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Canada Announced Integrated Framework for International Students

Published on : October 28, 2023

Canada took the initiative to strengthen the integrity of the international student program. The official further expressed their concern to accept the international students under favorable consideration. The announcement was made by the immigration minister Marc Miller.

There are areas in the higher studies in Canada that will improvise, and the minister emphasized how to refine the program and how to offer more benefits to the designated learning institutions.

What is International Student Program Integrity?

Canada took a few measures to strengthen the educational sectors in favor of international students. The federal government launched a new scheme to verify the Letter of Acceptance ( LOA), which is a prime document to apply for a study permit.

Additionally, the government designed a new ‘Recognized Institutions Framework’ for Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). Canadian provincial and territorial governments have approved colleges and universities to accept international students to learn.

The DLI code is another essential measure demonstrating that the institute is recognized and eligible to receive international students.

The new framework will set the quality standard of the services, support, and outcomes for international students.

Why the New Framework?

The Federal government wants to provide specific benefits to the DLIs that meet the framework criteria. As per the IRCC student program integrity, the government will provide advantages.

For instance, the study permit processing application will get the priority tag if the DLI meets the eligibility of the new framework. Thus, the new framework will set the quality standards.

More benefits will be announced soon, as per the official.

With the DLI refinement, the IRCC will conduct the first review of the most popular Post-Graduation Work Permit ( PGWP). Based on the review report, the reformation strategy will be announced soon, which addresses the more significant need for skilled professionals to counter the labor shortage.

Additionally, The review will impact regional and francophone immigration targets.

The Statistics

This year, Canada observed a significant leap in global students, and the figure has reached approximately 9,00,000.

Let’s check the data:

                 Study Permit - Canada


Students Number


9,00,000 ( likely to be increased)



Between January and June, IRCC approved more than 2,80,000 study permits in 2023. Ontario leads among other provinces and hosts approximately 4,11,000 students.

Why is Canada the favorite destination for students?

Canada is one of the top destinations for students. Multiple reasons include the well-structured course and program modules, affordable course fees and accommodations charges, the weightage of the program, and the promising prospects to target career goals.

Employability is relatively high for the candidate who obtained a degree from Canada.

These are sufficient that Canada hosts many international students, and the number has increased yearly.

The international study window is open for deserving candidates. Students need to consult with the expert professionals for better guidance.

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