Canada - Best place to live in the World

Canada is the ‘Most Desirable’ Country to Live in the World

Published on : November 27, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Canada is the Top Global Immigration Destination
  • ‘Remitly’ Conducted Google Search Data Research
  • Relocation Destinations of Choice Worldwide
  • Why People Immigrate?
  • Search Criteria

Canada is also known as ‘The Great White North.’ According to the new Google Search Data, it is now officially the most desirable country to live on planet earth. 

The data revealed by Google search points out that people worldwide want to relocate to Canada.

This research was conducted by the financial services provider Remitly with the help of Google search to discover the destination where people wanted to move most.

It was discovered that Canada is the chosen number one destination people were searching for to relocate. ‘The Great White North’ topped the wishlist of 30 other countries.

Remitly Conducted Google Search Data Research

Canada is well known for its beautiful scenery, friendly locals and well-paid jobs. It now proves to be one of the favourite places for people from India to Qatar to Seychelles and the United Kingdom.

Remitly adds, “Canada prominently features as one of the safest places to live in the Global Peace Index. Along with a high amount of immigration options, it boasts of low unemployment rates. It is no surprise that Canada ranks way above the countries in the rest of the world.” 

Relocation destinations of Choice Worldwide

Canada took over the top spot for British immigrants. Australia was the favourite up till now to be closely followed by Japan. Spain was the third most popular country in the world for people looking to emigrate.

Sharing the joint 9th place with the United Kingdom, the United States just managed to squeeze in the top ten. Norwegians and Russians preferred America to other countries. The UK was chosen by people from Japan and Saint Lucia. 

Why People Immigrate?

Jago McKenzie, Business Manager at Remitly, says, “Some of the main reasons people seek a move to another country are for greater job prospects, better pay, quality of life and to send money back home to their families, and I think for many, 2020 has been a year for assessing the choices that could change our lives for the better," 

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that people have chosen to immigrate to Canada when worldwide travel resumes.

Search Criteria

Google search data from all languages were utilized to average monthly search volumes from all countries. Common search terms for immigration were used as part of the study. The most searched location was the top destination for the specific country to arrive at the top slot.

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