many aspirants in Hyderabad.

Despite attempting the exam multiple times, candidates are unable to score the required points. Does this end your hopes of migrating to Canada?

Certainly not! If you take assistance of a visa consultant in Hyderabad, you are sure to find out alternative ways to reach Canada.

While some consultants help you apply for a PNP program or another program that accepts low IELTS score, some consultants will offer your professional IELTS training to score better.

All this can be done only after analysis of the sensitivity of your case file and possibilities of improvement.

Unable to proceed with IELTS, what to do next?

Case Study 3: Visa application rejected due to incomplete submission, what to do next?

If you think that only fraud documents lead to visa rejection, then let us tell you that incomplete documentation also leads to visa refusal.

How will you understand if your application is incomplete? How will you check the finer details before submitting your application?

The best way to do so is to get a verified documentation process under the guidance of an ICCRC consultant.

As ICCRC agents are authorized professionals to provide Canada immigration services, they will help you in checking all the details and its authenticity before filing the visa.

In a nutshell, from checking your eligibility to helping you successfully settle in Canada, visa consultants have a great role to play throughout the process.

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How do you determine your eligibility for Canada immigration?

To determine your eligibility for Canada immigration, first you need to ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Your age is below 45 years.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.
  • You have at least 1 year of work experience in an occupation listed under NOC, Canada.
  • You have to meet the English language requirements set by Canada.
  • You must be able to score 67 points on immigration points grid.

Once you are sure that you meet the following factors, you need to undergo the following procedure of application:

  • Select a visa program managed by Canada Express Entry.
  • Check your CRS score.
  • Arrange for sealed transcripts (from your University) and apply for Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Once ECA is positive, create an online account with Express Entry. Here you need to create your profile (initial application with all details about yourself and your family).
  • If you intend to immigrate with family, you are required to mention all details about them too.
  • In case of any changes in your life (like new job, childbirth, increase of age, death of a family member) you are required to make changes in the application accordingly.
  • You are required to have your application rested in the Express Entry pool till you reach the CRS as desired by Express Entry draws.
  • Once your application is picked up during an EE Draw, you are all set to apply for final PR visa.
  • You are granted a time of 60 days to submit all the details that are asked along with relevant fee.

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What are the benefits of immigrating to Canada?

Many aspirants who are willing to migrate to Canada often get stuck with understanding the benefits. They believe that consultants exaggerate in explaining the benefits.

It is not true. The benefits of Canada are so unlimited that cannot be compiled into a short list. However, an overview will help you understand what truly you can enjoy in Canada:

  • Permanent residency status (similar to US Green Card rights)
  • Access to full-time jobs
  • Unemployment benefits (on losing job under certain conditions)
  • Social security and benefits
  • Free education and free healthcare
  • Right to apply for citizenship in 3 years
  • Rights to sponsor family and eligible relatives
  • Travel visa free to United States (after obtaining citizenship)

To understand detail-by-detail benefits of migration to Canada, connect to our Canada specialist online.

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What are the services we offer for Canada immigration from Hyderabad?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one the leading visa consultants. Hyderabad witnesses thousands of immigrants moving to Canada each year, and we are the backbone to a successful visa process of many of them.

Our services in immigration are vast and beyond visa documentation.

Here’s how we help our clients in migrating to Canada from Hyderabad smoothly:

Each service has its own significance in moving to Canada. To know complete details of all our services, contact our visa consultants online.

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