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Canada Extends Post-Graduation Work Permit Validity for Masters

Published on : February 16, 2024

The Canadian government allows a longer post-study work permit for Master’s students.

Beginning on February 15, 2024, international students graduating from a Master’s degree program in Canada less than 2 years in length will get a longer 3-year post-graduation work permit (PGWP). All other PGWP eligibility criteria must be met.

The PGWP length for all other programs except Masters will continue to be as per the length of the study program and for up to a maximum of 3 years.

The update for graduates of Master’s degree programs was announced on February 5, 2024. The announcement came as part of “Additional information about International Student Program reforms”.

Why the extension of PGWP for Master’s students?

Graduates of Master’s degree programs are considered to be excellent candidates for success in the Canadian labour market. Such international graduates also have the potential of transitioning to Canadian permanent residence. The change to the length of the PGWP will permit such students to meet the required Canadian work experience to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Who is eligible for the longer Canadian PGWP for foreign students?

International students eligible for the extended PGWP are -

  • Masters graduates,
  • From a PGWP-eligible designated learning institution,
  • Who graduated from a Master’s program which was either less than 2 years in length or at least 2 years in length.

Before the extension, the PGWP length was according to the duration of study. Longer permits are being granted to Masters’ students in recognition of their being best placed to perform well in the Canadian labour market.

What is the Canadian PGWP?

PGWP stands for a post-graduation work permit. An international student graduating from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) can stay back in Canada temporarily for work with a PGWP.

However, note that simply graduating from a DLI will not automatically make you eligible for the PGWP of Canada. The DLI must specifically offer PGWP-eligible programs.

What is the eligibility criteria for PGWP?

To apply for a work permit after graduation, an international student must have -

  • Studied at a designated learning institution (DLI) under a PGWP-eligible program;
  • With certain exceptions, generally maintained their status of a full-time student in each semester;
  • Been enrolled for a program which was a minimum of 8 months long;
  • Studied under a program for a degree, diploma, or certificate; and
  • A transcript with an official letter from their DLI stating that they have successfully met the requirements to complete their program of study.

How long is a PGWP valid?

The PGWP length will be based on the level and duration of the study program. The expiry date of the student’s passport will also be taken into consideration. Recently, there has been an extension in the PGWP for Masters’ students.

Canada Post-Graduation Work Permit | Validity

For Masters

Less than 8 months in duration

Not eligible for PGWP

At least 8 months

3-year PGWP, even if length of Master’s was less than 2 years

For all other programs

Less than 8 months

Not eligible for PGWP

At least 8 months

PGWP length same as duration of study

2 years or more

3-year PGWP

More than 1 programs

A PGWP that is for the added duration of all programs.

Each of the programs must be -

1. Eligible for PGWP, and

2. At least 8 months in length.


Canada is a top destination to study overseas. As per the official statistics in the 2023 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, there were a total of 550,187 study permits granted in 2022.

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