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Best Visit Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

Unlike a PR visa, the visit visa also known as "non-immigrant visa" has a high rejection rate. This is because of the lack of understanding on part of applicants towards guessing the visa case officer requirements.

Seeking assistance from a right consultant will help you increase your chances of receving the visa by 2x.

How Kansas help you with your application?

  1. Assessing Your chances: Before you start the process, we will update the possibilities of you obtaining a tourist or visit visa based on your intent, travel history, employment or business details etc.
  2. File preparation: Whether you need to submit the application in the VFS office or apply online, we help you with the entire process.
  3. Providing Document Checklist: We list our important documents that you need to submit and the format the documents that are accepted.
  4. Travel arrangements: If you need services beyond visa, then we can assist with flight tickets, hotel booking, currency exchange, etc.

Which is the best visit visa consultants in Hyderabad?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the leading visa consultants in Hyderabad.

  • With state-of-art offices in Jubilee Hills, Somajiguda, and Begumpet, Kansas Overseas Careers have helped thousands of applicants in visa processing through efficient and effective consultation.
  • Our experience in visit visa processing is vast. Well-known as a top immigration consultant, Kansas also specializes in processing visit visas for various countries across the globe.
  • We help you in all aspects related to a visit visa like:
    • Visa requirements
    • Visa fees
    • Visa application process
    • Documents requirement
    • Travel time
    • Passport requirements, etc.

What is Visit visa?

Based on your purpose and interest, there are hundreds of visas offered by countries worldwide.

Among all the visas, the most commonly applied visa is a visit visa. This visa is available for candidates of all ages, races, and nationalities.

Visit visa is an essential requirement to enter any country for a short duration of time.

However, several visit visas can be applied for a long term stay too.

What are the types of visit visas?

Visit visas are granted for candidates to visit any country they wish to. Based on an applicant's purpose of visit and stay, visit visas are categorized into various types.

5 Popular Types of Visit Visas

1. General Visit Visa: This visa is mostly applied for a general visit or medical visit to a specific nation. Whether you have a sponsor or not, you can apply for this visa if you intend to move to a country for medical or visit (relative) purposes.

2. Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is required when you intend to tour or spend some leisure time in a foreign country. To apply for a tourist visa, you do not need any sponsor.

3. Business Visa: If you are planning to set up a business in a specific foreign country and want to explore the nation before doing so, you can apply for a business visa. On this visa, you are allowed to conduct business meetings as well.

4. Transit Visa: A transit visa is required for certain countries that emphasize political security.

This visa is mandatory (for certain countries) when you are required to stay in a country for a specific period before you leave for another nation. The stay is usually a waiting period for another flight, bus, train, or car.

5.Single-and-double Entry Visa: These visas are generally applicable to visit visas, work visas, and transit visas. By single-entry, it means that you are granted a right to enter the country only once, whereas double-entry visas allow you to enter the country twice.

"Over 45 do not require a visit visa prior to arrival for Indians. They issue you a visa on arrival. Thailand, Maldives, Nepal, Mauritius, etc. are few commonly visited countries by Indians that issue visas on arrival."

Which country do you want a visa for?

Now that you know the commonly applied visit visas for various nations, you have to decide which country visa you are looking for.

Though a visit visa is a common term, every country has its own visit visa application rules and extensions.

Some countries require a visa before entering, some issue visas on arrival while some countries do not require a visa at all.

Here are a few examples:

Canada Visit Visa: A Canada visit visa can be granted for less than 15 days to 10 years. It depends upon your purpose and intention to stay in Canada.

A Canada visit visa allows you to explore the country but not take up any employment. This visa is generally processed between 15-30 days.

Australia Visit Visa: Similar to Canada visit visa from India, an Australian visit visa is valid until the purpose of your visit is fully filled.

The major difference here is the processing time. Australia visit visas can be processed within 48 hours when applied under the fast-track program.

Hong Kong Visit Visa: Hong Kong is a nation that does not require a visa to visit the country if the stay is up to 180 days or less. This rule is applied to nationals of 170 countries.

Nationals of Albania, Cambodia, Armenia, etc. require a visa.

What is a visa, and why is it important?

A visa is a permit that declares you as a legal entrant into a specific region. By obtaining a visa of a particular place, you get all rights to live and explore the place (under certain conditions and for a specific duration.

A visa plays a significant role in your travel journey for various reasons:

  • It helps in varying your identity before you arrive in a new nation.
  • It shows that you have passed all the legal procedures to enter the country.
  • It confirms that you are not any threat to the country and can claim all applicable rights.
  • It shows the purpose of why you want to enter into the applied country.
  • It shows how long you would stay in the applied country.
  • Often a visa also represents whether you intend to live individually or with family. Besides these, few other significant aspects make a visa important (based on your visa type selection).

There are different visas that you can apply for different purposes. For instance, if you want to work and settle in a country for a long period, the country may offer you an option of a permanent residency visa.

If you want to study at a specific University of an overseas nation, you are required to apply for a student visa.

Our visa agents help you with procedures and solutions that result in quick visa approval. Our visa experts also help you understand whether you require a family visa or a dependent visa based on your case file.

To understand how we can be the best visa consultant in Hyderabad for you, speak to our visa consultant and get to know more about our services.